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Danny Jeffrey


I have just finished watching a clip from Glenn Beck entitled "DHS Insider: It's about to get ugly". I wish that I could say that it was so entertaining that I watched it twice but that is not the case. I watched it twice out of fear and the fact that so much stated there validates much of what I have been writing about. 

So many choose to put all of the blame for all of our problems on Obama. I have long been saying that he is but the latest in a long line of traitors, and in his clip Glenn stated the same. I have warned of the danger of WWIII fomenting in Syria, and my blogstats show that few Americans are even remotely interested, but Glenn is interested, as he spoke of economic collapse and an American involvement in Syria occurring at the same time.

He also was kind enough to provide me with the title of this essay as he spoke of our 'patriots' and their "I don't want any trouble" attitude. Excuse me America, but those who don't want any trouble are undeserving of freedom and it is through their cowardice and apathy that we are losing ours. Numbers! Sheer numbers! They outnumber us.

From Gallup Politics...
Conservatives Remain The Largest Ideological Group In The U.S.
Political ideology in the U.S. held steady in 2011, with 40% of Americans continuing to describe their views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal. This marks the third straight year that conservatives have outnumbered moderates, after more than a decade in which moderates mainly tied or outnumbered conservatives, leading one to ask how are the liberals remaining in control?

The results of the above poll would tend to indicate that what I said about our being outnumbered is an error. I maintain the truth of my statement while acknowledging the accuracy of the poll. Notice the phrase that they "describe their 'views' as conservative". Their 'views' and their voting habits are not necessarily the same. Many so called conservatives openly support Obama as the conservative thing to do is to patriotically support the government.

My definition of a true conservative is much more demanding and can be answered by one simple question: Would you willingly give up your life in defense of our Constitution? The answer to that is the reason I write that we are so badly outnumbered, and why I chose the title of this essay. Many of our 'conservatives' give lip service to the traditions of America, perhaps voting for whatever candidate the GOP puts forth, and maybe calling their Congressman once a year, other than that they don't want any trouble.

A little side note to those 'conservatives': America stopped worrying about you a long time ago. It may be time for you to start worrying about America.

In November of 2012 we began to see the control mechanism at work. We found that many who voted for the GOP's candidate had their vote changed and now we have proof that your every Email, and phone call is recorded. As many like to say "Big Brother is watching you." Big Brother is not only watching, he is also keeping score of 'political dissidents' and when the signal is given, the take down of those dissidents will commence with a vengeance.

Glenn Beck does a magnificent job at what he does, but all forms of media have their limitations. He showed an image of four leaked NSA slides but due to time limits was unable to present detail and discussion. That is where I come in. The following link allows you to see those slides in detail and understand their implications.

From The Washington Post...
NSA slides explain the PRISM data collection program
A slide briefing analysts at the National Security Agency about the program touts its effectiveness and features the logos of the companies involved.

There was a time that I never thought that I would have anything good to say about The Washington Post or The Guardian UK as both are liberal leaders of the MSM but that has now changed. I know almost nothing about our new found whistle blower but the fact that he leaked the information to these two publications leads me to believe that he is a liberal himself, and that opens up a whole new can of worms.

Most liberals find no fault with the government harassment of the Tea Parties and conservatives, but when the feds come digging in their back yards the issues change, and so both Wapo and The Guardian were glad to do their part in exposing the NSA spying on America.

Wapo conducted a poll of Americans and their view on government snooping and the results are not encouraging.

From Washington Post
Public Reaction to NSA monitoring

Wapo asked several question two of which were based on the government's efforts to detect terrorism plans.
One was the public's thoughts on the feds tracking the telephone calls of millions of Americans ... 56% approval rating.
One was the public's thought on the feds monitoring all Emails ... 45% approval rating.

