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Danny Jeffrey


For so long now so many of my fellow conservatives have been engaged in the frustrating effort to wake up the liberals of this nation, in vain.  Now it appears that if they are actually capable of waking up, the deed will be accomplished not by us but by the Obama administration itself and his lapdog media. 

Remaining forever skeptical about the purposes of our liberal media, until I see concrete evidence to suggest otherwise, I am expecting this rift between them and their messiah, to be no more than a temporary lover's spat, but for the present let us gain from their moment of weakness.

We have all long known that the hinge pin on which public opinion swings is the Main Stream Media and as long as they were covering up for Team Obama, we would make little if any gain in the effort to disseminate the truth. Fortunately for us Obama does not discriminate ... He hates us all. Now the truth is beginning to see the light of day, but only barely. We must bring it into full view and that requires a concerted effort on the part of all dedicated Americans.

Liberals have a great weakness: They see what they want to see and disregard all that does not fit into their rainbow vision of the world. If something does not pose an imminent danger to them they pass it off as irrelevant. Look at the clear and present danger of Islam. As long as their neighbor hasn't been beheaded or their daughter raped, Islam poses no threat in their befuddled minds. Recall their outlook on Fast and Furious. No concern! But then they do not live on our southern border where they must carry a rifle to feed the chickens. As for the economy, they listen to the glowing reports of the MSM on the evening news and look forward to better days.

Now some things are changing. These halfwits liked Obamacare as long as they thought it would be free. Surprise! Oh what a miserable surprise. It is not free after all, and it is going to be administered by our friends at the Internal Revenue Service, and that brings us to scandal number one. Everyone feels a certain dread for the IRS and now even the media is admitting that our tax collecting agency, which should be totally unbiased and non partisan, is attacking those who disagree with the current administration and, no one can be held responsible.

From Burlington Free
Former IRS Chief Can't Say How Targeting Happened
In his first public remarks since the story broke, Shulman said, "I agree this is an issue that when someone spotted it, they should have brought it up the chain. And they didn't. I don't know why."
Therein lies a serious problem. Policy should begin at the top of the chain of command. If the top of that chain discovers that his subordinates are enacting policies of their own then it is his responsibility to investigate and fire the rogue employee. If he lacks the leadership to do so then he is in the wrong position and should himself be fired. 
The smoke screen continues:
Shulman said he first learned about the targeting and about the inspector general's investigation in the spring of 2012, during the presidential election. He said he learned that IRS workers were using a list to help decide which groups seeking tax-exempt status should get special attention and that the term "tea party" was on that list. But he said he didn't know what other words were on that list or the scope and severity of the activity.

Have you ever heard of Executive Order 13522? 

Obama signed it on December 9, 2009, essentially putting all government offices under the control of our labor unions. They in turn would be directed by a council consisting of labor reps chosen by none other than Hussein Obama.
From the heading of that EO...
Executive Order 13522 - Creating Labor-Management Forums To Improve Delivery of Government Services
December 9, 2009

Notice the date. Obama had not even been in office for a year and he was totally transforming another link in his Politburo. Glenn Beck told us that Jeffrey Immelt of GE and Andy Stearn were sitting in on high level White House meetings. That was all glitz. What you see below is hardcore infiltration, enacted by Barrack Hussein Obama.

The following are some of the people who are now directing much of America.
Excerpt from EO 13522:
(i) the Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and Deputy Director for Management of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) who shall serve as Co-Chairs of the Council;
(ii) the Chair of the Federal Labor Relations Authority;
(iii) a Deputy Secretary or other officer with department-or agency-wide authority from each of five executive departments or agencies not otherwise represented on the Council, who shall serve for terms of 2 years;
(iv) the President of the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO;
(v) the President of the National Federation of Federal Employees;
(vi) the President of the National Treasury Employees Union;
(vii) the President of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO;
(viii) the heads of three other labor unions that represent Federal employees and and not otherwise represented on the Council, who shall serve for terms of 2 years;
(ix) the President of the Senior Executives Association; and
(x) the President of the Federal Managers Association.

Recently I have been seeing the term "Teflon" repeatedly applied to Hussein Obama and that is quite appropriate as nothing sticks to him. The above EO well illustrates why. Labor Unions are well known to be infiltrated by communists and other anti American group. Such people are naturally anti Tea Party as well. When a union controlled IRS puts pressure on the various faction of the Tea Party, it cannot be traced to Obama. He has people in place that know how to do his bidding while keeping him above the fray.

There is one outstanding weakness that is inherent on all totalitarian regimes: None of its members trust the other. Suspicion, spying, and back stabbing are all part and parcel to such groups and we must exploit every weakness that we can. The great American liberal will never care about Benghazi unless the media tell them to. Nor will they care about the DOJ spying on the media, unless the media tell them to. The same holds true for the IRS. Unless the media lights a fire under those liberals they will do nothing unless they feel the pain inflicted by the IRS on their own wallets.

Hoping to get liberals concerned about the DOJ attacking the Tea Party is
an exercise in futility unless they are prompted by the MSM. In short, the vast majority of the liberals among us are either complicit in the tactics of Progressivism or lack the intelligence to see the danger. They have an urge to Obey. Part of their conditioning and indicative of weakness.

A personal observation: When it comes to tactics ... conservatives suck! That is why we are losing this fight. 

How far the IRS reveal goes depends totally on how much pressure can be applied to the media. Fortunately Obama's State Department, and the DOJ are also monitoring the behavior of their friends in the MSM, and their friends do not like being monitored, and so at least for the moment we have gained an ally.

This from an offended left wing Huffington Post...
DOJ Calls Fox News Reporter James Rosen 'Co-Conspirator' In Laek Case; Journalists Outraged
The Washington Post published an explosive story about the Justice Department's monitoring of James Rosen, a Fox News reporter based in Washington.

I submit a thought for your approval: The Huffington Post and Wapo could really care less about James Rosen. This is a tactic to warn Obama to not target them, his media allies on the left. 

As mentioned above, the MSM is the hinge pin on which our society swings. I am convinced that nothing short of all out civil war is going to restore America. For those who hope that I am wrong I give you a thought. The media's momentary anger is a chink in Obama's armor. Exploit that weakness. Attack tyranny by attacking those who have paved the way for its founding, the media. Phone calls, Emails, letters to the editor, and protests around media outlets can add pressure to the situation that has developed.

Pressure them.

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Rex Foster said...

The MSM is only given token objections to the spying of media, for largely, the DOJ was only targeting those that were doing actual investigative journalism. That is in reality, a small number of all the reporters in the MSM. The MSM outrage over it will end soon.

Raymond Watson said...

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