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Danny Jeffrey


Perhaps the title to this essay sounds somewhat arrogant. Perhaps it is, but it got your attention and this truth must be revealed.

Thousands of people have written about Benghazi, most with the same narrative and most with the same agenda; that agenda being to prove that Obama was personally involved in gunrunning to Syria, and that four men died in Benghazi due to his incompetence. Agendas have a terrible habit of inducing tunnel vision, allowing people to see nothing that falls outside of their chosen parameters. Hussein Obama is a master of smoke and mirrors and he loves being accused of gunrunning to Syria for as long as people waste time trying to prove that non existent connection they will never learn the real truth about Benghazi.

Others mistakenly believe that the Benghazi debacle was an attempt to kidnap Chris Stevens and hold him hostage to be exchanged for the Blind Sheikh. The facts revealed since the attack destroys this idea. If one is planning to kidnap an individual with limited protection, an elite team would make the move with small arms, taking out his protectors and capturing him. Those who assailed the CIA compound came equipped with mortars and RPGs. That eliminates the kidnap conspiracy as you do not kidnap someone with mortar fire that blows down a wall and kills the intended kidnap victim.

Many thousands have read my prior essays on Benghazi and know well what I believe. For the benefit of newcomers to this site I shall present a brief synopsis. A collection of those earlier essays is to be found in Suggested Reading at the end of this article.

Christopher Stevens was a dedicated CIA spook who provided weapons to Al Qaeda and aided in the overthrow of Qaddafi. When Libya fell, his new assignment was to gather those arms and ship them on to Syria to overthrow yet another dictator. One of my many essays on Benghazi was entitled "Benghazi: Two Agendas ... One Dead Ambassador". In it I reveal what really got him killed. In that essay I also made a mistake due to a temporary lack of information. More on that below.

Obama's agenda differed from that of the CIA. He wanted those weapons routed overland to Gaza to be used against Israel. Hussein needed the cooperation of Stevens and so made him the Ambassador to Libya to gain his support, but the effort failed as the new Ambassador was not cut out for such work. Look at the adjoining photo. Stevens was like a fish out of water among the elite class of Washington. Notice the strain on his face. Hillary was so polished with her rehearsed smile while he looks like he would rather be in the desert doing what he did best. At any rate he ignored Obama's wishes, remained loyal to the CIA, and as a result, he died. Our Commander in Chief could most assuredly have saved those men at the compound but Chris Stevens and his loyalties were a problem that was best eliminated by doing nothing. 

Author's note: Intentional neglect is a far greater sin than mere incompetence that so many are trying to establish, but intentional neglect cannot be proven without the rest of the story I have demonstrated.

Above I mentioned that in my earlier essay "Benghazi: Two Agendas ... One Dead Ambassador" I made a mistake. In it I stated:

"Exactly what Stevens and the Turkish official did or did not agree to we will probably never know, but the assault on the compound began shortly after the Turkish Consuls departure."

By the time I wrote, "Benghazi, Treason, Murder, And Greed" I had concluded that there was a free lance arms merchant at work in the narrative, identity as yet unknown. At the time I had not yet figured out the role of the Turkish Consul General, the biggest mystery in the whole Benghazi story. In a later essay, "Benghazi Deciphered" thanks to Ms. Clare Lopez's analysis of the Consul General's time line I concluded that he was the Islamic gunrunner I had been looking for. I am now convinced that on that infamous afternoon, the Consul rode through already established gun emplacements and tried to strike a deal with Stevens to allow him to sell the Libyan weapons on the open market. The Ambassador probably turned down the offer of a small fortune, and definitely lost his life in refusing the offer. The Turkish Consul left quietly and the shelling began.

From the very start of the Benghazi story I have walked a different path than all of the Benghazi pundits. They have sought to prove that Obama was involved in gunrunning to Syria, and was guilty of incompetence, resulting in the deaths of four men. I saw things somewhat differently and excluded the Obama/Syria connection, tying him instead to routing those Libyan arms to Gaza, with only Christopher Stevens standing in the way. The other three men who died were unintended collateral damage.

