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Danny Jeffrey


Do you know how to deal with a bully? When he is in your face making his threats and telling you what he is going to do to you, kick him really hard in the shin. I guarantee you that he will double over in severe pain. That is when you grab the back of his head and shove it hard into your upcoming knee. Then while he is holding his face that has been turned into a bloody pulp you lean back slightly and kick him in the head, and when he falls you kick him a few more times for good measure. He will bully you no more! And that is how we should have treated North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela long ago.

But, we are Americans and we feel a benevolence toward a hostile world and we do not kick people in the shin. We choose to negotiate, and now we have negotiated ourselves into a position where a petty warlord from North Korea is threatening us with nuclear war, and who champions us in this time of danger? Another petty one, a petty, self aggrandizing, two bit Marxist lackey whose only claim to fame, prior to usurping the highest office in the land, was that he was a community organizer in the back alleys of Chicago. My definition of community organizer is rabble rouser, and this nation needs no more rabble rousers. It needs an inspired leader and that need grows ever stronger every day.

Ronald Reagan told us that if we want to live in peace then we must always be prepared for war. By extension that means a war that is so horrific for the enemy that none dare cross us. However, like the Romans prior to the fall of Rome, Americans have grown passive, wimpy, and the term cowardly may fill the bill as well. We don't want war and so we negotiate, and I have grown to hate that word, for its mere mention implies weakness, and the weak are always attacked and usually destroyed!

I often go out on a limb and predict events to come, and thus far have a pretty good batting average on those prediction. In regard to North Korea anyone who tries to predict an outcome stands on shaky ground as I firmly believe that Kim Jong Un, like Obama, is a dancing string puppet. None can with any degree of certainty predict his actions, as his actions are not his own. The best that any of us can do is observe the behavior of others in this strange and dangerous scenario. As for Obama, he has few equals in the political arena and back room intrigue, but as far as true leadership goes, he is grossly incompetent, and is leading this nation to its ruin.

China's actions should perhaps be the most indicative of events to come but even there lies a great deal of mystery. They are North Korea's protector, and provider, and now they are massing troops and armor at the border between the two countries. The question is why. Some have boldly conjectured that this assembly of military hardware is simply a reminder to Kim Jong Un that they made him and they can break him if he steps too far out of line. I am somewhat less optimistic.

China has long been building twenty new, uninhabited cities every year. Many believe that this is China's way of providing make work jobs for their unemployed. Nonsense! China has a long and sordid history of dealing with their surplus population, and it is not by spending billions of dollars to keep them occupied. Those cities are to be a fallback refuge after the nuclear war they are convinced is on the way.

And what is Kim Jong Un's role in all of this? If you have ever been in the military or even watched a war movie you are aware that any group in a war zone finds it necessary to have a "Point man" out in front. It is cold, ruthless, and necessary, as it is better for one man to walk into a trap than one hundred. Kim Jong Un is that point man. He is walking point and testing Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama will fail that test of leadership for he lacks the qualities that such a position demands.

Other pundits have pointed out what they see as arrogance on the part of Kim as he has requested that China send a special envoy to Korea to discuss further actions he has planned. China has denied his request adding that he should send his envoy to them. So much for political power plays. Naturally when China makes a demand Kim will comply.

That, however is not the case when Obama makes a demand. He, his demands, his rhetoric, and his sanctions have become the laughing stock of the world. Thus far the only talents he has displayed is getting the GOP to dance to his music, getting American soldiers and Marines killed needlessly, and as a cult leader for millions of unthinking Americans. 

Once before we faced a nuclear showdown. Kennedy met the threat head on and Khrushchev blinked. Now it is Hussein the puppet versus Kim the twerp, and the twerp is not blinking. For that matter, neither is Obama; he is asleep at the wheel, lacking the wisdom to see the road before him. Everything that Obama has done since taking office has been detrimental to the welfare of the United States. I see no reason for this Far East episode to be any different. One way or the other we are going to pay dearly for Obama's vision of a transformed America.

Israel is pushing hard to establish a more independent status, realizing that they can no longer count on America's protection. The free nations of Europe once again fear the ambitions of Russia as their missile shield is being dismantled, and South Korea and Japan, who have long had political and economic differences now seek unity in the face of a growing threat from North Korea and China. None place much faith in the protection once provided by the United States. They no longer look upon our nation as the land of the free. It has become a kingdom, ruled by Obama the Puny.

Until Obama assumed the throne there was no question that America led the free world. Now, no one believes that to be the case. In four short years Hussein has changed the U.S. into a second rate nation that our friends can't trust and our enemies don't fear. This state of affairs is nothing short of a recipe for a disaster in the making. Now, after being sacrificed in the Middle East under Obama's rules of engagement, our troops are being routed home leaving that area to become part of the New Caliphate, and we hear a new term, the "Pivot to Asia".

