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Edward Snowden
They say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but when the enemy of my enemy is also a friend to another enemy, I cannot help but feel that I am surrounded by enemies, believing in none.

What led to the writing of this essay was an excellent bit of research on the part of Trevor Louden. When it comes to research I expect nothing short of excellence from Trevor as he is one of the best, if not the very best political researcher in the world. In every speech that I have ever seen him make I have held that man in awe, as he is either devoid of emotion, or keeps those emotions tightly in check. There was one time that he almost smiled ... almost. Personal observation: Emotions are superfluous for anyone seeking the truth as hatred, anger, fear, and wishful thinking always clouds one's judgement.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Glenn Beck when time permits but he does
Lt. General William Boykin
have a weakness for being overly optimistic at times. One of those times was when Edward Snowden released information proving what both he and I have been saying for years, that the federal government tracks every single key stroke that is entered on the internet. 

Glenn automatically declared the whistle blower to be a hero, as did Judge Napolitano, however I liked the stance of one of Glenn's guests, Lt. General William Boykin, who said that he would not consider Snowden to be either a hero or a traitor until he knew more about the man's motives. That is the sign of a great military man who has seen combat. Controlled emotions. Don't jump the gun. Investigate, evaluate, then decide on the right course.

I mentioned Snowden in an earlier essay and lacking any firm info at that time simply observed that he had to be a liberal as he released the NSA information to the Guardian, one of the most left wing publications in the free world. Now Trevor Louden comes forth with the damning facts that Snowden presented the classified data to Guardian journalist and long time supporter of the Socialist party, Glenn Greenwald.

From New Zeal Blog Site...
NSA Leaks Journalist: Marxist-Leninist Conferences an Annual Event

The link is fairly brief but gives detailed information about the man that our whistle blower turned to with classified information. My favorite line in the whole article was Trevor's closing sentence.
"But will those who jumped on the Snowden bandwagon reevaluate their support for him now that the involvement of Marxist groups and hostile forces in Snowden’s cause has become impossible to ignore?"

It is my firm conviction that every American has the right to know who is spying on them and the companies that are either cooperating willingly or being forced to comply with government edicts. To that end the following is a link and excerpt from one of my earlier essays. My apologies. In the original essay this link was inactive. It has now been repaired. 

From The Washington Post...
NSA slides explain the PRISM data collection program
A slide briefing analysts at the National Security Agency about the program touts its effectiveness and features the logos of the companies involved.

Essentially the NSA link only confirms what we all have suspected for some time and the above is only four of sixteen slides that Snowden passed on to the Guardian. How much danger the other twelve will present for our undercover field operatives is yet to be known.

Now I come to the whole purpose of this essay; what Trevor Louden referred to as jumping on a bandwagon. How do we know whom to trust? We, the conservatives, the last supporters of liberty, are in dire straits. A sense of doom and gloom pervades our everyday life and we are all desperate to see an end to the treachery that spews forth from Washington. That desperation leads to many placing high hopes in anyone who comes along saying the right thing for a few days, just before those high hopes are dashed on the rocks.

Think back to Scott Brown, Republican hero of the Tea Party. He soon showed his true colors.

"Conservative" Chief Justice Roberts could have put an end to ObamaCare. He passed it to the dismay of many, selling us out to tyranny.

Then there was Mitt Romney. Granted no one wanted the RINO to win the primaries, but once he had sliced and diced all real conservatives, America fell in behind the shill. Forty days of fasting for Glenn and friends, to no avail. His hopes for divine intervention never came to pass. 

For a brief period the Rubio bandwagon was leading the hopes of many. Now most have realized that he is just another turncoat.

Do you recall the enthusiasm about Chris Christie? No need to discuss that debacle. The photo will suffice.

Paul Ryan had his turn at bat. Struck out!

Many out of desperation are now promoting Jeb Bush. The Bush family have been there and done that twice, both let us down as they advanced the goals of the NWO. We do not need another link in the Bush dynasty of Progressives.

In regard to Ted Cruz I have a few thoughts. So far I like him. Frank Gaffney has invited him to speak at his functions and that says a lot about the young Senator. Hopefully he will be a Republican true, in the old sense of the word. but only time will reveal that. As for his qualifications to be President, that will be addressed in a later essay.

Paranoia, they say, is a fear that 'they' are out to get you. Ergo, I am paranoid because everything that I see convinces me that they are indeed out to get me; and you. That thought takes us back to the whistle blower. Look at the effect that he is having on conservative Americans. All eyes and ears are now directed at his spilling the beans on the NSA. So what! 

