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Danny Jeffrey


In war truth is the first casualty 

"Global Tensions", how often we read that term. It, or some such similar phrase, was equally as common prior to both the First and Second World Wars. Everyone could feel the winds of war and yet most chose to ignore the reality before them, hoping that the inevitable would simply go away. The inevitable never just goes away, and it has the most annoying habit of taking the foolishly hopeful totally by surprise. 

No one is ever totally prepared for war and its horrors, but those with the wisdom to anticipate what is coming have a far better chance of surviving the onslaught and its aftermath.

Today's headlines and events are causing a greater divisiveness in this nation than we have known since just prior to the Civil War but the problem is far more acute and does not stop with the danger of civil discord. We face economic ruin, a probable world war, racial discord, a total disillusionment with our lawmakers, and a rampant assault from illegal aliens, as well as a third world disorder attempting to impose an ancient culture in place of our own.  All of these problems can be traced back to a nebulous source with a master plan: Hussein Obama and the puppet masters of the New World Order. 

As we watch our nation sinking further into the depths of danger and despair many choose to claim that Obama is incompetent but nothing is farther from the truth. The fact that we teeter on the brink of annihilation has nothing to do with his incompetence but is the result of a long range strategy to destroy America. Some, who defend Hussein of the White House have given him the benefit of the doubt claiming that he is following an anti colonialist agenda and simply hopes to reduce America to the same levels as Third World Nations. Not so. 

Were that the case then simply wrecking our economy and crippling our ability to produce would accomplish those goals. The problem, I fear, goes much deeper than that. It appears that the long range plan is the utter destruction of the nation that gave birth to liberty and an enslavement of her people as well as a serious reduction in our population.

This from The New York Times...
Continuing Build Up, China Boosts Military Spending By More Than 11 Percent
Excerpt: "China announced a double-digit increase in military spending on Sunday, a rise that comes amid an intensifying strategic rivalry between the United States and China"

This from World Net Daily...
Russia's Defense Spending Surges As U.S. Cuts
Excerpt: "Moscow is to increase its annual defense spending by 59 percent by 2015 as it attempts to modernize its military"

This from Reuters...
Insight: "Green Fleet" sails, meets stiff headwinds in Congress
Excerpt: "Some Republican lawmakers have seized on the fuel's $26 a gallon price, compared to $3.60 for conventional fuel."

Many can point to Obama's green agenda and even if they don't agree with it give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he means well in the pursuit of saving the environment or improving the lot of humanity. They are mistaken! He has no interest in saving the environment and from his lofty perch, humanity is but dirt beneath his feet. His goals are nothing less than the total ruin of America, the pursuit of absolute power, and the end of freedom, world wide.

Doubts? Look at the link and excerpt just above. We have quite enough oil and natural gas in reserve but Obama managed to reduce oil production on federal lands while claiming bragging rights to an overall increase in oil production nationwide, which was due to a growing production on non government lands. Jet planes, aircraft carriers, and destroyers do not run on the cheap. Thanks to the green agenda the fuel for these weapons of war now cost 7.22 times as much as they should. Factor in the sequestration of our military's budget cuts and you find news like this...

This from National Defense Magazine...
Budget Cuts May Prompt Air Force To Cancel Flight Training By April
Excerpt:"If nothing is done about the current fiscal crisis, Air Force flight training could grind to a halt as early as April, the deputy chief of staff for strategic plans and programs said March 12"

This from Stars And Stripes...
Weapons Programs At Great Risk, Pentagon Analyst Says
Excerpt: ""We need to modernize the force," from new fighter aircraft to submarines, and "we are not going to be able to stay on that path" under the process called sequestration, which will cut about $50 billion a year from planned defense spending"

Ask anyone who has ever been in combat if he prefers peace or war, and without fail he will answer "Peace". Ask that same veteran if he prefers oppression and enslavement or war, and without fail he will answer "War". War is ugly. It brings death and dismemberment to individuals and destruction to nations. The best way to avoid war is to be prepared to fight one. History has long since proven that any nation not prepared to stand boldly will be conquered, but this is a lesson never learned by those who burned their draft cards and fled to Canada in the sixties.

They have returned bringing their craven ways and ignorance with them, seeking the benefits of America while shunning the responsibilities. The worst part of it all is that those people are now parents, teachers, and academics who continue to spread their message of peace at any cost. In their ignorance they have put a man into the White House who continues waging one war after another, winning none, but delivering other nations to the forces of evil. As for those peaceniks, many have openly joined forces with the far left while others simply lack the understanding to realize what is taking place.

While other conservatives remain true to their agenda to wake America up, I have long since come to believe that any who will ever see the light already have, but if anything can prove me wrong it is Sequester, the biggest political scam in the history of this nation. It is no more than political hogwash, camouflaged behind the Republicrats bread and circus routine. Obama wants unlimited spending, and will get it, but the Rinos need to look like they are earning their pay demanding budget cuts. Those "cuts" will be made where it hurts us most but Team Obama continues funding the Muslim Brotherhood to the tune of billions of dollars. He is building them up while he tears us down.

This from USNI News
Down To One Middle East Carrier
"A deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) planned for later in February has been delayed to preserve operating a carrier in the Middle East well into 2014."

Thanks to Islam, the Middle East has long been the hot spot of the world, always on the verge of war. Now, thanks to both George Bush and Obama ignoring the problem with Iran, that war can suddenly go nuclear.

