FREEDOM RINGS 1776 is a conservative voice, defending the views of those who still believe in the constitution and opposing any and all who would lead us from our tried and true beliefs. We who still believe in the spirit of 1776 must oppose anyone who would set this nation on a course that will fundamentally transform America.
Danny Jeffrey


If I were to describe mankind's greatest failing it would have to be the inability to learn from history, and that is such a shame as that weakness leads the human race into making the same tragic errors over and over again. Were I to add the second greatest failing then it would most certainly have to be Blind Hope, as the people of this beautiful planet keep hoping for the best, totally ignoring the lessons of the past. It has been said that you cannot live without hope. I reject that premise. This world would be a far better place if only the author of that one destructive line of reasoning had told us that you cannot live without reason and a plan of action.

The image above is taken from a video recorded on 911. It is of a man who realized that in his tragic set of circumstances there was no hope, and so his plan of action was to die quickly, rather than enduring the flaming hell that was taking place about him and dying a few minutes later. If only our fellow Americans had his courage, his wisdom, and resolve, we would not be facing tomorrow as helpless sheep, being led to the slaughter.

A few days after this man and nearly three thousand other people died, President Bush stood before the nation and swore that we would never forget. People, if you haven't noticed, so many have forgotten! They are all too willing to extend an open door policy to the fellow countrymen of those who flew those planes into the World Trade Centers. After all, if you disagree with that policy then you are a racist and an Islamophobe. 

The average American is woefully under educated and consequently, gullible. The "under educated" comment also applies to many of our college graduates as indoctrination does not equal education. Ignoring the lesson of history and forever hopeful that bad things just won't happen again, they go their merry way, making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. 

Americans are forever optimistic about the next election, and swallow the same old political agenda, and the lies of the proponents of that agenda. That groundless hope and false optimism has brought us to this point of no return, and if we do not soon abandon such thinking, our young will inherit the whirlwind we have sown. 

Wealth is not created on a printing press, but it is destroyed when wasted on the non productive members of society and the enemies of this nation. Tragically, the non productive, the under educated, the gullible, and the eternally hopeful, are the ones who keep pushing America ever closer to the abyss, while feeding the dangerous myths of tolerance, brotherhood, equality, and multiculturalism.

Two cultures cannot coexist within one nation, and that is a fact! Some have suggested that we have long lived with two cultures: Black and White. They are mistaken. Applying their erroneous logic one would have to say that we have lived with thirty or more cultures for many years. 

Along with black and white we also have Jewish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and the list goes on, but that is not multiculturalism. These various ethnic groups are sub cultures still retaining much of their ethnic identity while still being uniquely American. They eat food that is traditional to their parents, many speak both English and the language of their forebears, often to our benefit. Many practice religious beliefs passed down from the countries of their origin, but none of these traits prevent their being true Americans. They live here accepting our laws, learning our language, reading our history, and participating in our way of life.

Those who tolerate evil will in time be consumed by it. Always seeking justice I have no problem with that occurrence  The problem, as I see it, is that their utter stupidity, and their overwhelming numbers, are leading to the downfall of the rest of us. It has often been said that ignorance is bliss and it must be so. Those who are paving the road to ruin are blissfully ignorant of the consequences of their action. As for the rest of us, bliss is somewhat illusive.

Our borders stand unprotected in the face of a massive and illegal wave of immigrants. Following the Orwellian logic that war is peace, and ignorance is knowledge, we have created the Department of Homeland Security that places Islamists, with the goal of destroying this nation, in charge of protecting us. Creating the DHS sounded like a good idea. Allowing it to gain evermore control while empowering our enemies is like pulling the pin on a grenade and then holding it in hand, knowing full well that it is going to blow up in your face.

Quite frankly, I would not want to live in any Islamic or Hispanic nation, as I believe in the American way, or at least what was the American way. Our lawmakers allowing this influx of our would be destroyers is an act of sheer insanity on their part; or perhaps treason, as these immigrants come not to be part of our culture, but to overwhelm it and impose their own.

Well at least we are not the only ones suffering from a self destructive syndrome. Their cultures are so degenerate that their people want to escape the nightmarish realities they have created, and that is understandable. What I cannot grasp is why they bring those realities with them and hope to impose them on us. Sometime I cannot help but wonder if the whole world is going mad.

