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Danny Jeffrey


Today, the hottest news items are the Benghazi hearings, the IRS scandal, and the MSM being mad as hell at Obama
(Temporarily I might add) about some of his tactics in regard to them, his loyal lap dogs. I must admit that I am not overly impressed with the show. Call me a cynic, call me a skeptic, call me whatever you choose but something is just not right about the whole thing.

So much of today's entertainment is designed toward appealing to our fellow citizens of a lesser intelligence; game shows, sitcoms, and Dancing With The Stars. For the more intelligent Americans we have breaking news and Congressional hearings, but it is still a form of entertainment, with a different target audience.

Before I proceed, allow me to set the record straight on one point. There are many dedicated, loyal, concerned people appearing before Congress, revealing what they know to be true about the Benghazi crime scene. Of them I have nothing but the highest praise and I thank them for their service. However, for those members of Congress who are using these hearings simply as a way to promote their own political clout, I feel nothing short of contempt.

From Shreveport Times. com...(Hat tip to MB)
Benghazi: A Soldier's Bond Broken
I am an American soldier. For 27 years I have worn the uniform of my country. Last Sunday, I opened my newspaper and read about Benghazi with the startling headline: "Republicans ready to push Benghazi into 2016."

In younger days I despised the phrase "The Masses", choosing instead to grant my fellow man a certain degree of dignity and purpose, strongly believing in the premise of free will, and self determination. Sadly I must admit that those beliefs of yesteryear are fading, overwhelmed by massive evidence to the contrary.

As to "The Masses" whom I so ardently disparage, it is they who are responsible for Benghazi, our financial ruin, our corrupt leadership, and America's soon to be Third World status. Most of the masses can tell you who was on Dancing With the Stars last month but cannot name their Senators and Congressional leader. They wallow in a corrosive state of blissful ignorance, and they fully deserve what will soon happen to them. Let justice be done.

A personal message to the GOP's so called "Leaders": Most of you are beneath contempt. I will not even allow you the excuse of blissful ignorance, for none of you are ignorant ... you are complicit. How about if I employ a more accurate term? You are blatantly corrupt, and the vast majority of you, of both parties, have sold out this nation.!

That one line above "Republicans ready to push Benghazi into 2016." says it all. You seek not truth, justice, or a proper vengeance directed at those responsible. You miserable dregs of humanity see an opportunity for political gain in the deaths of four Americans. You, the elite, have no remorse at all about walking through the blood of fellow Americans, and leaving that blood on the rungs of the ladder you climb to fame and fortune.

We, the more intelligent of your constituents, have heard the words of whistleblowers. We have read many of those incriminating Emails. We know the time frame of what happened in that far off CIA compound, and we know that Obama went to bed seeking a good night's sleep before the Las Vegas fundraiser that took place the following day. We know of that heartless "Stand Down" order and we have all heard Hillary ask "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

"Republicans ready to push Benghazi into 2016." There is an old proverb that "Justice delayed is justice denied." I wish that I could feel even a slight belief that justice is only going to be delayed. I am not that optimistic. We have seen those hearings and know that criminal proceedings should be brought against many of the Obama regime. We also know that will not happen. Justice is not the goal of said hearings; political gain is. Push Benghazi into 2016, and affect the outcome of two elections. 

Is there nothing more important than reelection to you who hold sway over the future of America? Is there no level that you will not stoop to in the pursuit of power? Would you not sell the souls of Americans for thirty pieces of silver, or would you negotiate, compromise, and strike a deal for a mere fifteen pieces?

Still, I must hand it to you, the Congressmen and Senators of both parties. You know Americans far better than they know you. You are concerned about Hillary "what difference does it make" Clinton, and her prospects of being elected in 2016. First off I am not convinced that there will even be an election in 2016, but on the off chance that there is, she could quite possibly win.

We all have an agenda! Some of us have the integrity to make certain that our own agenda falls within the guidelines of truth, reason, and the American Constitution. Some are not so fussy about details. I have no doubt at all that many of the women who have criticized the vast number of blacks for voting for Obama would do exactly the same and sell their own soul to see a woman in the White House.

Yes, I have become cynical, and I have become skeptical, but I am convinced that we will see no justice as the result of the Benghazi Hearings now taking place in Congress. This spectacle we witness is not supposed to bring justice. Its purpose to to overthrow the existing power structure and replace it, or failing that, simply entertain the more inquisitive among us, and quite naturally to give Republican leaders some strong talking points in 2014.

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