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Danny Jeffrey


I have long believed that anything we write is in essence an autobiography, as the words we use and the views expressed reveal so much about the author. Last month I wrote of a troubled me and a distressed piece of symbolic fabric in an essay entitled "Every Flag Tells A Story". Never in my life had I ever seen such a neglected flag of my nation and to make matters worse, it adorned a Home Depot, a bedrock of the U.S.A. and free enterprise.

Anger is an emotion that I seldom allow myself. Tears of pride, on the other hand, are all to common as they frequently accompany the love that I feel for my homeland and those who have done so much for it. Then there are the tears of pain I shed when I think of what some are doing to the land of liberty. Those tears and an anger born of outrage got the better of me when I saw a tattered, faded, weary symbol of America so twisted and torn that it could not even flutter in the breeze. The essay that sprang from my anger and my tears is just below. At the end of the original article you will find an update about that flag and that essay:

Unless there is some strange liberal out there who is practicing self flagellation and reads my essays as his own private penance then I believe it goes without saying that all of my readers are conservative, flag loving American patriots. That being said I also believe that most if not all of those readers know what the colors, stars and stripes in our flag represent, and with that, I present you with a challenge. Ask your children, or grandchildren, as the case may be, if they know the meaning of the American flag and why it looks as it does. With today's agenda of anti Americanism and political correctness I seriously doubt that our young have been taught the significance of the Star Spangled Banner in school and why over a million of our men and women have fought and died in wars serving it.

Before I begin the story of that poor neglected flag in the image above and tell you where it hangs, I would like to treat you to a little known fact about the American flag. Were it not considered so sacred by the patriots of the U.S. there would be no one walking on it or burning it in protest. Most nations do not regard their flags with the awe we hold for ours. In fact our ancestors did not hold such a reverence for it until the outbreak of The Civil War. Until that time it was but a military ensign or a convenient way of marking U.S. territory, such as a sailing vessel.

In December 1860 immediately after South Carolina seceded from the Union, Major Robert Anderson, acting without orders, moved his military command from an indefensible Fort Moultrie in South Carolina to the more defensible Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. In February the Confederate States of America was officially formed and Jeff Davis, the newly elected President, issued the order to capture Sumter.

The shelling of Sumter began April 12, 1861 and continued nonstop until April 14, when Anderson, outnumbered and outgunned, surrendered. The South was famous for its chivalry and Anderson was not held as a P.O.W. but allowed to return to the Union bearing the flag that flew over Sumter. The flag was displayed in a patriotic rally in Union Square in New York City. That was the day that America and the meaning of its emblem changed forever. Suddenly there was an enormous demand for flags as millions wanted one of his own to fly from porches across the nation.

And that was how our flag became sacred, almost holy, to those of us who honor it. Proper guidelines were later established as to how the flag should be displayed, folded, and ceremoniously burned when it has seen its better days. And that bit of history brings me to the photo above. That poor symbol of America has not only seen its better days, it is being allowed to slowly rot, a victim of the elements, on a flag pole in Southern California.

Were this flag, and the one on the other side of the entrance to be taken down and never replaced, I would have no complaint. Were they to be taken down and replaced with new flags I would be delighted. In either case the sorry remnants of those flags need to be retired and taken to a local American Legion where they will be kept until a once a year flag honoring ceremony takes place.

Later I will reveal the exact location of this flag but first allow me to tell you what that poor faded, tattered rag is telling me.

This entire nation is disintegrating before our very eyes. America is now dying for a lack of love and respect. She has helped so many for so long that now the entire world feels that America owes them something and even our elected leaders seem to have joined in the chorus of "Down with America".

America gives so much and asks so little of those who choose to immigrate. She only asks that they enter our nation legally, become one of us, and respect the American way of life. That policy worked so well for so long but now they come to conquer, to occupy, and to pick the bones of a nation they are destroying. Islam comes to our shores hell bent on dominating the entire nation and forcing all of us to accept their primitive way of
These people should read
 their own history
life. Hispanics are pouring through the floodgates that Obama has opened, intent on taking the part of our nation they feel that should be theirs; the same parts that El Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana sold to the United States.

Read the excellent essay from Faultline USA. "We Didn't Steal It! We Bought It", listed below in Suggested Reading.

Before that self flagellating liberal I mentioned earlier calls me a racist let us set the record straight. My girlfriend of thirteen years was born in Guadalajara, came here legally, and would love to see the illegals deported.

Moving right along, those floodgates that Hussein Obama opened on our southern border has not produced the next wave of American immigrants but a wave of Hispanic infiltrators. 

Show me a man who loves this nation and will stand beside me and fight on its behalf, and I shall call that man my equal, and an American. 

