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Danny Jeffrey


Mankind has a sordid history of seeking the truth and embracing fiction, of wanting peace and causing war, and of pursuing prosperity, finding only ruin. Such are the contributions of the foolish and the corrupt. Therein lies an odd alliance, for the foolish empower the corrupt, and the corrupt enslave the foolish, and so goes the circle of life.

There once was a brief disruption of this destructive cycle. It was called The United States, but it now appears that the even this mighty nation is sinking into the muck and mire of humanity's collective refusal to think, and when thinking ends, madness begins. Look about, for madness walks among us.
Madness walks among us

Life is full of problems. How we deal with those problems is how we define ourselves, and the simple fact of the matter is that we are not dealing with those problems at all. They are being ignored, and in many cases they are being nurtured, cultivated, and held up as the new morality.

Look at the face of a man who is bragging about having just committed murder on the streets of London and justifying his actions in the name of religious zeal. I have no problem with anyone believing in or practicing any religion they so choose as long as they do no harm in the process. The minute that line is crossed then that religion becomes a focal point of criminal activity.

Another very revealing photo: In the forefront you will see Anjem Choudary, mic in hand spreading Islamic hatred on the streets of London. Anytime you view an image always look to the background. To Anjem's immediate left is a gentleman named Michael Adebajalo. This was taken at an Islamic rally in 2007. Now mister Adebajalo has found his fifteen minutes of fame for he is also the man you see above with bloodied hands, proud to have served Allah's call for murder and mayhem.

Look also into the background and see a sign that tells us that Muslims are being persecuted for their beliefs. Quite the contrary. The English people are being persecuted by and for the beliefs of Muslims. Just ask Lee Rigby. Oops. Sorry, you can't. He was recently murdered to appease those Muslims like Anjem Choudary who call upon the mentally deficient to kill the innocent English about them that have provided homes and welfare benefits for the immigrating hordes of Islam.

I like to think that I am fairly well versed in the field of history and I do believe that we are seeing a first time occurrence. Never, to the best of my knowledge, has any nation's leader invited his enemies within the gates to kill his own people. This has to be a first. Were Hussein Obama the only one doing this it could easily be explained that he usurped the office intent on implementing the ruin of America, but it is not just Obama.

The elite of England, Scandinavia, and the nations of Europe are all performing the same suicidal ritual, and they excuse what is happening under the guise of fairness and multiculturalism. They have all joined a process of turning the Golden Rule into a weapon to use on the Christians of their respective countries. "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you". There could be no finer rule by which to live. The problem is that Muslims do unto others and then dismember the bodies.

Denying reality and getting the masses to agree is a great talent of dictators, and that is exactly what Hussein of the White House is doing. He is delivering the glad tidings that the war on terror is over and we can all live unconcerned about danger while we sing Kumbaya in harmony with sword wielding Muslims. Other western leaders will naturally follow suit to further allay the fears of their subjects.

Such claims fly in the face of sanity and I must question the sanity of any
who believe what these traitorous leaders put forth.

There is a long held belief that lemmings on their rush to the sea plunge over a cliff face to their death. This is not true. The Disney film makers years ago placed these helpless animals on giant turntables and hurled them over that cliff to enhance their movie. Lemming are not that stupid, but people are!

We watch most of our elected members of both parties as they hurry left toward socialism, Marxism, and the tolerance and/or acceptance of Islam. They are convinced that Muslim rule is inevitable and unwilling to surrender power they choose to be part of the new ruling class. No morality, no guiding principles, no fundamental belief system; simply a quest for power, but ignorance is rampant. 

While they promote ignorance among the electorate they wallow in it themselves. Play with fire, so the saying goes, and you will get burned. A politician caught with his hand in the cookie jar in America may be censured, perhaps impeached, and worst case scenario, spend a brief period in a comfort prison. Not so with Islam. An errant politician's hand or head may be cut off, subject only to the whims of Allah.

Now the people of the west watch as one mosque after another springs into existence, funded by the vast wealth of Saudi Arabia. These mosques teach the doctrine of Wahhabism, and that doctrine shows no mercy on any nation foolish enough to allow them entry. Within the walls of those mosques the Imams stand before their faithful, assuring them that they will rule the world as infidels cower before the followers of Mohammed. The faithful look about at our actions and the actions of our leaders and have no reason to question what they are being told, and so they go forth emboldened by the promise of Allah.

Those mentally challenged believers are easily seduced into a trap of their own making as each week their hatred and their numbers grow. These mosques are the breeding grounds of Jihadists. Some will go forth as a lone wolf, others as a wolf pack, but whatever their strategy, they will go forth spreading death.

Think back to 911 and the death of nearly 3000 people. That event struck such fear into the hearts of Americans that many, to this day, still fear getting on an aircraft. Since then overlapping protective measures have been installed making such an event most unlikely today, but there is no effective defense against a lone wolf Jihadist. Just recently such an attack took place with two terrorists attacking an unarmed English soldier, and the fear reverberated around the world. Now another man has been stabbed within a thousand feet of that very spot. Another Jihadist stabbed a man in Paris, Stockholm at the moment is experiencing night after night of burning and rioting. 

Hatred. Pure unadulterated hatred; is being spawned from within the walls of Islamic mosques and protected by the freedom of "religion".

We stand basically defenseless before these people and they just keep immigrating, and as their numbers increase, so too do their demands. Meanwhile our traitorous leaders cater to Islam at our expense. They disregard the fear that grows among the civilized as savages infiltrate our nations, and those leaders continue to assure us that the war on terror is ending and there is little to worry about.

Prove It!

Words have meaning, and leaders should lead, preferably by example. I have a friend in London (Hat Tip to A.L.). He has suggested a plan whereby our leaders could do just that. Lead by example.

His thoughts are that the Royal Family, the Prime Mister, and the members of Parliament should dismiss their own armed security and replace them with armed Muslims from the Middle East. That sounds fine to me and I would love to see Hussein Obama do the same. He would have an advantage as he already speaks Arabic and so there would be a common bond born of a common language.

If my thoughts posted above are indeed in error and I am suffering from Islamophobia, the best way to prove that Muslim are truly trustworthy is to replace the Secret Service with some of the Somali pirates he has brought to our shores. Arm them and give them the job of protecting him, his wife, his children, Joe Biden and family, and the real leader of this nation Valerie Jarrett. Members of Congress and the Senate are also protected by gun toting Americans. Have them spy on the Tea Party and give a poor Muslim a break. Give him a gun and a job.

When I see this happen, I promise to stop writing and warning America of the dangers of Islam. When Obama puts the lives of his family into the hands of Muslim immigrants, I shall no longer concern myself with the danger I forecast. Until then I foresee many lone wolf attacks on the horizon and one or many more 911s.

Mister Obama, if you want to lead, please do so by example. Lead from the front.

Mister Obama, while many are relieved to hear that Al Qaeda has slipped into insignificance, I feel it only fair to let you know about something you may be unaware of. As this fading group of radicals pale to insignificance they have somehow managed to establish a publishing firm that produces a magazine called "Inspire", both in print and on the internet with simple instruction in both Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and other languages on how to construct bombs and behead someone. Just sayin'.

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