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Danny Jeffrey


I have said that this nation is dead. Rush Limbaugh says that it is dying. It's is all a matter of perspective. When did the Confederacy lose the Civil War. Was it when Lee signed the terms of surrender at Appomattox or during Sherman's march through the south and the burning of Atlanta? I choose to think that the fall of the south was signaled by the fiery sky over Georgia. Everything that occurred later was simply part of the last rites of a civilization that had passed on.

I read "Gone With The Wind" when I was sixteen and found it to be not only extremely entertaining, but also a great source of historical fact and wisdom, and much of that garnered wisdom can be applied to current events. Rhett Butler was such a delightful rogue, always with a well phrased comment that would describe the backdrop to what was taking place around him. At one point he tells Scarlett O'hara "What most people don't seem to realize is just as much money is to be made out of the wreckage of a civilization as from the upbuilding of one."

Most choose to heap all of the blame on Obama and his policies, but I like to include the GOP as part of the cause of America's demise. If they would band together and expose what is really happening then you would see some rapid change brought on by a loud public outcry and a cleaning out of the scum inhabiting Washington D.C.. You will not see this for our elected Republican lawmakers, along with their Democratic cohorts, grow ever richer and more powerful as America slips into darkness and despair. 

I look upon the bulk of the Republican lawmakers in this nation and a post Civil War term comes to mind; Carpetbaggers. They are taking place in a feeding frenzy on the remains of a fallen nation. They, the contemptuous, the criminal, and the unworthy seek to remain in power and continue their plunder at the expense of those who empowered them. Without fail they stand before America, always looking to the next election, hailing the greatness of Ronald Reagan, while exhibiting their role as traitors. In short, they make me sick! 

Looking back to our most famous traitor, Benedict Arnold, I have but one thought: He was a better man than they. See Legacy Of A Traitor in Suggested Reading.

Gone With The Wind was such a wonderful book and so much of it is applicable to today's events. Margaret Mitchell must have been an avid people watcher as she brought such realism and depth to a wide range of characters. She was a master writer who understood both the best and worst aspects of humanity and could put those characteristics onto the written page in a totally believable fashion.

The two central characters in the book were naturally Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler. Place either into today's chain of events and I would guarantee that both would prosper in the downfall of America. Both were totally pragmatic even though on occasion Rhett would display a mild degree of idealism, as evidenced by his abandoning Scarlett on the road out of Atlanta to go off and fight for what he knew to be a lost cause.

Two lesser but very important people in the story were Ashley and Melanie Wilkes. Ashley, well educated, genteel, and fair minded, lacked the pragmatic nature of Scarlett but possessed a far greater grasp of trends of history. At one point he tells her(apply these words to what you see around you today) "In the end what will happen will be what has happened whenever a civilization breaks up. The people who have brains and courage come through and the ones who haven't are winnowed out."

And then there is Melanie. Sweet little Melanie! Small, frail, battered, and possessing the courage of a momma lion. Never, until it is too late, is she fully appreciated by the iron willed Scarlett O'Hara who usually resents Melanie and regards her as both silly and a burden. We should all be so fortunate as to have such a burden. Rhett Butler, mercenary rogue that he was, recognized a fact about her that Scarlett overlooked: Melanie was a true lady, and a very brave one at that.

After nearly dying giving birth during the battle for Atlanta, she and Scarlett were rescued by Rhett Butler, hauled out of a burning city in a wagon, put on the road to Tara, and abandoned as Rhett rode off to join the Confederate Army. Days later, slowly healing from her ordeal, and suffering near starvation, Melanie was resting in bed when she heard a gunshot as Scarlett killed a marauding Union soldier. Barely able to walk, she left her sickbed, grabbed a sword she could not even lift, and went dragging it to the scene of the shooting, fully prepared to die fighting for her friend. Now that is courage, as well as one helluva friend!

That is the kind of courage that will rebuild this nation, and it must be rebuilt, otherwise it will be as though it never existed. Today our morally depraved leaders are involved in not only stripping us of our liberty, but also in erasing from history the great things this nation has done in the past. As they would strip us of freedom, we must strip them of their power. As they would take away our truths we must expose their lies. As they ignore and abuse our laws we must, in the name of those laws, bring them to justice, by whatever means necessary. Then we must pass sentence as prescribed by the laws they circumvent in the name of the public good.

Every day our corrupt media conceals crimes against the people of America. They, our elected lawmakers, and a nebulous group that constitutes a NWO shadow government, are involved in hammering the final nail into the coffin of a once great nation. They speak with great concern about the poor people of Islamic nations, of the poverty stricken people in nations south of us, of those who have entered our homeland illegally, and of fellow citizens living among us who are unwilling to provide for themselves and thus seek a status of entitlement.

Foreign people who endure poverty do so because they lack the courage to overthrow those who enslave them. Their problems and cowardice places no legitimate moral claim on the wealth of the American people. Those who exist among us and seek not the dignity of earning a living are beneath contempt, for this has always been the land of opportunity. Those who seek it not deserve nothing.

In regards to such people as I have mentioned, I would like to close this essay with a simple message to the media and the corrupt bureaucrats who tell us we must live for the sake of others who have less than we:

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

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