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Danny Jeffrey


I hate to say anything good about someone who is truly evil, but on occasion such a person reveals a fundamental truth that others would rather not deal with. One such man was Mao Tse Tung, and the truth he announced was his arrogant remark that "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun." and he was one hundred percent right.

One need but recall Obama's statement about a civilian defense force as well armed, trained, and funded as our military. The concept has been oft described as Obama's Army, and it is taking shape in the guise of the DHS. Obama assumed office with the plan for a top down revolution, leading to a communist utopia, with him totally in charge of our economy, our health care, and all guns. Those guns are the hinge pin upon which our future swings.

Dear Leader knew long ago that before he could successfully enact his total transformation of America he would by necessity have to deal with an armed public, the only thing he fears. We have had bad, and we have had really bad, political leaders before, but none have never factored revolution into their agenda. Their greatest concerns were their own reelection, their legacy, and the welfare of their political party. 

So many leaders for so long, bowing to pressure from the electorate, were swayed by votes, faxes, telephone calls, and organized protest. None of the above trouble Hussein of the White House. The Tea Party gatherings were the largest protests in the history of this nation and they went under reported, down played, and marginalized. Today DHS lists those flag waving senior citizens in their electric scooters as greater threats to America than the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supports.

How many petitions have you signed? How many have emailed or called their Congressmen? How many voted out of desperation to rid this nation of the vermin that lead it, only to see the elections stolen and uncontested by the GOP? To see an election stolen is one thing, but the greatest proof that we live under a tyrant was when the Republican Party said nothing about the crime of the century.

My Point? That both parties already exhibit an unannounced merging and have declared a politically motivated war on the conservatives of America and the Constitution that has long protected us. In doing so they all ignore the long accepted peaceful methods that once influenced the elite in Washington D.C. No words, no calls, no faxes, no gatherings, no emails, and no petitions has one iota of effect on their behavior. They now use the political tactics of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, and soon they plan to embrace the bloodthirsty methods of Pol Pot, and turn this nation into a killing field.

Those political tactics that I mention go back to Mao's comment that "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun." and it should be obvious to anyone but a total idiot that Obama seeks absolute power and plans to have it at any cost.

In January of this year I wrote an essay entitled Firestorm...Coming To America (Link below in Suggested Reading). In it I rejected Rush Limbaugh's conclusion that Obama is trying to make America snap and put forth the idea that current anti gun laws were but smoke and mirrors to appease his left wing base. The Progressives, at least the elite ones, are not ready to provoke an uprising of the people of this nation, for they know that the people would prevail due to the fact that we have the biggest army in the world.

This army lacks artillery, mortars, armored vehicles, and weaponry that will disable armored vehicles, but as far as numbers and small arms, no nation on earth can equal us. Once riled, nothing would stop millions of angry Americans except a confrontation with armor plate. We have no defense against armored assault vehicles and that is why Team Obama only made a cursory gesture in the realm of gun control. Meanwhile they are are just biding their time until the 2700 assault vehicles are ready. While they are being produced the real anti gun agenda is taking place in the UN.

Timing is everything!

This from the Washington Times...

Miller: U.N. Threatens to override Second Amendment
The countries were negotiating the draft last July, but stopped when the U.S. asked for a delay. Many believe Mr. Obama pushed the issue past Election Day in order not to further alienate gun owners. Now that he has more “flexibility” in his second term, the U.S. is back at the table.

Secretary of State John Kerry has encouraged reaching consensus by March 28. . “The United States is steadfast in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty that helps address the adverse effects of the international arms trade on global peace and stability,” he wrote in a statement Friday.

We are at a tipping point. Most Americans who are aware of danger are about as ready as they will ever be. The vast majority, who are not already awake, will not wake up until a firestorm engulfs this nation and tyranny gains total control over our every move. Most alert citizens would like to have a greater stockpile of food, water, and ammunition, but every day that the ultimate confrontation is put off is another day that the Progressives have to build their war machines.
Many of our citizens feel both helpless and frightened due to the dictatorial regulations emanating from our nation's capitol. The main problem they have to contend with, at least at the moment, is a feeling of helpless isolation. I have had many comments to my essays thanking me for putting into words what so many feel. Others have added a word of thanks simply for letting them know that they are not standing alone before the coming onslaught.

I write about issues that scare the hell out of many but fear can be faced and overcome.

World War I gave us our first air war. Initially aircraft were only used for observing enemy movement. That changed as pilots started going aloft with rifles and pistols to shoot at other aircraft, and some took along grenades to drop on ground forces. Mankind is very innovative, especially when it comes to war and so it wasn't long before those primitive flying vehicles were mounted with machine guns and the pilots had to figure out the best way to use them. It was soon discovered that the best tactic was to get behind the enemy and attack where he could not fire.

It is no fun at all being the man up front being fired at and a new tactic was developed to counter this situation. It was called the Split "S". With machine gun bullets whizzing past your head the normal instinct is to try to get away, and that got many pilots killed. The pilot who could overcome his fear would put his plane into a dive doing a half roll in the process and then climb to face his pursuer head on. Now that was a game changer and suddenly the hunter became the hunted.

The bulk of my readers are either senior citizens or surely knocking on that door. Seniors quite honestly are incapable of participating in an infantry charge, and so the struggle before us will primarily be in a defensive posture, but we will be joined by many young men and women, battle hardened in the Middle East, with experience that we desperately need. It is from these people that we will find our leaders and they will be the ones to take the battle to the enemy.

I opened this essay with Mao's phrase "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun." and I shall close it with the same thought. It is estimated that there are 270,000,000 guns in the hands of U.S. citizens. That is a lot of political power. I think even old Mao would be impressed. Such numbers frighten Obama and his mentor George Soros. They know that once America unites against the forces of Progressivism we will win unless we are disarmed in advance.

The Catch 22 to that is that they know that they cannot disarm all of America and so since before Obama was first elected he has been planning on crushing all resistance using a bottomless treasury to custom build war machines for the streets of America. If we are to survive then the conflict must begin and end before his war machines are on our streets and attacking us from the air. 

Now it is up to us to turn the table and make certain that we are not the ones crushed. That is the game changer.

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