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Danny Jeffrey


Depending on how just many Americans are willing to risk everything for liberty, this nation is about to embark on one of two courses: Liberty and individual rights will find a rebirth after the loss of millions of lives, or ... a new age of darkness shall descend upon Lady Liberty and many more millions will be lost, with Glenn Beck being one of the first casualties.

If you are reading this then in all likelihood you are one of so very many who have been trying to wake America up. Look at the man in the image above. He has stirred more from their slumber than any of us can ever even hope to imagine, and that gallant effort has taken a tragic toll on him.

He is the man who made us aware of George Soros and Maurice Strong. He shed light on the now infamous Cloward and Piven strategy, and exposed the menace of the growing powers of Obama, and the New World Order. Topics that were glossed over or totally ignored by the MSM became the format of a man with a mission. That mission was to save America.

I first began watching Glenn when he was on CNN. He eventually had to leave that network for FOX as the left wing agenda become ever more invasive. This too happened at FOX and so he went on his own, doing the undoable as he formed his own internet show. Through the efforts of this man countless Americans have learned history, civics, economics, the dangers of Islam, the corruption in our nation's capitol and state capitols. Perhaps his greatest contribution was to instill a new love of liberty and a better understanding of our Constitution in Americans grown weary from the deceptions springing from our so called leaders.

In short, he has given America hope, and I cannot help but feel that he has also given us time, for had he not done the things he has been doing we would already be under the absolute control of a totalitarian regime that promised Hope and Change, and has delivered only Fear and Despair.

People frequently expect too much from a good thing. I am guilty of that. Glenn Beck is not a diplomat nor is he a man of military credentials. He is, however, a great teacher and a moral leader. Recently I wrote two essays about Glenn. The first was supposed to be about him. As for the second, it just worked out that way. Both are listed in Suggested Reading at the end of this essay. The earlier of the two was entitled Of Abraham Lincoln, Glenn Beck, And Liberty.

One hundred and fifty three years ago we were on the verge of a great civil war and today we once again face that awful dilemma. It is a war that must be fought and won or liberty is lost forever. The problem we face is that no war can be won without great leaders, as was proven in our first Civil War, and today we stand without leadership. The closest we come to a leader is Glenn Beck. Were he to begin a show with "Hello America, it is time to lock and load and take back America." millions would be headed for Washington D.C. before the show ended, however he may never say that.

The other essay I mentioned just coincidentally had to do with Glenn Beck was We The Beleaguered. It had to do with the mounting stress that all Patriotic Americans endure. You think that you are under stress. Put yourself in Glenn's shoes and find out what stress is really all about. I am about to share a few personal observations about him but bear in mind that these are only observations and not criticism. Few, if any have the right to criticize this man who has done so much for freedom loving Americans.

Lately I have been watching Glenn Beck less and less, mostly because of a change in Glenn that troubles me. Since a few months before the last "election" he has been showing signs of stress and, if you will excuse the term, denial. He has made many long and short term projections that have proven to be quite accurate. This man understands far more than most the dangers that Obama presents for America, and that understanding, of a reality too horrible to believe, has, in my opinion, led him into the realm of wishful thinking. 

For forty days he sounded the clarion call of victory, certain that God would intervene on our behalf. I, hoping to be mistaken, predicted an Obama win. The tragic results came as no surprise to me, but still I fell into a terrible state of depression. I cannot even imagine Glenn's anguish when after being so certain of divine intervention the results were announced.

Do you recall the five stages of grief? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. Not just Glenn Beck, millions of frightened Americans have endured this chain of events. These conditions are not linear occurrences happening one after the other like clockwork, instead they are emotions that can manifest themselves briefly and move on. His recent behavior bespeaks bargaining and depression.

His proposed theme park, that I cannot help but believe is total foolishness, is indicative of trying to strike a bargain with God. That Glenn is a man of great faith is undeniable, and he always expects too much of himself. Now he is demanding even more from himself in the form of setting an example for the youth of America by building a theme park to honor the American heritage. He is already setting an example for us all that exemplifies faith, courage, wisdom, love of country and devotion. Neither we, nor God, can ask more.

And then there is depression. Yes, even Glenn Beck gets tired and sometime makes a mistake, even in the choice of a word, that should have not been uttered. A few days ago he used the word "surrender". I have no doubt that many liberals rejoiced, that many die hard patriots were disappointed if not angered, and sadly there must have been those weary souls who took that word to heart. The following are the words of a man depressed:

“I remember that surrender is an important way of winning. Surrender. You’re powerless over it. And you are. We’re powerless over anything that happens in Washington. And so what do you do? You try to make amends for the things that you’ve done wrong. You try to live differently. Take an inventory, and then you take control of the things you can and you work hardest on those.”

He continued: “Just as I don’t have faith in anything [I mentioned], my faith grows in my family, and in God. I raise my kids and make sure I’m listening as closely as I can. This is where we’re supposed to be. Faithless in everything that man has created, and putting our faith and our time and our energy into everything that God has created.”
Now read his words again and factor in the bargaining and depression that I mentioned. Glenn Beck is not going to surrender. He knows that surrender is no way of winning. Surrender is defeat, and Glenn is far to defiant to accept defeat. He was just having a bad day ... haven't we all?

The following video is a link to part of the telecast of March 5, 2013. Over a year ago I concluded that America and the Republican Party were dead. Glenn is just reaching that point, and the acceptance is taking its toll. The mere fact that he was able to deliver such a eulogy without tears indicates a strong man, who will come back renewed.

This link shows the dramatic close of that telecast.

Read again a few of his words...Surrender. You’re powerless over it. And you are. We’re powerless over anything that happens in Washington. Short of using the word surrender this is exactly what I have been saying. No petition, no Email, fax, or telephone call to your representative in Washington is going to make one iota of difference in their behavior. They are in control, near total control, and the only thing that prevents a total control are the millions of armed and angry Americans in this nation, and failing to put that issue in its proper light was the one mistake that Glenn made.

Viewing only the political arena we are indeed powerless. Viewing the maelstrom of seething anger that grows stronger every day is creating a power that patriots have not used in many, many, years, but that anger makes us anything but powerless. Glenn must now reach the next plateau. He has long pushed himself beyond all that any could expect. Now he must learn to share the burden with us.

There is not a doubt in my mind that Glenn Beck would with no hesitation at all, give up his own life to restore the freedoms that America once enjoyed. His one weakness is that he cannot yet ask others to do the same, and until millions are willing to die in the name of liberty, we will have no liberty. Until Glenn Beck can shoulder the burden of triggering civil war and sending those millions to their death, we will have no leader.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone's thinking it; you're just saying it. A violent revolution is what will be needed. If Glenn Beck (or any other public, admired and followed figure) says it, they will surely be snubbed out before the horse is out of the gate. Like Breitbart, a champion of a worthwhile cause, the repressive opposition will eliminate the obstacle. Everyone's thinking it; few are saying it: the reason we are so opposed to the impending gun control laws is NOT because people don't need high-capacity magazines to defend against a robbery, or to hunt. It's because we need the ability to defend ourselves against a paid, well-armed, civilian "security force" directed by self-appointed czars in a totalitarian government.

whteshark said...

Well said, Anonymous, and you hit the nail on the head with pinpoint accuracy.