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Danny Jeffrey


Many, if asked what is our first line of defense, would quite naturally say that it is the military. They would be mistaken. In fact the military is well down the list. The very first line of defense against any hostile foreign nation is our highly secretive intelligence community, namely the Central Intelligence Agency, and by default the CIA Director is the first line of defense. Considering this reality it should come as no surprise that this nation lies in harm's way.

Relying on the CIA is somewhat akin to playing poker with the devil while allowing him to deal, as their agenda and loyalties sometimes comes into question when one considers what is best for America.

Case in point. CIA George H.W. Bush. Not everyone is qualified to assume the lofty title of CIA Director. Prerequisites for the job are a background in politics, certain "connections" best not discussed openly, and a flexible moral code. Reagan did not want Bush the Elder as his running mate. Bush becoming Reagan's running mate was a deal born of political subterfuge, in which Gerald Ford played a very nebulous role. “I can’t take him,” Reagan said of Bush. “That ‘voodoo economic policy’ charge and his stand on abortion are wrong.”  Later, as we all know, Bush became President and ushered in Agenda 21 and the New World Order. One interesting little side note: Not all Democrats are in favor of Agenda 21. This from Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.

But to take a giant leap from the NWO maneuverings of Bush the Elder to our latest CIA Director John Brennan:

We have all witnessed the political maneuvering(Bread and Circus) that has been front and center with both parties in recent days. Our lawmakers played their roles by taking part in the well choreographed episode we refer to as Congressional oversight, but none of them had any doubt that Obama would have his way and appoint Kerry, Hagel, and Brennan. Of the three, Brennan is by far the most dangerous. 

The loyalties of all three are questionable, but John Brennan in the role of CIA director is the worst possible choice for two reasons. One being that there is good reason to believe that he has adopted Islam as his faith, and secondly most of his actions can be shielded from public scrutiny under the guise of national security. One of his actions, however, has already been revealed and it should give pause to all patriotic Americans and suggest that we prepare for the very worst scenario. John Brennan would not swear his oath of office on the Bible.

This is very significant! In a swearing in ceremony the Bible is not simply the Bible, it is the very symbol of what America holds sacred in that it embodies the fundamental principles of the Judeo-Christian beliefs on which this nation was built. Christians, Jews, Mormons, and yes, even atheists, have sworn their oath of allegiance to this nation on the book that represents our most sacred beliefs.

Recently Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison refused the Bible and swore his oath on the Qur'an. With Taqiya being the basic form Islamic deceit, Ellison chose to use Jefferson's Qur'an on the premise that Thomas Jefferson himself, was a practicing Muslim. Nothing is further from the truth. Jefferson needed to understand the evils of Islam before confronting it and so he read the words of Mohammed.

The swearing on the Qur'an by John Brennan, however, would have opened up a Pandora's Box that Obama is not prepared to deal with, and so a new option was garnered, allowing the suspected Islamic convert to avoid the Bible yet not admitting that he had been prothlesized while serving in the Middle East. And so our new CIA Director John Brennan swore his oath of office on an incomplete Constitution of the United States. He swore his oath of office on a copy of the Constitution, minus the Bill of Rights.

Little if any will be said about this among the MSM and yet to me it is so very revealing. I am not one to accept unsubstantiated claims and hearsay, even when the information comes from a reliable source. John Guandolo is a member of Frank Gaffney's think tank Center For Security Policy. Previously he had been one of the FBI's top authorities on the dangers of Islam. Even with such a background, recently he stated that trusted sources revealed to him that Brennan had converted to Islam several years ago.

John Guandolo
Without verifiable documentation, even with Guandolo's background, I had to reserve judgement on the authenticity of this as that is part of my nature in being a skeptic, but as they say, "Actions speak louder than words." I am no longer skeptical about Mister Guandolo's statement. When a man, who is our very first line of defense against terrorism, rejects the Bible and accepts only part of what is our Constitution of today, then I stand firmly convinced that we have just made a very serious mistake in trusting the welfare of this nation to an Islamic convert.

Earlier in this effort I mentioned playing cards with the devil. Few, if any, well informed people would deny Obama's Islamic loyalties. Susan Rice as Ambassador to the UN is nothing but a loyal lap dog and talking head. John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, have both demonstrated loyalties toward the Arab nations and contempt for America, Now John Brennan is the fifth card in the devil's hand. 

Place your bets...

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