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Danny Jeffrey


The most basic premise of physics, history, economics, and for that matter, any system known to man, is the law of cause and effect. You can run. You can hide. You can create diversions and excuses, but that law is immutable and unrelenting, for in time it will bite you on the ass with a vengeance.

If one sets out to bake a pie, using the finest ingredients, the proper technique, paying careful attention to oven temperature and timing you can expect to produce a good pie. If, on the other hand, you use only shoddy ingredients, uncaring about your technique or the timing and temperature of the oven, you will most assuredly be disappointed with the results. The same can be said about the building of a nation's or a world's future. Now we look to the future and feel an overwhelming sense of dread and to understand why, we need but look to the past.

As a rule when I ask that you watch a video I will post it in Suggested Reading at the end of the essay. It is time to break the rules. I ask you to spend the next two and half minutes watching a Milton Friedman video about greed and free enterprise for in it lies the basic premise of what I shall endeavor to put forth here.

Click here to view the video.

First off, I must differ with Mister Friedman's terminology in his use of the word 'greed' as it invokes a certain reprehensible connotation that I feel he enlisted for shock value in stressing a point. I, in this essay, shall be using the term greed in its worst form. Other than this one point of semantics I have never heard Milton Friedman put forth any concept that I did not totally agree with. Where he employs 'greed' I use the phrase 'rational self interest', stressing 'rational', because when your own self interest is elevated to the point that it results in behavior that harms another then it become what I call greed.

Pure greed, in its worst form, is pictured above in the image of Jimmy Hoffa, and that greed did not stop with financial acquisitions but also entered the realm of an extreme abuse of power, and thus the abuse of his fellow man and this nation. "A National Threat - Hoffa's Teamsters". What a fitting title for such a corrupt, greedy, power abusing source of human depravity, and today we see the same behavior from his offspring.

In this one minute video his son is praising Obama, letting his followers know that Obama will provide jobs that have been taken from them by the Tea Party. He offers the service of his union as an army to "Take out those Sons of Bitches". Now we stand on the verge of a second civil war, and many stare in awe, wondering what has happened to this once great nation. Look back at the cause and forward to the effect. You cannot know where you are going unless you know where you have been.

Free enterprise, far from England, was born in the American colonies. Granted, the throne did impose some few tariffs and restrictions, as did the colonies themselves, but by and large, capitalism was born on our shores, and to a certain degree spread back to Europe from which we came.

Milton Friedman stated in his video "There is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by the free enterprise system." I wish that I had said that, for those are truly words of wisdom.

Regarding my definition of 'rational self interest' and 'greed': 
Picture a man starting a community bank in a town in Nebraska. One does not start a bank without a considerable investment, meaning that if the man fails in his efforts he may lose a fortune. Such is the way of free enterprise as it comes with no money back guarantee. Let us say that this particular man is successful and over the years, loaning money to the farmers around him, to a pair of newlyweds buying a home, and to the local entrepreneurs who own businesses in his hometown, he becomes wealthy. That is the result of freedom, venture capitalism, and rational self interest, and none can rightly fault him for the wealth that he has accumulated.

Now, let us take a worse case scenario. One man down the street who has inherited a service station applies for a loan. The banker looks over the applicant's business history and refuses to provide the money this man has requested. Consequently six months later the owner of the service station loses his business and blames the banker, as he has always blamed everyone for his failings. In a state of rage he firebombs the bank. That is greed, for this man while blaming others for his faults feels that he has a right to their property, and what he cannot take, he destroys.

So many people resent the success of others and covet what they have produced, and that mere act of coveting someone else property and wealth is what gave birth to socialism. Now outright stealing is illegal in all cultures, and so to make theft, via socialism, more palatable it became necessary to abandon our view of morality and replace it with platitudes about equality, fairness, and charity, even when that charity has become compulsory. 

Then to really make socialism sound like a moral duty, a new thought was added: "Rights". The shiftless, non productive, and lazy now proclaim their right to the same comforts as those who work eighty hours a week producing those comforts. And so political parties gain power promising ever more rights to those who keep them in office, and thus begins the trip to hell.

It is said, quite wrongly I might add, that good always triumphs in the end.
I wish that were so, but unless good is ever vigilant and well informed it will fall to the erosive powers of evil in time. The greatest danger to men of good will is misdirection, when evil is made to appear as a noble and righteous endeavor. 

The image on the right is heart rending. No compassionate human being can look upon the face of a starving child without feeling pain. That same compassionate human being finds it impossible to believe that there are men who would choose to profit from such agony, but they are among us and they are many. 

They speak to us from Washington, the United Nations, and our pulpits. They tear at our souls with words of anguish and denounce the great disparity of wealth among the various people of the world. Oddly, they find not fault with those nations where starvation is rampant. The fault, so they tell us, lies with we the people for having so much while others have so little. A few well chosen phrases, a diatribe against selfishness, and perhaps a well timed wiping away of a tear, and we are found to be the culprits. We who have so much while others have so little are responsible for all of the misery of the world. 

Yes, it is free enterprise, capitalism, freedom, the innovative, and the wealthy among us who have wrought such pain upon humanity. Our leaders tell us that we are responsible for the misery of others and that world happiness and world peace are to be found only with a more equitable redistribution of the wealth. That being the case, it becomes easy to convince the gullible that free enterprise, capitalism, freedom, innovation, and wealth are themselves inherently flawed. This thinking, or the lack thereof, is totally convoluted but easy to instill in those who have chosen to abandon rational thought. This is how evil overwhelms good in the darkened recesses of the mind from which reason has fled.

