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Danny Jeffrey


So many are comparing Watergate and Benghazi and the similarities are actually very few. No one died at Watergate. Four died and many more wounded in Benghazi. Nixon initially had nothing to do with Watergate. He only got involved in the later cover up protecting his subordinates who initiated a petty breaking and entering. Weeks prior to the attack both Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were involved in systematically removing the Ambassador's defensive shield. Watergate was purely a political SNAFU. Benghazi has produced an international crisis that has proven America to be weak in the face of her Islamic foes.

Another great difference is media coverage. With Nixon, the media had no mercy, with Obama they find no fault. Since he first ran in 2008 they have been an active part of his charade.

I recall a year or so ago that one of the members of the media published a piece about Obama setting a record for no scandals, choosing to overlook the tactics he used to force Obamacare down the throats of America. Fast and Furious was a devastating episode. The media tried to ignore it altogether but could not, yet they managed to stop the buck with Eric Holder, and it never reached the White House. Bill Ayres, the New Party affiliations, communists and terrorists both greeted and honored daily in the White House, ACORN, SEIU, Obama catering to Russia with his new found flexibility, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, funding terrorism, scorning Israel and England, nonstop spending, the "greening" of America, and the list goes on and on, largely swept under the rug by the MSM.

Now it appears that the media lapdogs are turning on the master but do not be taken in by another distraction.
This from Breitbart.
Backfire: ABC, CNN, NBC Call For White House To Release Libya Emails
We are now seeing a dog and pony show put on to appease an angry public, but rest assured that the media is firmly in Obama's corner and will lend their support to filter out and minimize the damage when the opportunity arises.

The intelligent members of our society know that Obama has intentionally put us on the road to ruin, and until now the MSM has done their level best to cover for him, but it is all beginning to unravel. Suddenly with the testimony of whistleblowers it is becoming obvious that Obama did indeed allow the death of four Americans in Benghazi and not even the mighty MSM is going to be able to cover that up.

I must state that I firmly disagree on one issue that is becoming a talking point in the Obama/Benghazi scenario: Incompetence and neglect. The daily intel that reached Obama warned that the Islamic danger in Libya was growing worse on a daily basis. Couple that with the fact that the State Department had  chosen to strip Ambassador Stevens of his protectors weeks before the anniversary of 911. No, I do not see incompetence. A plan to eliminate the Ambassador, yes, incompetence no! See Suggested Reading below.

This from The Washington Free Beacon...
Malign Neglect
Obama admin allowing China and Russia to gain foothold in Middle East
The whole approach to attacking Team Obama's tactics is neglect and incompetence, and that attack is doomed to failure as long as we persist in denying the true premise. Obama is not neglectful, nor is he incompetent. What is occurring is out of premeditated intent; malice aforethought as the lawyers are so fond of saying. This holds true for Benghazi, the entire Middle East debacle, our dealings with communist states, and the ruin of our economy. In a recent essay I drew a parallel of decisions made on the results of a coin toss. With such an approach we would have at least a 50/50 chance of being right. Everything that Obama has done is destructive to this nation as a whole, and until that fact is recognized, things will grow ever worse.

There is one striking similarity between Nixon and Obama and that is they both utilized an enemy list and chose the IRS as a major source of intimidating those on that list. After the long ordeal with Watergate the breaking point for Nixon was the legislative branch was seeking impeachment on the grounds of his IRS abuse. Nixon resigned two weeks later. Do not expect Obama to resign. In the field of smoke and mirrors, he makes Tricky Dick look like a mere amateur.

He has so many options open to him that I would not hazard a guess about which one will be chosen. He needs a great distraction to divert attention from current events in Congress and it would also be nice, for his sake, if in staging it he could manage to look the great American hero. The media would certainly go along with that.

We have all witnessed Obama's primary tactic of diversion via smoke and mirrors, and it would appear that it is once again time to employ the smoke generator as there is no way that Team Obama can fight the rising discontent with facts, and America is tired of their lies. Everyone knows that if impeachment really were to begin, this nation will face rioting coast to coast. That would be an excellent distraction to be certain, but it would not put Obama in a good light. A false flag attack would be a great distraction but again would not make Obama look better. The Syrian crisis worsens and many of the GOP leaders criticize Obama for holding back and not becoming more engaged. While further involvement there would also be a huge distraction, it too could portray Obama poorly at this time.

Smoke and mirrors are imminent but these Benghazi and IRS issues are serious and a distraction only for the sake of distraction is futile. What he now needs is another episode that would equal the take down of Osama bin Laden. 

Were I one of his advisers what I would suggest is that he contact some of his Muslim allies and tell them that he needs about thirty scapegoats on which to blame Benghazi. Sweeten the deal by agreeing to allow the trial to take place in Libya, and naturally offer more American dollars. Instant hero! Obama, the man who cracked the case, jailed the guilty, and is going to bring justice. Those men would not even have to be the guilty ones. That wouldn't matter to their leaders, and they surely wouldn't matter to Obama. They could simply put on a show, allow the FBI to question them briefly and then back off, allowing Libya to do what needs to be done, which is buy time for Obama. Meanwhile they might even make a movie of Hussein's brilliant efforts.

We, the American people, are so weary of politics as usual, and the Benghazi hearing are just another page in the grand scheme of things. Many feel that Obama's days are numbered in the White House. Don't hold your breath! Nixon was a powerful man but the sword he wielded was nothing compared to the power that Hussein Obama possesses today. He has a solid lock on the media, the IRS, the FBI, as well as the Judicial and Legislative system.

Can Obama be unseated? Ask Harry Reid. An impeachment trial takes place in the Senate; a Senate controlled by Harry Reid. I have long stated that there is no political solution to what is taking place in America today. Recent events look encouraging but those events are deceptive. 

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