I believe that I have successful illustrated that Obama is sparing no effort in the plan to hobble our military forces, but we do have a mighty force to deal with. Spending cuts alone is not enough to guarantee our defeat in event of World War III, and so still more has been done to deliver us unto evil.

This from FOX News...
FBI Probe of Defense Tech Allegedly Leaked From NASA Stonewalled Source Says
A four-year FBI investigation into the transfer of classified weapons technology to China and other countries from NASA’s Ames Research Center is being stonewalled by government officials, sources tell

Think back four years. One of the very first things that Obama did was to repurpose NASA and give them the mission to make Muslims feel good about themselves. He immediately began a Muslim Outreach program at NASA and gave people of questionable loyalties top secret clearances and assigned them to our space program. Well, part of that program has to do with our missiles and missile defense. Now the truth is coming out and the administration is blocking any further investigation. Any patriotic American would have to ask why.

I have discussed a great deal above and now shall put these facts into a scenario that seems insane, insane not on my part, but the ones who are doing this to America.

It is obvious to any who care to look that Obama's loyalties lie not with the United States, but a combination of the NWO, Islam and communism. All three doctrines share a hatred of and a plan to destroy America, and I cannot help but feel that Obama has signed on to the agenda, but in the long run he may well be outsmarted by those he trusts.

Now that Obama has the flexibility he sought before the last election it is pedal to the metal and America is to be taken down. He weakens us, strengthens our enemies, and almost certainly his operatives have passed on our technological secrets and codes that can disable our ballistic missiles with a push of a button in China. Some of our cities are going to become ground zero.

Obama's gain would be that such an attack would be the perfect excuse to impose martial law once he has enough armored assault vehicles and drones to subdue the freedom fighters of this nation, but there remains a problem ... radiation. One of the things that his supporters like to point out is that Obama seems to be a dedicated father. No father would want to expose his own children and himself  to drifting clouds of radiation. Would he? No he would not, and so an underground bunker is being installed under the White House lawn. To further complicate the issue, the American public is no longer allowed to visit the White House.

This from ABC News...
White House Tours Cancelled Due To Sequester Cuts
“Due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration, we regret to inform you that White House Tours will be canceled effective Saturday, March 9, 2013 until further notice,” according to a cancellation notice that was sent to congressional offices.

Slightly farther down that page is another link that may seem off topic. It is not...
Sequester Meat Shortages Months Away, Says USDA Secretary

I do not want anyone to think that I am singing the praises of Team Obama but I must say this: It is not Obama, but someone up there is a diabolical genius, and they are outmaneuvering all of us. Think where it all began. Glenn Beck told us about the Cloward and Piven strategy to bankrupt America through runaway spending. Being aware of the agenda we demanded spending cuts. Thus with the aid of the RINOS, Sequester was born and we get "spending cuts". But those spending cuts are highly selective and implemented in ways that will do the most harm, designed to bring Americans to the point that they give in and allow Obama the keys to a bottomless treasury. Sequester has become a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of our enemies in Washington.

Sequester has not altered Obama's plan for a fleet of 2700 armored assault vehicles and 30,000 drones and we are still giving billions in cash and still more billions in military aid to the enemies of this nation.

Recall the phrase "Never let a good crisis go to waste."? They do not. Facing a crisis of the public demanding spending cuts they created a new weapon called Sequester. With it they are disabling our military, restricting the public's access to the White House, making things even more difficult for travelers, and now threatening our food supply. In short, Team Obama is defunding all that the Constitution describes as governmental duties while continuing a wild spending spree on his personal projects.

This Sequester is but another very elaborate political ploy designed to break the will of the American electorate. If defunding one thing doesn't do the job the powers that be will defund another and another until it will feel like America is slipping away. 

At some point our RINO lawmakers will make a lot of speeches and appearances on the news outlets, and they will cave, promising to bring Obama back to the bargaining table later in the year. Thus goes the political sideshow in our nation's capitol and the sideshow will not end until America is destroyed or its people decide that they have had enough of the song and dance that we call politics as usual.

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Joanna said...

You speak the truth and for many it is a hollow rethoric made by a conservative right wing nut...
but I must tell you:
your hard to grasp realities are exactly that:
hard to grasp reality because AMERICANS are too trusting and too honest to engage in some mind game the enemy is playing with our society for decades!
For right or wrong I am one of the people saying:
...and as far as I see it?...
the faster and heavier the better!!!!
because nothing restores a common sense quicker than no bread on a table and no spare change in the pockets of long forgotten coats!!!

When I came to States some 30 years ago for freedom and liberty I was well prepared to uphold the above with my life...
..only to find out Americans do not give a shacks about it perfectly willing to join a socialistic chorus for the everlasting glory of equality!!!
...after all this years I still get angry over the idiotic simple phrase to change the notion...
...but than again communistic ways were never too complicated for those who were willing to see....

Anonymous said...


I always read your blog and enjoy the insights you provide. The future you describe is nothing short of horrifying.

But you are right, the pieces are gradually coming together and the US is poised on the brink. How many more 'manufactured' crises, such as the sequester, can the nation bear?

I was just wondering whether you have thought about a possible timeframe for the inevitable collapse? I get the feeling it will be very gradual, and in many ways has already begun. But is there some kind of tipping point or critical mass which will push it over the edge? (Perhaps the sequester was designed for this purpose?)

We live in very worrying times indeed. But thank you for continuing to provide a true voice of reason in the wilderness.