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Danny Jeffrey


While still a young idealistic teenager (Many years ago), one of my favorite pieces of poetry was "No Man Is An Island" written in the 16th century by John Donne. Ernest Hemingway also appreciated that poem as he used a line from it as a title for one of his greatest works, "For Whom The Bell Tolls". The poem is brief, its meaning profound":

No Man Is An Island
No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

Time and events have a sad way of altering the views of the young who hope to see the best in their fellow man, for today I look upon the words "Each man's death diminishes me, For I am involved in mankind", and those words now ring hollow.

Yesterday I watched the video of a Muslim fanatic, a knife and a cleaver in his bloody hands, seeking his fifteen minutes of fame in front of a video camera, warning all civilized human beings that they were in danger and that the followers of the perverse belief he followed would destroy us all.

Beyond him were the remains of an English soldier that he and his fellow
Muslim had just hacked to bits. That soldier's death diminishes me for he too was involved in mankind. I cannot say the same for any Muslim, proudly displaying another man's blood before the world, nor can I say the same for the political leaders of England who excuse cold blooded murder in the name of a long dead Arabian warlord. Those leaders are a revolting disgrace to a great nation and a great people. The demise of mass murderers and traitors could only bring pleasure, and a sense of relief to me.

It is sad when a warrior falls in battle in a far off land, but such a death brings with it a certain nobility reserved only for those who have given all. When such a man dies not in the land of his nation's enemy but in his own, defenseless and mocked, it is a crime against nature. When that death becomes a political issue of a nation's leaders and they defend his murderers and castigate the fallen, then it becomes a crime against sanity and reason.

This from the Telegraph UK...
Woolwich Attack: Troops advised not to wear uniform outside bases
Commanders have advised troops not to wear uniform travelling to and from work or outside bases following the brutal killing of a member of the military close to Woolwich barracks.

That is nothing short of a national disgrace. One naturally expects the members of the military to be their nation's bravest, and when the bravest are warned that the situation in their country is so dangerous that they should fear wearing the uniform that sets them apart from all others, then it is perhaps time to examine the situation that has caused such fear among the brave. It is also time to investigate the motives of that nation's leadership that have brought such a state of affairs into existence.

Fortunately for England there is no shortage of heroes. A soldier must follow orders and so they obey and refrain from wearing their uniform in public, but...

This from the Telegraph UK...
Woolwich Attack: Soldiers taken to Twitter to post pictures of themselves in uniform
Defiant soldiers and their families have take to social media to post pictures in uniform following official guidelines not to venture off base in their fatigues in the wake of the Woolwich machete attack.

In today's world ridicule is always directed at anyone who presents a conspiracy scenario, as I am about to do, but under the circumstances, nothing short of a conspiracy makes any sense at all.

Islam is spreading world wide and they are multiplying like rats as they go. Along with them comes terrorist attacks, and they openly admit that their goal is world conquest as they spread their bloodthirsty "religion" to the more simple minded among us. It stands to reason that the leaders of any rational nation would recognize, confront, and eliminate the problem. "Rational" is the key word here, for there is nothing rational in our daily events.

We are at war! If we lose it then the entire world will sink into a dark age because Islam has never escaped from the the 7th century and it is their goal to take us back there with them. They are at war with us; we, however have a slightly different view. History has shown us that since the dawn of civilization there are only three outcomes to war: You win it, you lose it, or both sides sign an armistice and you quit fighting for awhile.

The modern day peace movement has tried to create a fourth option. Just pretend it is not happening. "What if the gave a war and nobody came?" was the theme of the peaceniks, and those peaceniks evolved into today's liberals who choose not to see the reality of the war we are most certainly losing.

I have seen many comments using the terms "Liberals" and "Progressives" and far too many people try to equate them, but they have little if anything in common. Liberals are essentially innocent unthinking people who want to go into the field, pick daisies, dance around the scarecrow, and sing Kumbaya.

Progressives, on the other hand, often pay lip service to the liberals but seek power under the role of a strong central government. The gullible among us, who seem to outnumber the sensible, listen to the rhetoric that those Progressive leaders spout, and they cannot believe that those lawmakers are actually involved in a conspiracy to destroy them, but nothing else makes sense.

In WWII we did not have an open door policy for the Germans and Japanese to migrate to our shores. Today those peaceniks of yesteryear see no problem with Muslims coming among us. If the Mullah who led the chant "Death to America" last month in Tehran shows up at the White House he is invited in for dinner and given a job with the DHS, should he go to London he will surely be elected to Parliament.

The "masses" do not understand what is going on. Those of us who do are labeled as wingnuts or conspiracy theorists. Well, as a wingnut I am telling you that the masses are fools and what we are witnessing is not due to our leaders simply being guilty of incompetence or in dereliction of duty. Far from incompetent; they are involved in a diabolical plan designed to collapse our civilization and vastly reduce the population of the planet Earth. Why else do you think that the green movement and Agenda 21 are being imposed?

"The War On Terror" ... Bold words of defiance, or a baited trap for the unwary? Terror is not a state, nor is it an entity. Terror is a tactic employed by Muslim states, groups, organizations, and individuals. Limiting our defense to defending against those individuals who have already attacked is sheer suicide.

Once again, bringing up WWII. If we had limited our fight to registered Nazis we would most assuredly be speaking German today. The people of the west have followed Alice down that rabbit hole into a world of make believe and we send our soldiers into distant lands to die under the terms of "rules of engagement." Meanwhile we import the terrorists of those nations to our homeland and find that they too have read Alice in Wonderland, and came away with but one thought ... "Off with your head."

I mentioned in the first paragraph that I have long been an idealist. Idealism is impossible without the pursuit of justice. The topic of this essay is the absence of good leaders in today's world of decline and oppression. That absence will no doubt lead to the worst conflagration that humanity has ever known. As that strife takes place never abandon the quest for justice.

That civil war and great ruin lie before us there is no doubt. The struggle
will be long and horrid. I can only hope that in the end, mankind once again sees the light of freedom and dispenses justice to those who have brought us to this point. Don't think that it can happen? Neither did the people of Italy circa WWII, but they had their day of vengeance as they hung Mussolini and his mistress upside down to dry in the sun. 

One final thought: When that bell does finally toll for you, make certain that it is announcing the passing of a person who lived with honor.

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Alan Lake said...

Our leaders are the fading members of a species heading for extinction. They will either change and face the new reality of fascism sneaking in under the cloak of religion, or they will become extinct, and their political systems with it.

It's Darwinian evolution, in the political domain.

Soothsayer said...

I do believe that the majority of the population would agree that Islam is to blame. There is not one single government or newspaper of note that is willing to recognise the source of all of this terror. Our only hope, a slim hope, is that the democratic process will bring genuine right wing parties to power. Parties that voice the concerns of and express the will of the ordinary citizen. I never miss an opportunity to comment and voice my opinion and I notice that there are thousands of people out there doing the same. I think that I detect an increase in the numbers that want someone to to do something and to rid us of this turbulent murder cult.

Michael Copeland said...

Soothsayer, there is a fledgling new party in Britain, that is LibertyGB, founded by Paul Weston.

LibertyGB WILL talk about Islam, and is doing so.

See their site

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