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Danny Jeffrey


Michael Adebajalo...Murderer
The title for this agenda is a direct quote from Ms. Stella Rimington, age 78, who claims the distinction of being the first female director of England's famed intelligent group MI5. She warns that the enemy is everywhere and that England must assume a wartime vigilance, and that its people must become the eyes and ears of the government. 

While hoping to not appear disrespectful, as Ms. Rimington surely has shown her merit in younger days, I must say that she has missed the boat. England's government no longer listens to the people. The rulers of England now dictate, and both the people and MI5, are the lesser due to the new policies of the politically correct.

If that last sentence seems overly harsh I shall now prove the premise to be correct.

The above image is of a man most are now familiar with as he has
just recently murdered one of England's finest, and it is not as though his actions come as a surprise. He is well known to English Intel. To the right: Top left image, we see our terrorist immediately behind hate monger Anjem Choudary. The next image to the right was taken a short time later, fired up on rage and adrenalin. The far right photo much more recent and already infamous, but the most interesting and revealing image is below. In it we see our angry young Islamist, in a far off land.

In 2010 he was arrested by the Kenyan police as a suspected member of the Al Shabaab movement, and then sent back to England. Later he attempted a return trip to Kenya, intent on carrying out the will of Allah. He was again returned to England, and both he and his fellow assailant who murdered the English soldier were well known to MI5, which, due to the doctrine of political correctness, did nothing.

Something is terribly amiss when two bombers in Boston were known to our FBI and allowed to roam free. The same can be said of the two terrorists and MI5 of England. Common denominators: All were Muslin terrorists. They came and went into Islamic training grounds of anti western nations.(At whose expense?) All were known and ignored by two different intelligence units. All were successful in fomenting terrorist behavior. WHY? I shall endeavor to answer that question.

I am honored to be a member of a very special internet group based in London, but I must offer a certain disagreement on one of their major premises, it being that Islam is the greatest danger we now face. Islam is a great danger and any who would diminish that danger is a blatant fool. Islam, however, is not THE danger. The New World Order has that distinction, and the bloodthirsty minions of Allah are but a symptom and a tool utilized by the NWO in their efforts to enslave humanity.

Earlier I mentioned Ms. Stella Rimington, and her views are tantamount to my discourse, but first allow me to digress and mention the 'Snoopers Charter', which she supports. 

The Snoopers Charter allows the English government access to any and all cell phone communication, internet activity and the Emails of their citizens, somewhat akin to what our government is doing in the vast investigative unit in Utah. This policy has been widely rejected by most political parties of England and yet some insist that it must be enacted.

MI5 admits that the charter would not have saved the life of Lee Rigby.

From The Independent UK...
Exclusive 'Snooper's charter' would not have prevented Woolwich attack, say MI5
Senior security sources have told The Independent that attempts to cite last Wednesday's killing as a reason to push forward with the controversial "snooper's charter" was a "cheap argument".

Now let us return to Ms. Rimington's thoughts.
Stella Remington

From The Daily Mail UK...
'The enemy is everywhere': Former MI5 head calls for people to spy on their neighbors following murder of soldier Lee Rigby

Spy on their neighbors. Why does that make me think of Joseph Stalin?

Still another excerpt from the same article:
She said further terror attacks on the UK were inevitable unless the country became a 'police state'.

Oh, that is why I think of ole Joe.

Political correctness and the NWO still allows for some disagreement among its proponents as such discourse provides entertainment for the masses. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, disagrees with the views of Ms. Rimington as indicated by the following:

From The Daily Mail UK:
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson attacks Islamist 'mumbo jumbo' and says Britain must not allow killers to divide country through 'war' myth
The Mayor of London condemned as ‘bunk’ the idea that there was a clash of civilizations and warned against exaggerating the ‘plague’ of militants

Two different views from two different members of Britain's elite, one telling us that the only way the English can be protected is under the harsh rule of a police state. The other sounds less harsh advocating a continued journey down Alice's rabbit hole into fantasy land. Neither will acknowledge or act on the only solution, and that solution is to expel Islam from the British Isles and turn their Mosques into parking lots.

Were the outcome not so tragic it would be almost amusing the way that political debate is so neatly choreographed. Some argue on behalf of sane measures such as immigration control and leaving the European Union. They always lose of course, but the show must go on and it briefly gives the gullible a false sense of hope. This is entertainment at it very finest. Sophocles would be pleased.