As for those pundits and their theory, none of the following evidence could dissuade them from their agenda:
Stolen Libyan weapons arrive in Gaza ... Global Post

Missing Libya missiles find their way to Gaza border ... ABC News

Gaza getting missiles from Libyan war ... Yahoo

Egypt seizes weapons headed to Gaza from Libya ... Jerusalem Post

From Libya to the world: Egypt makes its biggest arms bust ever ... RT News 

Gaza getting missiles from Libyan war ... Guardian UK

"New route of weapons smuggled from Libya" to Hamas in Gaza ... Jihad Watch

Libyan weapons flooding Gaza, Israeli official says ... Washington Times

Looted Libyan arms flooding into Gaza ... Telegraph

I truly hope that you will follow the essays posted below in Suggested Reading. If not there is one more part of the story that I must briefly explain here. It is my firm belief that Obama would love to send weapons directly to Hamas like he is doing with Egypt. Public outcry would put an end to that, and so in lieu of weapons support he sends billions in financial aid that they may purchase those weapons on their own. The irony of it all is that foreign aid to Gaza is given at the expense of the tax payer and used to purchase weapons sent to Libya, also at tax payer expense, to enrich Islamic gunrunners and be used against one of our allies.

Now, after these many months, some truths are coming out and they are doubly damning of the Obama plan if one but looks. We all know that the United Nations is no friend of Israel but the problem that I predicted has become so acute that even the UN acknowledges that Gaza is being deluged with weapons from Libya. First off, the recent war between Gaza and Israel occurred as a result of more weapons arriving there than they could hope to store, and so they used them. The IDF thankfully thinned out their armories but now they have restocked to the point that even the anti Semitic UN brings up the topic of a weapons glut there:

This from The Saudi Gazette...
UN: Libya arms fueling warfare in Syria, Gaza
"Libyan weapons are spreading at "an alarming rate" to new territory in west Africa and the eastern Mediterranean including Syria and the Gaza Strip where they are fueling conflicts and increasing the arsenals of armed group and terrorists, a UN panel said."

This from The Jerusalem Post...
UN: Libya arms fueling conflicts in Syria and beyond
"Report published by UN says weapons from Libya flow to more than 12 countries; arms embargo imposed on Libya at start of 2011 uprising; arms trafficking through Egypt to Gaza allows group access to new weapons."
Later in the report we find:
"Security in the Sinai desert region, which borders Israel and is home to a number of tourist resorts, has deteriorated since the ousting of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising two years ago"

Many express the belief that Obama is incompetent. Do not fall for that. He and his associates knew exactly what they were doing when they empowered the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and it was planned well in advance. Recall if you will, Obama insisted that Mubarak allow the banned MB to be present in Cairo to hear his speech. That was step one.
The Jerusalem Post continues: 
"The report said that the trafficking of arms from Libya through Egypt to the Gaza Strip had allowed armed groups there to purchase new weapons including more modern assault rifles and anti-tank weapons systems"

The above excerpts indicates that the problem is even worse than I had envisioned. While Libya was being assaulted I was already convinced that it really was just a staging ground to later be used in the assault on Israel, as indicated in many of my articles, but I had no idea about the sheer volume of weaponry being sent there to the forces of Al Qaeda. Twelve countries! We pumped so many weapons into one nation that they are now being used to create war scenarios in not only Israel but eleven other nations as well, and the process continues:

This from Fox News dated April 11, 2013
US gives 4 more F-16s fighter jets to Egyptian government despite outcry
"A source who works on the naval air base in Fort Worth, Texas, confirmed to the departure of the state-of-the-art fighter planes. The new shipment brings the total number of F-16 jets given to Egypt this year to 12.
Eight more F-16s will be given to the Egyptian government before the end of the year as part of a billion-dollar foreign aid deal signed in 2010 with then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, a longtime U.S. ally. The U.S. also will send 200 Abrams tanks."

