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Danny Jeffrey


I used to love watching Star Trek, and what I liked most about it was the optimism it presented. It portrayed the human race with a future, spreading out among the stars, guaranteeing the continued existence of our species in spite of the great follies we currently exhibit. Perhaps that is asking too much as those follies grow more dangerous with each passing day.

Some of Star Trek's most interesting plots had to do with a member of the crew getting infected with an alien virus or spore, and one by one the virus would spread to other crew members until it would appear that all was lost. Then at the last minute, the doctor, Mister Data, or perhaps an alien species would intervene and save the hapless crew of the Enterprise. Where is Mister Data when we need him most? As I watch one conservative leader after another is falling victim to the virulent plague of Progressivism and as it spreads I begin to wonder if resistance is indeed futile.

As Hussein Obama assumed the throne those among us, not already infected, were well aware that he was working on behalf of the aliens, and we sorely missed President Bush. Little did we know that he too had been infected to the point that he had long aided the enemies of America but it took us years to learn that. He had actually arranged for much of the Saudi royalty and even members of the Bin Laden clan to covertly board a flight out of the U.S. right after 911 when all flights were still grounded.

A few days ago Glenn Beck displayed a copy of the current version of the 911 report. I say current version because at the request(Or demand) of the  Saudi government many pages now show up with "Redacted" stamped in big red letters. Most of the information about Wahhabism and any involvement by the House of Saud had been removed.

The basic facts from The New York Times

The ugly details from Walid Shoebat...
"What is a Saudi prince worth? The answer is one Saudi prince is worth 1000 Americans. Evidence suggest it's a simple mathematical equation involving a deal being struck between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia that included the deaths of three Saudi princes who met very suspicious ends in July of 2002, within days of each other."

Nearly three years ago I wrote an essay entitled "Saudi Arabia...The Real Enemy"(Listed in Suggested Reading below). In it I described how the oil rich petro giant of the Middle East is funding our education system and shaping the minds of our youth. They are also spending vast fortunes building mosques across all of the nations of the west, teaching hatred of our culture and recruiting terrorist from the ranks of those mosques.

I have a question. How can I, a solitary investigative journalist at my keyboard, know of such things while our elected officials with their vast resources remain oblivious to the danger? I have an answer. They are not oblivious, they are complicit. If the aforementioned alien virus were indeed real then I would have to conclude that they are afflicted. That Progressive virus is not real. These people of power that so many choose to trust have utterly betrayed us and our principles. These leaders are in truth, traitors, long since sold out to a near infinite amount of petro dollars.

When topics such as the New World Order, the New Caliphate, or Agenda 21 are brought up those of us who mention these things are accused of being perpetrators of absurd conspiracy theories. That ridicule will not last much longer as the Progressive agenda continues to gain momentum against people who only talk and look forward to the next election as an opportunity to set things right. Those in power are becoming ever more emboldened and with no fear they boldly mention these topics of their growing might as they set the stage for crushing all rights of all men, worldwide.

By now nearly everyone has seen the video of Bush the Elder calling for a New World Order. A few days ago, Joe Biden in this video echoed those very words. As they solidify their power base they grow bold and soon they will no longer even attempt to conceal the reality of the dictatorship we live under.

And what is the reaction of conservatives to the growing danger? Many are looking forward to the next election so they can enable someone else to oppose the coming agenda. People, it is to late! Look, if you will, at the political pool. It has become a cesspool. Give me a seventy year old general who has long served this nation with honor. Add a twenty four year old sniper returning from Afghanistan. Toss in a fireman who climbed the stairs of one of the towers on 911 and still survived. We cannot forget a teacher and a doctor who have retired rather than serve under Obama's agenda. With such people I could build a trustworthy government. I look to those you will be voting for in 2014 and 2016 and see but slime, and I look to those who will vote for them and see but fools.

Think back to all of the praise that conservatives heaped upon Chris Christie. Look now at what he has become. Actually he hasn't changed at all; we are simply learning more about what he is. Recall when I told you that Mitt Romney was a shill for Obama. Fair weather friends abandoned me and the party loyal told me that I was mistaken. Don't forget Paul Ryan. He even had me fooled for about a week. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, how long can you people keep chasing fantasies. Find a hero, rally round him, and I will guarantee you that shortly the Progressive roots will be revealed. They are all in it for the money and the power. You, your loved ones, and your descendants are a small price for them to pay for admission to the upper realm of the elite ruling class.

I have stated in past essays that a man like Ronald Reagan could not hope to survive in today's political realities. He would be crushed and discarded. Proof? Look at what happened to Allen West. He was not defeated by his democratic opponent, he was hung out to dry by Mitt Romney and staff. They decided to gerrymander this upstart out of existence and in spite of a treasonous GOP it looks like he won anyway, but we will never know as the RNC managed to delay a recount of a contested vote until the clock ran out and West was declared defeated.

Rand Paul became an overnight hero with his filibuster. Rubbish, lies, and double talk! Now, with the real Rand Paul revealing his outline for our welfare we find that he supports the use of armed drones over America, as long as they don't fly over his house on a spy mission.

This from Foreign
Ron Paul Fans Furious Over Rand Paul's Drone Flip Flop
Paul said. "If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash. I don't care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him."

Naturally when he seeks your vote he will have to use some Orwellian new speak to convince the sheeple that those words were taken out of context. Click the above link and see the context in which it was spoken. This "Conservative" supports Obama's plan to place 30,000 armed drones in the skies over America. He is a traitor to all that I believe.

This from Breitbart...
Rubio Shamefully Attacks Conservatives Over Immigration Reform
"Rubio's own 'yes man' and Communications Director Alex Burgos, who has long been an activist and supporter of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is currently the man behind all of Rubio's conservative media attacks."

Want more illegals? Paul Ryan will provide.

This from Chicago Sun Times...
U.S. Representatives Luis Gutierrez, Paul Ryan team up to push for immigration reform
"Promising it would enhance national security and strengthen American economy, U.S. Rep Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was in Chicago on Monday making a case for immigration reform, partnering with an unlikely ally, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez."

In this essay I have gone from the dangers presented by Saudi Arabia, to the New World Order, to lying politicians and illegal immigration ... without changing the subject. I can honestly state that I never changed topics as they are all related.

The NWO is quite naturally the most dangerous as it is the over reaching agenda for the whole world, and a very dangerous future for that world. The issue of Islam, and its vision for a new Caliphate, and illegal immigration that adds to the ruin of America are all but part of the overall plan.

There is so much taking place today that we all suffer from information overload. None of us can hope to keep track of terrorism, Obama's wars, Creeping Sharia, economic woes for all nations, illegal immigrants, and a corrupt political system in our nation's capitol. The fact of the matter is that we are being assaulted from all directions and few can grasp the enormity of the problem, and so in many cases people turn from reality, wanting someone else to take charge. Therein lies what is perhaps our greatest weakness, for those who want to take charge are allied with those who seek our downfall. They are leading us to the road to serfdom, and if we cannot stop them then this entire planet is headed for another dark age of a thousand years, as President Reagan warned.

So whether there is a Progressive virus running rampant or simply a corrupted leadership in Washington we are facing ruin.

Mister Data...Report to the bridge immediately!

Suggested Reading...
Saudi Arabia...The Real Enemy
Mitt Romney...Progressive Shill

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