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Danny Jeffrey


Afghanistan...A stone age people

Have you ever watched Star Trek? If so you are probably familiar with the Prime Directive that prohibits the crew of the Enterprise from interfering in the development of a primitive culture. Our political leaders should heed the wisdom of that concept. 

For over a decade Russia waged war in Afghanistan, eventually  bankrupting their national treasury. As they withdrew to lick their wounds, the people of that primitive nation went on with their way of life, virtually unchanged. We were well informed on Russia's mishap well in advance of launching this nation on a similar endeavor, and we now teeter on the verge of bankruptcy. When will we ever learn?

We are all aware of the fact that Afghanistan is a primitive culture but most fail to realize just how primitive it is. They quite literally are a stone age people, utilizing some of the modern weapons of warfare instead of spears. 

Most Americans are also well aware that when we were in pursuit of Osama bin Laden he spent much of his time hiding out in caves, but few realize just how deeply ingrained the Afghanistani psyche is embedded in the cave culture. We are intent on winning hearts and minds, and bringing democracy to a society of tribesmen, but that will never happen. There are small primitive towns in Afghanistan but that is but a thin veneer over their true nature.

We cannot hope to change such primitive beings who. lacking caves, would rather dig into rock making new caves than to build houses.

Their is nothing better than the  following collection of photos to illustrate the thought processes of the  people we are trying to force into the 21st century

Notice anything unusual? Just desert countryside and a mountainous background. There is probably a small stream in the foreground we can't see that would account for the trees and grass, and then there are those odd craggy rocks. Allow me to take you on a guided tour...

Now this is a different perspective on those odd rocks. Men have carved holes in them. Notice the pole on the far left of the photo. It has a significance you will see later.

Now you can see what that pole is for. It carries an electric cable into this "village". Notice the steps, carved out of virgin rock. Now look at the enlarged section of this photo below.

It is a bit grainy but in the lower left you can clearly discern that the man made cave not only has a door but a door knob as well. Look above that and to the right and you will see a light bulb. Not only is the exterior of the occupant's cave lighted, he also took the trouble to hollow out a section of rock before installing the fixture and bulb, thus protecting it from the rain. Notice the "window". It is painted black and I doubt that it is glass. It is probably wood but I would venture to say that the windows can be opened for air circulation.

Like a split level home. You'll love this and it is priced right. 
At first I thought this to be a two family dwelling. It is not. Notice that there are no external steps. There must be a set of stairs inside or a hole between the two levels equipped with a ladder.

And if you are into condominiums, you will feel right at home here. This one does seem to have glass in the windows and just to the left there is what appears to be another external light. The framework is black with a white lens.

Someone went to a great deal of trouble in creating a perfectly flat roof and equipping it with a chair of sorts. 

You and I have trouble conceiving of anything like this, but to the people of Afghanistan, it is just a way of life.

I must wonder if this is the mayor's house. Notice the wrought iron railing in the lower right, and the windows may be real glass.

Simplicity at its most luxurious. Carpeted floor, upholstered seating, and a clock in the background.

All the comforts of home.

Farmland and orchards.

It has often been said that civilization is but a thin veneer that will shatter with a catastrophic event. The lifestyle you see above is rock solid as it began in the stone age and has continued almost unchanged these many thousands of years. A catastrophic event event may knock our satellites out of the sky, destroy our technology, and lead us into starvation, but these primitive people will go on hardly noticing any change.

Perhaps, we should leave well enough alone.


Mark Buse said...

Your photos look just like they were taken in modern Turkey, where similar dwellings are used. The soft stone makes a better and safer building material than everything else readily available in those areas. By no means are the rock dwellings an excuse to give terrorists a pass.

This is not space, and America is not the pissy socialist "Federation".


Read my other essays. I most certainly am not one to advocate giving terrorists a pass. The point that I am trying to make is that there is no way to win the "Hearts and Minds" of such a people. We will never succeed in getting them to embrace freedom and democracy. It is alien to their stone age Islamic mentality.

What should have been done was to go in there, kill the terrorists we went there to kill, and get the hell out. We gain nothing but our own ruin by trying to export the American way to such people and importing such people to America.

These people are primitive tribesmen and we will never alter that fact, and degrading our society in the effort is cultural suicide.

Mark, I recently watched an HBO documentary about our battle of Marjah. It depicts so well the utter futility of trying to westernize such people. The Marines performed brilliantly and managed to secure the victory with minimal losses and then those warriors were turned into cultural ambassadors.

They began the episode with a Gung Ho attitude and it ended with their being drained of spirit and purpose. In time they learned that the people of Afghanistan regard them as foreigners and the Taliban as their kinsmen.

Through their whole learning episode they were targets for Taliban snipers and they couldn't even shoot back if those snipers were beyond a certain road. That road was the limit of their control. Insanity at its finest, and we do not belong there. Give them a pass? Hell No! Give them a sudden rush of lead to the head, and get the hell out.
The Video...



Well said,Danny, well said.

Tommy said...

It's embarasing to read such violent nonsense.
I was searching info on essential architecture and ended up here admiring the tenacity of humans who made the best refuge with the nature they lived in…and then I had to read your ignorant slurs.

White people, the detriment and doom of the world.