Know thine enemy! I might add to that adage, "and act accordingly."

And that takes us back to the primary question: Just who is the enemy? Yes, Islam surely is, but so too are the lawmakers of the west who empower them, and far above their traitorous heads are the forces of the NWO, those select few who truly pull the strings. They are the primary enemy of all who long for liberty. Revealing them and opposing their machinations is a totally different story, for they have covered their tracks with a variety of conspiracy theorists who make any serious researcher look like a crack pot, but they do grow more bold as they become more confident, as evidenced on page 405 of David Rockefeller's autobiography:

"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure---one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

And how do we oppose them? To be perfectly honest, I haven't the foggiest notion. Look to history and recall the magnificent army that we had to conquer before getting to Hitler. Today the issue is far more complicated as many among us refuse to even acknowledge the danger or identify the Islamic foot soldiers as being directed by other than their own. 

All of Islam is a grave danger to the entire west. Many propose a simple solution: Send the Muslims back to the Middle East, but you will never see that happen. They have been allowed entry to the west for a purpose and now they have become part of the voting block that guarantees their continued presence among us. In the United States the same holds true for the Hispanic infiltration. They are but one of many weapons to be used in the destruction of liberty.

The fall of Europe, Scandinavia, and England to Islam is a virtual certainty. A few years ago I was confident in the ultimate victory here in America. Today my confidence wanes. The infiltration that is taking place is both continuing and accelerating. Our military is being disabled. Our schools, and government are now controlled by those with a destructive agenda in mind.

Fortunately we are the best armed nation in the world and if indeed we do survive, this will be the deciding factor. A great and costly civil war lies before us and if we are ever to rebuild it will be based on one concept: The survival of the fittest, and never ever believe that repelling the Muslim or Hispanic horde is the end of our struggle. This world wide calamity was started by the elite. The struggle will not be over until they have been judged and sentenced.

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Soothsayer said...

I do not think that there is any conspiracy or plan, it is all just incompetance, weakness and cowardice by the authorities. They include the «far-right» in their terrorist evaluations to save face, which I find insulting. The only violence we see from the right-wing is in response to Muslim terror, crime and arrogance. Take out Islam and any supposed threat from the right will melt away. The problem is Islam and the source of our woes is Islamic immigration. The obvious solution and the only solution is to repatriate every single Muslim that lives in Britain.


Soothsayer, I find it impossible to belief that so many politicians from so many nations could be suffering the same degree of incompetence, based on the same self destructive agenda. The whole world is leaning left, and while some semi literate ghetto dweller is unaware of the danger of communism, this cannot be said about the elite. The whole world is catering to Islam. Again drawing the semi literate/elite parallel, the elite know from history that Islam is a totally destructive force.

In a rational world I must admit that their would be some who are incompetent and craven leaders but, by and large, they would be overruled by those seeking to preserve their nation. I do not see this happening, therefore what I do see is a totally irrational and intentional rush to ruin. There must be a guiding force behind it. Nothing else makes sense.

Janette Scarborough said...

Your essay is on target and this idiom comes to mind is; "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

That our political environment is being "choreographed," that we are the guinea pigs of mind games and that we are steeped in a falsehood of political correctness should be evident to all, but sadly it is not. We continually fail and even refuse to read the danger signs.

As I see it, there are specific groups that exist among us; those who are naive (believe that no conspiracies exist and who have no concept of the reality of evil, (that everyone is basically good at heart bla, bla, bla)___those who psychologically inept and live in denial___those who see the reality but can't seem to face it so they look the other way thinking someone else will solve the problem___those who see what is happening and somehow think they can profit from it all while evading any fallout___those who are uneducated in history or current events and who follow any voice that makes a promise and finally, those who see reality clearly, are concerned and signal the alarm to their fellowman, sometimes at great risk. We have to decide which group we fall in.

As I have said before, America will decide she’s had enough when she faces a massive catstrophe and blood flows in the streets.

xteeth said...

It is hard to believe but unavoidable that there are Americans who hold these bigoted thoughtless views. Bravery used to be an American virtue, not paranoia. There are wackos who are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs you name it. To tar everyone with the crazy brush just demeans you.