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Danny Jeffrey


I no longer watch TV. I can learn much more, much faster on the internet, but there was a time when I did watch some of the educational programming that was available. I recall one story in particular on National Geographic about an Arctic fox. She was a beautiful creature doing her very best to feed her latest litter in a year when food was scarce to non existent. She lost the battle. She was starving, her young were starving, and there was no way this valiant little lady could feed them, and so she did what nature dictated. She abandoned them to their fate and left them to die.

Notice the image above. That is a little human being, probably abandoned to die by his mother because she could do nothing for him. Look just beyond the child. That is a vulture, waiting for the little man to breathe his last. Then the patient scavenger will feed her young; and so it is with the natural world.

National Geographic has some of the finest nature photographers in the world, and while I love photography, I could not possibly do their job. They cannot rescue and feed all of the hungry foxes or children in the world, and so they capture the images that nature puts before them and then move on, but surely such sights leaves a scar on their souls. These people must become calloused to survive, and that is in no way being critical of them. Our soldiers also become calloused, through no fault of their own. Both soldiers and the NG photographers do the job before them, and shed their tears later in private.

Many years ago I recall watching a talk show and the guest's solution to the "population explosion" as it was called in those days, was "Let them starve." His logic was that if there are a million starving people in the world and we feed them then twenty years hence there will be ten million and in another twenty years there will be one hundred million. He argued that our compassion would actually lead to far more suffering in the long run than if we had simply allowed nature to its course in the first place, because sooner or later, we too will have to deal with famine.

That sounds ruthless and perhaps inhumane, but his logic is impeccable. That talk show aired in the sixties when the topic of the population explosion was on everyone's mind, and due to political correctness, it could not even be broadcast at all today.

Should you believe that this condition is something new then you are sadly mistaken. Do you recall the tale of Hansel and Gretel? That story dates back to the late Middle Ages, or the early Renaissance period that followed when it was common practice for parents to abandon children during periods of famine.

If it sounds like I condone this practice, nothing could be further from the truth. I should prefer to die myself than leave a child to the ravages of a harsh world, but then I am a product of Western civilization, and Western civilization is the product of liberty and science. The United States is the most humane culture this world has ever known and the humanity that we have displayed exists solely because of our freedom to alter nature and the science with which to do it. Without those two qualities we would be living in the same abject state of despair we see evidenced around the world.

But we had that freedom and science. Men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and other geniuses, no longer shackled by the dictates of the church as were such men as Galileo and Kepler, were able to explore the laws of physics with an open curiosity, and such men of the mind paved the road to prosperity. It was not the bankers, politicians, or theologians who built America. It was the thinkers, the scientists, and inventors, and now they are under attack by the aforementioned groups.

Forty plus years ago I lived in Connecticut and my place of employment was situated beside the Housatonic River. Upstream from that location was a company known as Hull Dye Works, and we would always know what color dye they were using on any given day for the residue was dumped into the river. Many are the times that I have seen red and green ducks swimming those polluted waters. The river was unfit for swimming or fishing and what was occurring was a crime against both humanity and nature. Thus the EPA came into existence, and a new tyranny began.

Mankind can both control and respect nature. The mere act of growing a crop, heating or cooling a home, or lessening the damage of a flood is a form of controlling nature and there is nothing wrong with any of these actions. The EPA and the current trend of thought would tell us otherwise. We are in the process of being expected to bow before and be sacrificed to nature, and this cannot be done without drastically reducing the Earth's population. Therein lies a Catch 22 situation, for we are being forced to feed and clothe the other nations of the world, and such a practice is spelling the ruin of the people of the U.S.A..

The world is overpopulated, of that there is no doubt, and a great deal of the blame goes back to the compassionate nature of the people of the West. We can, to a certain degree, exert a limited control over nature and in doing so help the less fortunate people of the world, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and so we create a new problem. Many of those less fortunate than we suffer from self inflicted wounds. Any time that we help people such as those of Islam who indulge in a religion that promotes a hatred of life, we add to the problems here on Earth. Their population was once kept in check by starvation and disease, byproducts of their religious beliefs. We tampered with the laws of nature and fed their empty stomachs and controlled the pathogens that were killing them. In doing so they began to reproduce like vermin and are now spreading their evil on the face of the planet.

The same can be said about our sharing with the people of communist nations and dictatorships. All that we accomplish is strengthening the evil that keep them enslaved. Today we are passing spillover laws that allow millions of Latinos to enter our nation illegally. Were that not so and they were forced to stay within the borders of their own nations, things would get so bad there that the people would rise in revolt and seek a new path to prosperity. Lacking the courage to do this they deserve whatever they allow to happen. That is a law of human nature.

Our lawmakers and religious leaders use our compassionate nature against us citing chapter and verse of how we owe it to others to welcome them into a nation they are destroying. I often make predictions and shall do so at this time. If this nation is destroyed and no longer can feed the world it will not be millions who are starving, it will be billions, and we will be part of them.

It matters not what laws and regulations are passed, we cannot circumvent reality. Mother Nature can be very cruel but she often knows best. Nature can be benevolent, indifferent, or ruthless, and we are never going to change that, we simply must make the best of any situation we encounter, and perhaps we should allow others the same privilege. I recall a line that all should heed: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." 

Those good intentions are becoming our downfall. We have all seen the video of Bush the Elder advocating a "New World Order." Here is another very recent video from Joe Biden, following in the footsteps of an earlier Progressive leader, advocating ... You guessed it, a "New World Order". This NWO has long been the agenda of our lawmakers and all that they have to do to make it work is change human nature, the laws of cause and effect, and the laws of economics. After that then we will all be gloriously equal except of course for our leaders. They will be elite, after all, they know what is best for us.

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