So we look upon the face of the starving and feel pain. Our political and moral leaders use this pain to our detriment and impose guilt where none is deserved. For the sake of those hungry, additional taxes are imposed upon the productive and our money is sent to those nations to feed the starving masses. That money, our money, is used not to provide food for the hungry. If they were indeed fed, then all of the world would be fat. The money taken from us in the form of taxes and inflation feed not the starving, but is used to buy guns that further enslave those unfortunate dregs of humanity. 

In this world which has forsaken rational concerns, our good intentions have paved yet another mile on the road to hell. In truth those good intentions help the less fortunate not at all, and the end result is that our intended good will gives rise to ever more evil. Perhaps due to a twisted form of ironic justice, and the law of cause and effect, that all pervasive evil is now consuming us.

We live in a time where the dividing lines between right and wrong have become blurred, where wants, needs, and rights are indistinguishable, where the very fabric of our moral code is not only questioned, it is attacked and torn asunder by those who have grown power hungry, and others who have rejected rational behavior. 

Socrates set mankind on the road to reason and for his efforts he was sentenced to death. Galileo dared to think and paid dearly for the gifts he gave mankind, and I have no doubt that the man who discovered how to control fire was burned at the stake, for this is what we do to the great, the innovators, and the men of the mind. 

An unusual gathering of great men once came together and signed the Constitution of the United States, and in so doing showed the entire human race that there is a way out of darkness. Surely they mourn in their graves for what our good intentions and superimposed guilt have done to their memory, and the fact that the gates to darkness have once again been opened.

I have long tried to rally the unthinking to join in opposing the impending dark age. I feel that I have failed, and if I so choose could deny that failure with the simple excuse that I am but one man, but the answer is not that simple. There are many thousands, perhaps a million or more, who are trying to 'awaken' the unwary and they too have failed. One must ask why has so much effort been expended in vain, and the answer to that question is so illusive, but only because we seek it in the wrong place.

We show those who know not, the facts, the reality, and the logical outcome of what is taking place, and it is like water rolling off of a a duck's back, for they suffer from a self imposed blindness. They do not choose to know the truth as facts only confuse them in their mindless devotion to a cause they regard as more important than themselves. They, the disciples of socialism, think what they are taught to think, do what they are told to do, and disregard everything that contradicts the narrative they follow. These people are unreachable. Time expended on them is time wasted.

Ask yourself what motivates people, and I speak not of the day to day reality of getting up in the morning, going to work, and providing for the family you love. I speak of causes, of what puts a fire in a man's belly and makes him willing to fight and die for a belief. I speak of issues that so change a man that he will leave that family behind if need be, and launch on a crusade to change the world. 

What truly motivates people is emotion, not logic, not reason, none of the things we find useful in the mundane world. That raw unfettered emotion, once tapped by a charismatic leader, burrows into a man's soul and supplants rational discourse. History shows that the intellectually disabled will adhere to that realm of non thought and follow it blindly, unknowing, and without question to their own ruin.

Proof of my viewpoint?

Look at the founding of communism and what it has wrought. Those poor serfs of Russia and China embraced a destructive cause, seeking to gain the wealth of others, but it was not to be, for communism, socialism, and the varying forms of collectivism destroy wealth as they destroy the freedom that allows free men to create wealth, and so those serfs, while fighting for a better life, found only abject poverty and ruthless government control.

Look at Hitler and the cause that he launched. He found little trouble convincing the German people that their destiny was to be masters of the world, and eventually Berlin became the most bombed city in the world. That same cause of world domination has kept the people of Islam tied to the mentality of a seventh century warlord. Today they are unable to even conceive of freedom, let alone embrace it.

Causes are not all bad. Think back to JFK's challenge for us to send a man to the Moon and bring him back safely. That race to the Moon and space has benefited mankind in more ways than we can imagine. Recall Ronald Reagan with his image of a shining city on the hill. He restored America's honor and pride. Neither of these men accomplished those lofty goals with facts and reality. They provided the cause, the vision, the hope that America craved, and it was America that provided the reality.

In 2008 a new cause burst forth upon this nation and that cause was the transformation of America. That transformation has been utterly destructive, and yet those who embraced said cause remain loyal unto their own ruin. No amount of logic, reason, reality, or facts are going to sway those who cling to this cause that is leading to the fall of not only America but also the entire world.

It would be so nice if an errant cause could be supplanted with a noble one but it just does not happen that way. Reagan was a fluke. There was no cause under Carter, only ineptitude. Reagan stepped in to fill a vacuum when American pride had been shattered after our shame of Viet Nam and the Carter years. Today we are not fortunate enough to just be living in a vacuum. We are deeply immersed in an idealism that can only result in catastrophe, and there is no turning back from the precipice. 

Over the last few years that I have been writing in this site, some have commented that I am very good at pointing out the problems, and they add "Now what is the solution?" Quite frankly I have none. The only thing that can change the direction of this nation is all out civil strife and the deposing of those who are hell bent on our destruction. It would appear that America is not willing to confront the problem head on and eliminate the danger, and so they wait and wish, hoping that the problem will just go away. 

The problem is not going to go away and the waiting, wishing, and hoping will go on until the ultimate collapse occurs. At that time Americans will either accept their lot as serfs to the new ruler or shoulder their weapons, and with no food on the table, nor money in their pockets, they will finally confront destiny. Let us hope that it will not be too late.

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whteshark said...

Good read, Danny, and the reason people stick their head in the sands is because the alternative is to live with gigantic black cloud over your head that drops acid rain that burns through your conscience. It's a burden to live with and people don't want that burden.