We all knew that what he revealed was happening. I wrote about it in the past and Glenn Beck warned of it on his program. The only thing that the NSA reveal has done was confirm what we already knew and to distract Americans from other events we know far too little about, such as the growing danger in the Middle East.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Progressives are attacking us on all fronts. Just today the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for states to require proof of citizenship before registering to vote.

From Bloomberg...
Voter Proof-of Citizenship Law Voided by Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court threw out an Arizona law requiring evidence of citizenship when people register to vote, in a victory for minority-rights advocates and the Obama administration.

The most basic right of every citizen has now been nullified by the highest court in the land. They in their infinite wisdom have now guaranteed that right to any and all.

We are all well aware of the Amnesty Bill sponsored by the 'bipartisan' Gang of Eight. It is my personal thoughts that a group consisting of far left Democrats and RINOs is not 'bipartisan'. So called conservatives are rapidly jumping ship, intent on remaining in power as America flounders. Our borders are wide open and no nation can exist without protecting its borders.

We face peril from so many directions that it is hard to say which is the most dangerous, but looking at issues from the viewpoint of potential loss of life, Syria most assuredly leads the list, and this is one of those topics that smoke and mirrors are being used to distract our people.

We are quite literally flirting with WWIII in our involvement there with absolutely nothing to gain. Obama and John McCain, along with his ally Lindsey Graham, have an almost amusing, and very predictable political ploy. Two 'Republicans', RINOs have led the pro-Caliphate agenda, always demanding that Obama engage on the side of those who would do us harm, accusing him of 'leading from behind'. They are now demanding that we establish a no fly zone over Syria to support their friends in Al Qaeda.

From The L.A. Times...
Russia Warns Against No Fly Zone Over Syria

While Americans are being distracted from Obama's growing support of the New Caliphate, we are getting more involved in a proxy war with our most powerful enemy.

From The Blaze...

Politics is such an ugly game of bribery and conspiracy. Now we find that Egypt supports a no fly zone.

From Radio Free Europe...
Morsi Calls For No Fly Zone Over Syria

Now where do you suppose he got that idea?

If you are interested in where the No Fly Zone concept came from, it can be traced back to George Soros and his Responsibility To Protect(R2P). His International Crisis Group put forth the plan for Western nations to fly air cover for any 'civilian' group like Al Qaeda as they attack a nation such as Libya. At the time I predicted that R2P would one day be called upon as those 'civilians' attack Israel. I have seen no reason to alter that view. Now R2P is being called for to topple Assad in Syria, handing yet another nation to the New Caliphate.

That no fly zone was not opposed as the West helped Al Qaeda take down Qaddafi, but Syria is a whole new ball game. Russia, and Iran are determined to keep Assad in power and to that end 80,000 well trained and armed Hezbollah are supporting Assad and Iran is preparing to send troops of their own into theater, and Israel is being drawn into the conflict while McCain is leading a charge of the foolish into it as well.

Meanwhile we are moving troops, aircraft, and Patriot Missile batteries into Jordan to support Al Qaeda as they massacre the Christians of Syria that dictator Assad once protected. I recall when Obama told the world that the U.S. is not a Christians nation. He meant it and his every action since has proven his leanings, and yet he can stand before a crowd of a thousand Christians and play the guilt card as he tells them that a Christian's duty is to come to the aid of the oppressed.

The crisis grows and so do the distractions. Avoid those distractions and remain focused. This is only the beginning.

A final thought: Stay off the bandwagon. Think for yourself!
Addendum: I was just about to publish this when I encountered a brief and graphic video clip from Glenn Beck. We were all aware of all hell breaking loose when a few of our troops were photographed urinating on the body of a Taliban. More recently most have seen a video of one of Al Qaeda's finest eating the raw flesh of a Syrian soldier.

Glenn strongly stresses the fact that both our Republicans and Democrats are dragging us into the Syrian conflict and we are providing arms and ammunition to this cannibal. He also adds that only 11% of Americans are in favor of our continuing alliance with Al Qaeda and our government is ignoring the rest. No amount of cards, letters, Emails, and phone calls are going to make any difference.

The die is cast. Come hell or high water this administration, with the support of the Progressives of both parties, have formed an alliance with our enemies and there is literally nothing that we can do to stop them. This administration gives guns to Al Qaeda while trying to take them from us. America has already fallen to the forces of evil. Plan to survive, and if need be, die fighting the evil that has ensnared this nation.

Glenn Beck's link.

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