Glenn never has any trouble putting together a panel of staunch conservatives to lend credence to the topic at hand. All agree that:
  • The nation is headed toward totalitarian control and total ruin.
  • The bulk of our 'conservative' leaders are working hand in glove with the Progressives.
  • The election was rigged leading to the assumption that the nest will be also.
  • Calling and Emailing elected representatives is an exercise in futility. 
  • Our borders are intentionally unprotected thus allowing the influx of the nation's enemies.
  • The NSA's goal is not to protect America, but to detect those who disagree with the administration.
  • The crimes being committed by our lawmakers must be stopped.
And that is where it ends, because none can or will say how to stop it. Employing a touch of drama Glenn tells us that we are on a highway to hell and that the NSA scenario is our last exit, but he doesn't tell us how to get to that off ramp, only that WE have to stop the regime that is driving.

Of that effort I can only say that I see no political solution. Look to history and see what our forebears did, but at the same time take a look around at the staggering numbers of your fellow conservatives who say "I don't want any trouble." In time of extreme strife will those conservatives support those who are prepared to die for this nation, or will they lend their support to the regime that will put an end to the 'trouble'?

As a close to the essay:
Glenn showed several brief clips from the Edward Snowden interview. This is it in its entirety.
An amazing interview with Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower 

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Janette Scarborough said...

You are correct in your assessment. We are out-numbered and I think mostly by the “uninformed.” This apathetic attitude permeating American society is exactly what that Scottish history professor wrote about in 1887. I think we’ve all read Andrew Tyler’s statements about democracy; that it is “always temporary in nature” simply because it “cannot exist permanently.” On the surface that seems to be void of reason but he went on to explain, “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury,” and thus begins the spiral downward . . . corruption … a ‘gimme’ cause you owe me’ attitude … a selfish undisciplined populace corrupt in morals and ethics, topping it off with a denial of reality and wallah!

This apathy you mentioned is often seen on the streets when a crime is committed and witnesses refuse to testify because they simply don’t want to get involved. (“I don’t want any trouble.”) There is no basic sense for standing on principles because they have none.

Add to this the fact that our educational system is pathetically inept and corrupted, leaving us with an uninformed and dumbed down citizenry who expect government to continue to take care of them, and we are left with democracy teetering on the edge of collapse. Well … America has arrived and is still burying her head in the sand.

Tyler states that the “average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years.” Well … it’s been a little over those 200 years and alarming signs are everywhere for those who want to read them. He goes on to list the spiraling steps downward and here is how he lists them:

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith … (It is spirituality that brings mankind the rudiments for a free, fair and civilized people.)

From Spiritual Faith to Courage

From Courage to Liberty

From Liberty to Abundance

From Abundance to Complacency

From Complacency to Apathy

From Apathy to Dependence

From Dependence back into Bondage

Wake up America . . . you have arrived!

Janette Scarborough said...

I would like to think that we as Americans have finally had enough but I’m not sure that’s happening. I get glimpses of this every now and then, but often I think we are a bit timid when it comes to taking action or standing our ground mainly because we don’t know what to do and we can’t seem to gather ourselves under one umbrella to fight a common cause. Too many tea parties and too many freedom fighter organizations. Many are content to let someone else do the fighting while others don’t and won’t care until it is too late.
The blatant abuses by our government going unchallenged along with the constant barrage of threats against our constitutional rights should be enough to awaken us, but there seems to be little talk or concern from our citizenry. I’m afraid that people won’t wake up until it’s too late.

Janet said...
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Janet said...

"DHS insider: It's About to Get Ugly" is an article by Doug Hagmann on the Canada Free Press website.
Three days after that article posted...
"And he’s been told by a credible security source that an active investigation file has been opened against him by NSA."
And this is his latest article, with today's date "Am I a traitor?":

RobiMac said...

We are outnumbered by the uninformed and they insist on staying that way. They are driven by their desire for all the handouts the government can/will give them. What they don't understand is that a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take everything you have. And because they have their heads in the sand, they cannot see what a tempting target they are. There might as well be a bulls eye on their ass