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Danny Jeffrey


"There are none so blind as those who will not see."
John Heywood (1546)

I got the inspiration for this effort from a reader's comment that whenever she reposts or discusses some of my thoughts she is described as 'negative'. That, by default, would be saying that I too am negative, and I flatly deny that. In fact I am quite positive; positive that this nation is on the road to ruin and its people on the road to enslavement, all because they choose not to see. Whether they exercise their right to be stupid out of apathy or cowardice is irrelevant. The effects are the same.

Take a brief look at some of today's headlines. Any who dares face the reality linked below is going to feel 'negative'. Those who have followed Alice down the rabbit hole, where such headlines are not found live in a world of their own choice, and that choice is denial. For the rest there are many problems ahead that we must be prepared to deal with.
Many have been wasting a lot of time trying to wake up their fellow Americans. If anything could wake them up the above headlines should suffice, but they choose not to look. Sleep walking is a natural state for most and nothing we say or do is going to alter that condition.

Several years ago I recall someone on the Glenn Beck program stating that America has forgotten the horrors of 911 and the only thing that is going to awaken them is a repeat performance. I disagree. Not even that will, and I shall endeavor to explain why.

Since the Tea Party's inception it has been quite obvious that Team Obama is anti conservative. Daily visits to the White House by members of the Muslim brotherhood and some Muslims on a no fly list is well known by all who care to look. 

Nations cannot hope to exist without protecting their borders from those who would do harm and yet the DHS tacitly endorses the non stop entry into this nation by terrorists from the middle east and drug runners from Mexico.

And who do they protect us from? They target all of the conservative elements in the nation, returning combat veterans, and Tea Party terrorists. In line with this goal the NSA has established a system that monitors each and every telephone call, and internet transaction by all Americans. It would be nice to describe our security policies as being insane, but that is not the case. Those policies are not insane, but are well formulated and in place to guarantee the downfall of our country, and to protect those who are involved in that downfall.

One of the greatest fears of conservatives is Martial Law, but for the moment it should be the least of our concerns as it will not be implemented until the time is right. That time will not be right until we suffer a major assault on the lives of our people. Three thousand dead in the twin towers was a mere pittance and a rogue act that did not fit into the scenario of those with a far greater plan.

That plan calls for Muslims coming and going at will within the U.S. and so after 911 it was necessary to state that Islam is a religion of peace and only a few fanatics were to blame thus disarming the populace for future attacks.

Consider the ramifications of Martial Law. We have a population in excess of three hundred million people, many of them well armed with military backgrounds. Martial Law cannot exist within a society of armed citizens, leading to the task of disarming them while still assuring the bulk of the citizenry that the government has noble motives. Without justification for Martial Law even our military would revolt, and so they must be engaged in war, and at the moment Syria seems to be the outstanding candidate.

Here at home there must be an enormous calamity or a cluster of calamities to justify the abrogation of all rights to government control. Many feel that of all potential targets in the U.S. New York City is the most likely for a major attack. I think not. There we find the U.N. from which the attacks will probably be coordinated, not only here but in Europe as well.

The nature of the attacks:

We have already seen that a group of Muslims were caught after midnight checking out the Boston Reservoir. Poisoning the water supplies of major cities nationwide is ideal. Perhaps the explosion of a dirty bomb in Los Angeles or Houston would be a pertinent part of the scenario. Random shootings and inner city riots would add to the crisis. Such a chain of events nationwide occurring all at once lays the groundwork for implementing Martial Law. Once the public is aware that we are being attacked all across America most would agree that the government has to step in to restore order. This would be the final nail in America's coffin.

When to expect such an action. My best guess would be late 2015 or early 2016 and the reason for that period is that it allows Obama more time to increase the strength of the DHS, his drones, and armored assault vehicles. Without a doubt it will have to occur prior to the 2016 election as Obama is not planning to leave office, ever.

Quite naturally such an attack would never be blamed on Islam as Obama has already told us that the war on terror is over. Blame would have to fall on the conservatives of America as they are the one who have long opposed his transformation of our nation. Then the purge could begin in earnest.

History tells us that anytime this nation is attacked the people rally behind the government and Obama would be the benefactor of this tendency. When he declares war on the conservatives, many will gladly point out the fact that their neighbor owns a weapon. Thus the end would begin, with the blessings of the electorate.

When I was younger I used to wonder how the German people could have been  so stupid as to empower Adolph Hitler. Unfortunately, I have lived long enough to view the same thing beginning here.

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Janette Scarborough said...

Why did the German people empower Hitler ... why did many of them turn and look the other way when they saw their friends and neighbors being victimized by Hitler's ghouls. (That’s rhetorical) I suppose there are many reasons … fear … apathy or simply being na├»ve. Of course escaping into the world of denial is an option; it’s much more pleasant than facing reality. Who knows why we do what we do. Many though will look at the headlines you listed and simply click to another link because they don’t want to face a grim or painful reality, after all, surely someone will arrive and solve this situation for them. Besides, God in his sovereignty would never allow this to happen to us. My question to your reader is this. How can you look at the world around you and not see what is happening unless your glasses are rose colored. I know that many are counting on the rapture but I’m afraid that we will see and experience much more that we want to see or experience before that happens. I think that America is going to get her just desserts and my rose-colored glasses are broken.