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Danny Jeffrey


Have you ever seen a man with his head blown off? I have, and let me assure you that it is a sight you will not soon forget. Death is never pretty yet there are times when, in defense of yourself, your family, a total stranger, or your nation, taking the life of another is necessary. I will not use the term "a necessary evil" for there are times when it is not evil, simply necessary. At such times remorse over smiting the wicked is not appropriate. A deep sigh of relief is, that you are still breathing, and he is not. And that is where it should end; but with the people of Islam, killing is but part of the process. Then begins the chopping, the hacking, and the beheading.

Then begins a most unusual ritual, now commonplace in the nations of the west. The politicians, the Progressive journalists, the main stream media, and the bleeding heart liberals begin finding excuses for such savage behavior and searching for a way to blame the mutilation of another of our people on our culture instead of these savages they have brought among us. They have loosed the snake into the garden, and now they want us to bow before that Islamic serpent of wrath.

Look above at that hideous piece of human debris, proudly displaying the blood of an innocent man and ranting about the nobility of the vile atrocity that he has just committed in the name of another bloodthirsty murderer of long ago.

Look deeper into the photo and notice the people in the background. Is there a man among them who would not gladly empty a high capacity magazine into the mindless body before them? And there lies the problem. This man is but one phase of what is to be enacted on civilization in days to come, and before he could be called upon, those people behind him had to be disarmed. They were, and they now stand helpless before the oncoming tide of terror that their leaders have unleashed upon them.

My essays have thus far been read in 126 different nations, but I write primarily for the people of America, and I tell you this: Be willing to die in a pile of hot spent brass, but never, ever, surrender your weapons under any circumstance. If you do then the day will come when like that English soldier, you or yours will lie decapitated in the middle of a street. 

It is one thing to die fighting, it is still another to die a helpless disarmed victim, brought down by a primitive tribesman, imported by those whom you have elected.

It may seem as though I am changing the topic but I am not, as this piece of filth you see above is just a leading edge in events to come. We are scheduled for enslavement.

From Real Clear Politics...
Obama Refines War On Terror Rules
Excerpt: (Note blaming Bush once again)
In his speech Thursday at the National Defense University in Washington, Obama sought to refine the principles and practices that shape what he described as a shifting national security challenge since the Bush administration's invasion of Irag.

From The Washington Times...
Obama: Al Qaeda is on 'a path to defeat'; calls for resetting terror policy
Two Excerpts:
Senior administration officials went further by telling reporters that Mr. Obama wants to jettison the whole mindset that the U.S. is still engaged in a war on terrorism.
“The president has indicated and will indicate again that he rejects the notion of global war on terrorism, which is an amorphous definition that applies to a tactic,” one official said.
Don't expect any support from Obama's GOP
Republicans said the war on terrorism looks different from what it did in 2001 but it’s premature to declare victory.

So Al Qaeda is on a path to defeat. No doubt Assad will be relieved to hear that, but only if he is foolish enough to believe it. It is a back and forth war in Syria; sometime Al Qaeda is advancing and sometime Assad pushes them back but they are numerous and well armed with weapons stamped "Made in USA".

Now Hussein Obama is rejecting the war on terrorism and claiming victory, but our heroic lawmakers of the Republican Party while acknowledging progress tell us that it is premature to declare victory.

Damn right it is premature! Al Qaeda grows stronger everyday and it is due to the funds and weapons we provide. They are winning and we are losing, and you can thank the members of both of our parties and the leaders of the other western nations for that.

Part of any war ending is the release by both sides, of prisoners. That will be quite simple for the terrorists as they have none to release. Those that they captured have been hacked to death and beheaded. For our part it is a little more complicated.

From Stars And Stripes...
Obama lifts ban on Guantanamo transfers to Yemen
"Between December 2009 and today, has Yemen shown any indication that they are more capable of looking after those individuals? Absolutely not," Chambliss said, "And if we were to transfer those individuals to Yemen, it would be just like turning them loose."

But Obama is determined to close Gitmo. The current count on known terrorists held there is 166, with nearly 100 of them from Yemen. They are to be sent home and released now that the war winds down. The remainder are to be brought to America to stand trial.

What do Americans think of this?

From Fox News...
Fox News Poll: Voters want Guantanamo Bay kept open
Voters think Islamic terrorists pose a greater threat to the United States today than immediately after the September 11 attacks.  A 56-percent majority says Islamic terrorists are more of a threat now.  That’s twice as many as say less of a threat (28 percent).

And what does Obama think about what Americans think? Let's not even go there.