This is after we forgive one billion dollars in debt, and ignore the rest of the three billion that Egypt currently owes us:
This from Voice Of America:
US Nears Deal for $1 Billion in Egypt Debt Relief

And all of these issues are taking place at a time of Sequestration when our own armed forces are being weakened. I have no doubt at all that Obama has two linked agendas: The destruction of Israel and the ruin of the United States. Everything he has done since entering office has been directed toward these goals. To that end, he and his allies in the NWO have empowered the Muslim Brotherhood, the New Caliphate if you will, and set the fall of western civilization in motion.

The United Nations has long used Israel as their favorite whipping post. Now to see even them reveal the enormity of the arms buildup in Gaza is frightening. Egypt is totally disorganized and corrupt. This lack of cohesion is the only reason they did not back Hamas in the latest round of attacks on Israel, but that will soon change. Thank goodness they will still be disorganized but they will be forced to join the next assault by the powers that be.

The fight in Syria should soon be over leaving a lot of unemployed Jihadists ready for the next battle...Israel. Egypt is being presented with heavy armament and aircraft before the end of this year, compliments of Hussein Obama, and Hamas is always itching for a fight. Meanwhile Iran is providing background support and have their long range missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.

One recent event is particularly unsettling as it indicates far more than simply terrorizing Israel with rockets:
This from The Times of Israel...
Egyptian Forces Capture Arms Shipment Off Sinai
"The ship was reportedly an Iranian vessel bearing 60,000 rifles, RPG launchers, machine guns, hand grenades and ammunition, according to Israel Radio. It was captured 30 kilometers off Ras Mohammad, the southernmost point of the peninsula. "

This is not a shipment of Hamas' typical inaccurate point and shoot rockets. These arms will outfit five infantry divisions, and don't think that because Egypt intercepted them those weapons will be destroyed. They will either be used to supply the Egyptian army or Egypt will in turn sell them to Hamas; either way they will be turned on Israel and soon.

As I have always stated, Syria has not been the interest of Obama. It has always been Israel. The evidence is above and there is more to be found in the following links.

Suggested Reading...

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Stan Hjerleid said...

Your statement "I have no doubt at all that Obama has two linked agendas: The destruction of Israel and the ruin of the United States. Everything he has done since entering office has been directed toward these goals." hits the nail on the head. When every action of Obama is evaluated from the above premise, everything he does makes sense.

Anonymous said...

WOW - just WOW!!!
Incompetence never was one of my theories about Hussein; intentional destructive behavior I always thought to be appropriate.
The 'Israel' connection never occurred to me; Syria to overthrow Assad I did believe.
That Hussein and, Hillary recruited and supported jihadists is nothing new.
That Stevens became a 'liability' always was on my mind; your report makes sense.
Every other theory had too many unexplained holes.
Have you forwarded this to Issa and, the rest of the investigating committee? They need to know that!

It is congress who can stop any further money and high-tech weapon transfers to Eqypt.
This is TREASON- pure and simple!

I was somewhat perplexed about his lax and, sudden attitude regarding Israel - the recent bombings By Israel in and around Syria were actually supported by himor in other words - his faint and vile praise also is calculated.
I can only hope that Israel has this traitors number as well as Russia and China.
Have you been able to fit Hillary, Brennan and Huma Abedin into this equation?


Thank you very much for reading my essay. Of your kind words I can only say:
Wow...Just wow
You bring up some interesting questions. One about has this reached Darryl Issa and the investigative committee. I doubt it and if you have an inside connection I would love to see it utilized. Politicians have a staff to read and filter messages, with a primary focus on approval and disapproval on various topics. I seriously doubt that any of those staffers are going to take the time to read an entire essay and follow links.
As for your mention of Hillary and Huma. Yes! They are tied very tightly into the scenario. While I do not believe that Michelle Bachmann has made the Benghazi Israel connection, she has made the Hillary/Huma/Gaza connection. This is an essay that I wrote in August of last year when the Chik Fil A flap was taking place. Check it out and follow the link to Bachmann's letter to the Attorney General about Hillary funding terrorism in Gaza. As for Brennan, he is just another sock puppet saying what he is told to say.

Anonymous said...

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