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Danny Jeffrey


An associate in London recently put together a brief but comprehensive list of the dangers we face from the onslaught of the Muslim horde and closed with the following observation:
"There we have it then, an absolutely ruthless, brutal, self-righteous and utterly uncompromising opponent. That can only be opposed with an equally ruthless brutality that none are willing to employ." Hat tip to P.S.

He is correct. None want to engage.

Glenn Beck is one of this nation's greatest and most inspiring conservative leaders. He has an outstanding team devoted to researching and revealing dangers to the American public, but he suffers a weakness born of his religious zeal. Glenn advocates the principles of the Second Amendment but limits its effectiveness by supporting its use only to self defense and protection of your immediate household, flatly eliminating the possibility of an armed uprising of our people against the dictates of this Progressive regime, as advocated by the founders. 

He correctly cites the success of Martin Luther King's peace movement for the furtherance of civil rights and suggests that we emulate King's tactics. I fear that Glenn is failing to  consider the different political environment of Dr. King's era as opposed to the radical, far left, Muslim Brotherhood agenda of Hussein Obama's administration. The powers that be during the time of MLK's peaceful protests had a white supremacist agenda that is not in place today, thus altering the equation. We now face a 'Muslim take all and dominate everyone' game plan.

Today we have a man in the Oval Office who seems hell bent on an absolute and unquestioned rule of our people, as well as enabling the MB and a building of the New Caliphate world wide; as evidenced by his throwing Mubarak under the bus and supplanting Egyptian rule with the MB. He did still worse with Qaddafi and is hoping for an encore with Syria. Consequently he has brought us to the brink of WWIII. 

American lives are no more than cannon fodder to Hussein Obama as he has now sent troops to Jordan to aid in the toppling of the Assad government of Syria, and now the latest:

From Front Page Magazine...
Obama Sending Troops To Prop Up Morsi
In yet another remarkable display of Obama’s determination to secure the Middle East for Islamofascists, 400 U.S. troops will reportedly be deployed to Egypt to augment the police force of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. They will be part of a 13-country force stationed in Egypt in anticipation of protests, scheduled for June 30th, calling for the removal of Morsi. Curiously, whereas Obama readily threw former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak under the bus in 2011, the White House is now eager to defend the regime of Morsi, who, like his Muslim Brotherhood sponsors, is well on his way to imposing the Saudi Arabian model of governance on Egypt.

As noted in the FPM article, Obama is not alone in this endeavor, as all of the nations of the West have been infiltrated by the MB and all bow to their bidding. This is the world of Islam that is being laid out before us and will be imposed on our offspring unless we react accordingly. While on the topic, allow me to postulate a worse case scenario in which our servicemen and women are forced to fire on Egyptian citizens. Supporting an incompetent and corrupt Islamic fundamentalist is not part of our national interest.

Most historians will tell you that Hitler could have been stopped cold by a
force of arms when he boldly entered the Rhineland, but the world sought peace and did nothing. Thus, hoping for peace and choosing inaction, that inaction gave birth to World War II and led to the death of sixty million people. A high price to pay for wishful thinking.

The photo to the right is from a small part of the beach at Tarawa and some of the men who never made it ashore. That one battle lasted for three days and resulted in a total of 6000 dead. The entire Pacific conflict resulted in the deaths of 100,000 American personnel.

Many of my readers are devoted Christians and will well relate to the words of Ecclesiastes 3:8. "A time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace." With all due respect to Glenn: This is not a time to love.

I have nothing short of the highest regard for Glenn Beck and believe that without his efforts we would already be living under a total dictatorship, as things stand, we are still a little short of that nightmare. However, I cannot help but feel that he is mistaken in his attitude of meeting Team Obama's aggression with love. Our enemies mean business. The Muslims of the world feel that it is their time to rule and Obama stands behind them, preparing to support their goal of world conquest with our blood and treasure. Believe me, love is not the way to meet a horde of one billion plus fanatics, nor is it the way to engage a dictator seeking total rule.

American parents spend a great deal of time worrying about their child being exposed to germs and catching a cold. Islamic parents are more interested in the ability of their child to pull the pin on a grenade and his willingness to kill himself and all of the kufars within grenade range. If we meet such an evil philosophy with love, we will die loving, but we shall die nonetheless.

I wrote earlier of the danger of Glenn's religious zeal and at the risk of stepping on 
some toes of my readers, I must further explore that danger. Every generation in the last two thousand years have been totally convinced that they were living in the end times and the Antichrist walked among them. Thus far all have been proven wrong. Surely the people of WWI and WWII had good reason to believe this but when it was all said and done, they were once again mistaken and there were many survivors who had to rebuild.

Recently Glenn stated that with the end in sight the safest place to be was in Jerusalem because it could not be destroyed. Fortunately the people of Israel do not agree with his views and are building a massive defense shield in their hopes of surviving. As is often said, 'God helps those who help themselves.' The Jews believe in helping themselves, and I admire their determination.

I simply cannot understand how people can look forward to Armageddon, believing that they are going to be whisked off to paradise while God cleans up the mess we have made. I really think that he has better things to do. By the same token the forces of Islam are also looking forward to their version of Armageddon, also paradise bound while Allah cleans up their mess.

If it comes to pass, then so be it, but I would rather see such horror avoided. One thing for certain, if yet another generation is again mistaken about the grand plan and we march joyfully into the end days to find that they are in fact not the end days, we will have one helluva mess that we, and not God, will have to clean up. Not a nice thought when you consider that by facing a non existent end times with Love we will have sold ourselves into slavery.

Some months ago Glenn, in a very dramatic display, got down on his hands and knees wiping the floor with an American flag and stated "I surrender". Being a long term fan I could not believe that he, of all people, would surrender and wrote an essay to that effect. I was mistaken. Glenn Beck has indeed surrendered. 

He still reports on the news but has taken on the role of one faithful who will accept slavery rather than resist. I would venture to say that he has spent a lot of time time reading about the period of the Jewish captivity in Babylon, where was born the chant, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" The Jews remained in captivity there until freed by Cyrus the Great of Persia.

As for me, surrender is not an option. I would far rather look to the wisdom found in Ecclesiastes and acknowledge that this is a time for war, not love, and we should behave accordingly.

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