This so called pivot is ostensibly to counter the growing influence and threat of China. In Suggested Reading there is a video by Trevor Louden. Few know more than him about the threat that China poses to the Pacific. He is from New Zealand and points out the lunacy of his fellow countrymen as they went "Green" and prohibited nuclear powered or nuclear missile capable vessels from their shores, thus nullifying our treaty to protect them as we cannot do so without the ability to land our ships there. 

China asked Australia to make a choice about who will protect them; China or the U.S., and the people of the Fiji Islands are already being trained in the art of war by the Chinese. Thus, the pivot to Asia is being enacted and it is my opinion that this latest North Korean debacle is China's way of testing Obama's resolve in the face of their growing influence.

This from Voice Of America... Hat Tip to L.B.
Australia Announce Landmark China Currency Deal
"Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Australian dollar will be traded directly with the Chinese yuan under a landmark currency deal.  The move is part of Canberra’s efforts to strengthen Australia’s burgeoning economic relationship with China."

This from The Washington Times...
Dick Cheney On North Korea: 'U.S. in deep doo doo.'
Whatever your opinion of Dick Cheney, he is far more knowledgeable about foreign affairs that anyone in the Obama administration.

Let us assume for the moment that Kim Jong Un is indeed planning to push the Korean peninsula into a state of war, and that China has amassed its military hardware at the border to back his play. That leaves us in serious trouble. Obama is a community organizer, not a Commander in Chief. His weakness, his indecisiveness and his bluffing has taken us to the verge of nuclear war. What happens if a nuke is really launched and he is playing golf with John Boehner? Obama is famous for not making any decisions until he consults Valerie Jarrett. When ballistic missiles are in the air mere seconds count and an ICBM can reach any point in the world in 33 minutes.(See Suggested Reading below)

This from The Center For Security Policy...
Obama's Nuclear Cuts, Record of Weakness Provoking North Korea
Video...Frank Gaffney on Kudlow Report 

This from The New York Times...
North Korea Warns It Is On Brink Of Nuclear War With South
"The administration has settled on a strategy of refusing to make concessions to the North and has adopted a new plan to deter any hostilities by promising a proportionate response. In doing so, it hopes to reverse what it considers a long-term pattern in which the West offers aid to calm tensions and then North Korea breaks its promises to halt its nuclear program. But Obama administration officials acknowledge that the new strategy will only work if Mr. Kim either backs down or satisfies himself with a token show of force, like a missile test into the open ocean. The South Koreans have warned such a test could happen as early as this week."

Note the line: "But Obama administration officials acknowledge that the new strategy will only work if Mr. Kim either backs down or satisfies himself with a token show of force, like a missile test into the open ocean."

Kim Jong Un has officially announced an end to the truce, thereby declaring a state of war with both South Korea and the United States. He cannot back down. North Korea is a militant nation and at the first sign of weakness his military would depose him. Equally, simply firing a missile into the ocean would suggest his backing down ... End of Kim. He must act aggressively now that the game is in play. His role is to test Obama and test him he will. So far Obama is coming up short.

This from Foreign Policy National Security...

Who Exactly Ordered Those Destroyers Against Korea
"So, it’s the Navy’s fault that the U.S.-North Korea spat has gone so far?"

Obama can't blame Bush for this but the Navy is convenient to take the fall, and so the narrative begins to take shape. Obama did not order those ships to the area, Chuck Hagel didn't send them. They are just good ole boys with the attitude, of "Why can't we all just get along?" with not a back bone between them. 

This is the reason for the North Korean push, prompted by China. It is a test of resolve and Obama has already proven that he has none.

There is a lot of real estate and open waters in the Pacific that China plans to claim for their own. They simply want to know if they must fight a war to realize their plans, or if they can just take them and "negotiate" their way to ever increasing wealth, maybe facing a few "sanctions" along the way.

Obama has stripped this nation of qualified advisers/leaders and replaced them with "Yes Men". Between him and his "Yes Men" we stand defenseless before a hostile world. Hussein hoped to prove his great leadership ability by defying a petty North Korean warlord and he is coming up lacking. Now we just wait to hear those now famous words repeated ... "Stand Down."

Suggested Reading...
Known Thine Enemy...Sun Tsu
An Urgent Message For America.(Trevor Louden Video)
33 Minutes ... One hour long video from Heritage about the danger of nuclear war, and as indicated, a very narrow time frame.

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Anonymous said...

You might want to do a little more research. Khrushchev didn't blink first. What actually happened is that the U.S. quietly removed their missles from Turkey and that appeased the USSR. Check it out.
The press was in the tank for JFK then and today just as they are for the jack off in cheif Obama.