From Washington Free Beacon...
Transferring Gitmo To The Heartland
During the speech, the president will renew his call to close the Gitmo prison and either try the remaining terrorists in America or send them back to their native countries, according to the administration officials, who spoke on background.

I have a habit of noticing not only what is said, but also what is not said; "try the remaining terrorists in America or send them back to their native countries". What about those that Eric Holder chooses not to try and their native countries don't want them back? Release them in America and give them federal aid!

This war, at least as far as America goes, has only just begun. As the saying goes, 'You ain't seen nuthin yet." The Boston bombing was staged by rank amateurs, and it could easily have been prevented, but the hands of the FBI have been tied behind their backs by the members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have written the FBI training manuals. 

For Americans 911 should have been a wake up call, but we were lulled back to sleep by Bush telling us to go shopping and not be concerned about the religion of peace. Nearly three thousand died that day and far worse incidents are on the horizon. The recent attack on Boston was followed by a near miss, that may yet strike.

From CBS Boston:
7 Caught Trespassing At Quabbin Reservoir: Patrols Stepped Up Across State
Those seven were Muslim foreign nationals, all with training in chemical engineering who were caught at Boston's water supply and then released.
The seven individuals currently live in Amhearst, Cambridge, Sunderland, Northhampton, and New York City.
Anyone with a brain would have to be suspicious about why seven people from three different Muslim nations, living in five different cities came together after midnight to take a walk past the water supply for millions of Bostonians. Oh well, move along. Nothing to see here.

This essay began with a discussion about a murdered English soldier and he was but a symptom of what lies before us. Now while Hussein Obama is about to declare victory in the war on terror and the British elite try to deflect English anger away from Islam, the story continues.

From USA Today...
Britain Braces For Possible Copycat Attacks
Excerpt (And the plot thickens)
Britain is bracing for clashes with right wing extremists and possible copycat attacks after the brutal slaying of a young soldier.
Notice if you will their greatest concern "right wing extremists", i.e.: The English Defense League, a group that formed to peacefully protest the Islamic invasion taking place in England and Europe. This is political correctness at its finest. More in the next link.

Again it may seem as though I am changing the topic. Not so! It is all part of the growing agenda.

Journalist in Europe and England must try to report the news without using forbidden words like Jihad, Muslim, and Islam. They resort to such terms as "youths" and "Asians" as Stockholm enters its sixth day of rioting and it is expected to run at least into the weekend.

From The Independent UK
Longer than the London riots: Stockholm police ask for reinforcements to
quell ongoing riots
In Husby, the northern suburb where the riots started last week, groups from the local mosque have patrolled central areas after dark. It was here that almost two weeks ago a 68 year old man was shot dead in his apartment by police, after he was waving a knife, which the man's brother in law has claimed was to protect his wife of 30 years from a gang of youths.

Now back to London ... Politically Correct London, I might add:

The London Horror and Jihad Denial
Just like this week's nightly riot by "youths" in Stockhom, the brutal slaughter in Woolwich was plainly a jihadist act. Yet just as the Swedish elites are continuing to dance around that uncomfortable core truth, their British counterparts are engaged in some fancy footwork of their own led by Prime Minister David Cameron, who described Tuesday's atrocity as "Not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life" but "also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country."

Anytime any blogger uses the word "conspiracy" he is branded a "Conspiracy theorist" and subjected to derision, scorn, and ridicule, but I challenge any and all to explain one thing without using the word "conspiracy". All of the leaders of the western nations have opened the floodgates of Islamic immigration. Along with these immigrants comes terror, riots, murder, rape, a demand for welfare checks, and the implementation of Sharia law. The Muslims openly admit their plans for world domination, and still they come, with the elite of the west catering to their planned overthrow of our governments.

Now Obama is making it official by throwing in the towel on the war on terror. It is finally over and we don't have to fight it anymore. If they continue the fight and we don't, we have but one option and that is to submit! Submit ... That sounds familiar, oh yes, that is what Sharia means.

The latest bit of advice to make the circuit is "Keep calm and carry on." That was appropriate in WWII. It is not appropriate today. They are among us. They are the new gate keepers. It is time to stop worrying about making waves and turn the damn boat over.

I shall close this effort with a haunting photo of an Islamic victory. It is not
of a mangled decapitated body nor property going up in flames. Simply a restaurant and here is why I used the word "victory" The English have learned to hate the word "Halal". They do not eat at this facility. Victory has come from the Muslim population being so large that they do not need the Brits, other than to provide them with welfare checks.

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