No American hoisted the flag you see on the left. In the U.S.A. no flag flies above our own. Such a disgrace was perpetrated by another of this nation's many enemies.

Another slap in the face for those who love and belong in this nation by those whose only motive in being here is exploitation. How can anyone representing the U.S.A. in the Olympic Games accept what this nation provides for them and in the same gesture display their loyalty to a
corrupt state in which they have no future? Well you have to give them credit for one thing. They are loyal to their homeland. I can only wish that more of our people were.

So you see, flags do tell a story and now I shall continue with the story of the American flag above that hangs in an advanced state of decay, somewhat akin to the culture that it represents.

I drove my girlfriend to the Home Depot closest to her house and while she was purchasing plants in their nursery section I waited outside with her dog. That is when I noticed the disgrace hanging from the front of that store, and it hurt like hell.

I thought of Fort McHenry and of bombs bursting in air, of Gettysburg, of the men who died in the Ardennes forest in WWI, of those who fell on D Day and of four Marines hoisting our flag atop Mount Suribachi on the little volcanic island of Iwo Jima. Men froze to death in Korea, and others died in the swamps of Viet Nam fighting for what that flag represents. Today our men and women are still dying in great Islamic wastelands, helpless victims of our rules of engagement. Then I looked around  the parking lot and saw what our flag, or what is left of it, has really come to mean. Hey! I was at Home Depot, and there were about thirty illegal Hispanics hanging around waiting for someone to hire them.

My girlfriend finally came out and saw me angry with tears in my eyes and asked why, and I showed her, and told her that I am going to make that store famous. Perhaps infamous is a better term. Her answer was so simple. Just go in ask for the manager and explain my thoughts. Her answer was also very naive. She has never donned the uniform of an American warrior or served under that flag as I have.

Home Depot
1750 E. Edinger Ave.
Santa Ana, Ca. 92705

To get one unpatriotic store manager to grudgingly replace a tattered piece of American history would perhaps be a small victory for me ... If he had the decency to comply. I will not settle for one small victory as we are losing our liberties in this war against all that we believe. I want to see a landslide of valorous patriots take up a cause and begin a resurrection of American ideals, because if one does not occur then we have surely lost everything.

First off, I am not advocating, nor do I want to see a boycott of Home Depot. That forlorn and decrepit flag is not the policy of the corporation. Home Depot is a landmark of all that made the American dream grow. Look below that rotting piece of fabric. You will see lights that come on, if they still work, when the sun goes down to illuminate our flag that must never wave in darkness. Home Depot did not have to display the symbol of America on their stores. They chose to and hung that flag in good faith, honoring our traditions, and so I fault them not.

My criticism falls squarely on the manager of that facility. He is the epitome of all that is wrong with our decaying culture. He is not a Senator, or a Congressman, nor is he in any way a national leader, but when he manages such a store, he is by default a community leader. How can anyone expect the community to hold America in high regard when he does not. The man is a disgrace to his employer, to his community, and to the nation that has allowed him to prosper.

My greatest concern and the reason that I write this essay is that he is not alone in his disregard for the nation that has given him so much. How many Home Depots across this nation are also adorned with our dishonored standard. My thoughts: Love and honor that flag or take it down, for if we as a people do not soon rally round our flag, our enemies will take it down for us.

That store, that manager, that small piece of a great company dishonors our flag, and the nation for which it stands. Home Depot is a mighty force within America and I call upon them to not only correct the situation at this one location but to begin a nationwide effort to honor America. In turn, I call upon you, the reader of this essay, to forward this to your friends and groups. Reignite within them the love of our homeland, and don't stop there. Send this essay via Email to Home Depot's headquarters. Flood the company with copies of this story about a falling flag and you will soon see American flags in their TV advertising. It would be a giant leap for America.

Home Depot's Email address is:

This essay's URL is: Author's note: This was the URL to the original essay. It is no longer valid as I no longer ask anyone to contact Home Depot

Suggested Reading
We Didn't Steal It! We Bought It! By J.D. Longstreet @ Faultline USA


It has been weeks since I passed the Home Depot mentioned above but earlier today I did and had to hurry home and get my camera and record an image of at least a small part of America reborn. I do not know exactly when that symbol of disgrace was replaced with a flag that still represents the honor and glory that was and still can be America's, but it was replaced, telling me that we have struck a blow for liberty.

It was an act of deliberation in not contacting Home Depot myself, for if I am the only one who still cares, then America is no longer worth saving. But it would appear that I am not alone. I put the burden on you, the readers of this site, and asked you to speak on America's behalf and some have most assuredly responded. To them I am forever grateful.

I have no idea how many years the flag shown in my original essay had been there but thankfully it has been replaced with a new and shining image of America. To our flag...May you wave forever!


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