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Danny Jeffrey


Anyone who knows me or has read many of my essays either knows or at least has surmised that I am spiritual but not religious, as I follow the teaching of no church. That being said, I do follow the principles laid down in our Constitution, including the Freedom of Religion.

I do not know the young man in the adjoining image, but I know a lot about him.  You see that Screaming Eagle on his shoulder. That is all that I need to know. I wore that Screaming Eagle in younger days and I will tell you something about paratroopers. Such men will give this nation their all without question, but they do not want anything taken from them, and they do not surrender. This young man finds comfort in prayer, and I find no fault with that, but I do find serious fault with any politician who feels that he has the right to deprive him of the right to worship as he sees fit.

Last night a friend and regular reader of my essays informed me that she had run into a problem with FB as they said that she was "Spamming". She, at that time, offered no further details. Uncertain if she would be on FB today I emailed my latest essay to her. Below is her response, but first I must mention that I have seen articles about the problem that the members of her church are encountering, first with the Pentagon and now FB. People, this is getting out of hand.

She wrote:

I’m going to read your essay as soon as I send this off to you but this is laying too heavily on my mind right now and I don’t think anyone is listening, except Facebook!      I am deeply concerned about the abuse and eroding of our First Amendment Rights and what I was posting last night has direct implications toward this.  I was posting information I had received from Tony Perkins which follows below when FB suddenly blocked me.  I wanted my friends who are Southern Baptist to have this info and see the post/update.  This current administration made a mistake when they deemed the SB website to contain “hostile content”.  They attacked one of the largest denominational organizations in the US and one can’t do this and not expect repercussions.

“In recent days, the Army has come under fire after an officer sent an email to subordinates labeling the AFA (American Family Association) and the Family Research Council, (Tony Perkins) as “domestic hate groups.”  (FOXNEWS link below)

The Pentagon is now backtracking, stating that the blocking was caused by Malware.  FALSE.  Now they’re attempting to cover and counter with websites stating it was Malware and not the Pentagon.  They, Pentagon and Department of Defense, are speaking out of both sides of their collective mouths; first they countered that it was Malware and not the Pentagon.  Then they told FOX that, “The Dept. of Defense confirmed to Fox News late Wednesday that the SBC website had been blocked — but not intentionally.”  (Yeah, right!)

I personally know one of the retired chaplains who is still active and he has had much to say.  It’s all tied in with the directives that came down through the Department of Defense and Homeland Security, which puts Christians at the top of the watch list regarding groups that show possibilities and potential for “hostile” beliefs and threats and who are most likely to believe in “sovereignty “.

My POSTING via Tony Perkins ...Washington D.C. _____”SOUTHERN   BAPTIST WEBSITE BLOCKED from MILITARY by OBAMA ADMINISTRATION for ‘HOSTILE CONTENT’"                                                              

"While the rest of the world is hunting down real terrorists, the Obama military is still targeting Christians!  That's why yesterday's reports of religious censorship were so believable.  Emails had been streaming into Fox News from service members across the country who all shared the same complaint: the Southern Baptist Convention website had been blocked on their bases for "hostile content."     

FOX quotes from Ron Crews, (the retired chaplain I mentioned earlier and brother of my dearest and closest friend) Executive Director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.  He told Fox News that Southern Baptist chaplains on military bases around the nation have been unable to access the website.  “It’s a concern for the Dept. of Defense to block the website of one of the major evangelical denominations in the country,” Crews told Fox News.  “The Southern Baptist Convention has the largest number of chaplains in the military representing Southern Baptist soldiers and churches.  Those chaplains need access to their denomination’s website.”  

An Army Reservist contacted Fox News and said he tried to log onto the site and an “Access Denied” message appeared on the screen . . . “You request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as ‘Religion,’” the message read.

Our First Amendment Rights are in serious danger and I shudder to think where all this is going from here.



SR said...

God bless us all and "religion" is our death knell. I am a Christian Constitutionalist and I attend no church whatsoever because I will NOT adhere to the Church of Laodicea, period.

Redneck Dixie Warrior said...

I also am not a church goer or affiliated with any church. I am spiritual though and believe in the one God and his son Jesus....

I don't believe that any one church or religion should be condemned...Cults though are a totally different Kettle of fish!

If the Gov't. really wants to get serious about who the enemy really is, then they'd be shutting down all Islamic websites!

As it stands now....the rest of us know exactly who our enemies are...and it sure ain't the Southern Baptist or any other Christian Church!

Redneck Dixie Warrior said...

I thought I'd let you know and I hope you don't mind....I re-posted your essay here...

If you wish for me to take it down...just let me know.