However, there is a great difference between the Hispanic and Islamic invasions that are taking place. Many Hispanics mistakenly believe that the southwestern portion of the U.S. was stolen from Mexico. It was not. Mexico sold it to America and if El Presidente chose to steal the money rather than spend it to better the lives of the Mexican people it is not our fault. Now those unfortunate residents of Mexico simply want to immigrate here and be supported by the people of this nation. This migration is taking place unopposed and if we allow it to continue it will sound the death knell for America. 

The Islamic infiltration is much different and far more sinister. They are hell bent on political, religious, and military conquest, and recent administrations have welcomed them with open arms.

That falling gentleman in the image above died without ever knowing who had attacked him and his nation. He was among the last of our innocents, as today we are all aware of the Islamic agenda. Whether or not our citizens choose to acknowledge the danger and oppose it, or continue living in their world of ignorance and blind hope, that is a matter for them to decide. 

Therein lies a problem, for so many of our citizens, and illegal voters, are not mentally qualified to make a rational decision, and yet the rest of us, are subjected to their whims. What is occurring today is the very reason why our Founders created a republic, and not a democracy. This nation was designed to be a republic with leaders chosen by a limited democracy; limited to those with a rational interest in the survival of that republic. The Founders warned long ago that an unrestricted democracy was a form of national suicide, and out of a sense of "fair play", our citizens have ignored the lessons of history and the wisdom of those far better than they.

As often happens, irrational hope, coupled with vast numbers of low information voters, have overwhelmed both logic and sanity, and thus began America's decline into oblivion.

Quoting my phrase above, "a rational interest in the survival of that 
We Didn't Steal It! We Bought It
republic", allow me to point out the error of our ways. Muslims openly declare their intent to dominate and destroy this nation. They have no business existing within our borders at all. Illegal Hispanics voice their plan to "retake" the land that is "rightfully" theirs. They claim historical rights to our southwest. Let us take a look slightly further back into history when they took that land from native Americans. Oh? They don't want to look back that far? I can't blame them for that. It wasn't pretty. Just ask the native American Indians.

Always in pursuit of justice allow me to advocate this: The native Americans of Mexico should tell the Hispanics to get the hell out of what was once their homeland. Now that is some "true history" as the sign says.

Still utilizing my quote: The chronically unemployed, the shiftless, the worthless, and the parasites of this nation have no rational interest in the survival of the American way. As said, they are parasites and vote as such, and therefore they should not be allowed to vote at all, as they will inevitably choose to vote themselves a bigger slice of the American pie.

What was the verse in that old song? "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry. Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye, saying this will be the day that I die."

We have all seen this image of multiculturalism, but I cannot imagine how anyone who believes in what this represents would be here reading my essay. I base most of my opinions of current events and projections of the future on my knowledge of history, for people never change, thus allowing me to state with no doubt at all that two cultures cannot coexist.

Earlier I used the term subculture, and that is a whole different issue. In any society there must be one dominant order. Any other group coming to that land must either accept that order or overthrow it. Example: The North American Indians had some really lousy immigration laws. Were this not so they would have promptly expelled those incoming boatloads of white people. They did not, and before long they had become the subculture, fleeing west in fear of their lives. Their great error was in feeling sorry for those poor hungry immigrants. Sound familiar?

There are two different waves of immigrants, each group capable in its own way of destroying America, and both groups are gaining ground due to the ignorance and apathy of the American people. I have no doubt that the young ladies waving the sign in the above image are convinced of the justice of their cause. After all, they don't want to take the southwest back, they just want to occupy it and other scattered cities across this land, and have us provide for them. 

The problem is that they lack the intelligence to understand the economic impact that so many millions of immigrants will have on our country. They keep coming and America is guaranteed to collapse beneath the burden they impose. Obama seeks that collapse and so keeps the gates open for them.

Islam is an entirely different danger. They are spreading across the face of the entire planet, sowing fear, death and destruction wherever they go. The new Caliphate they seek to create will, if successful, lead all humanity into another Dark Age.

Both invasions must be terminated.

Never forget 911. Watch a one minute video...
Falling Through Glass

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