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Danny Jeffrey


I despise yellow journalism and if you are not familiar with the term this is how Wikipedia describes it: "Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well researched news and instead uses eye catching headlines."

How would you like to make your day to day decisions based on what yellow journalism puts before you? Many third rate bloggers use this technique to attract pageviews to their sites, and I cannot help but view such people as contemptible, or perhaps beneath contempt, depending on the effect of such a headline.

Just a few days ago I wrote an essay entitled "Since Benghazi Americans Have Lost Touch With Reality". The subject matter was sensationalist headlines proclaiming that Ambassador Stevens was killed by lethal injection. One yellow site after another proceeded to spread the story, all using exactly the same information, which if you read it you found that there was absolutely no reason to believe the headline. This sort of rubbish comes from those who like to refer to themselves as the alternate media. I like to think of them as the alternative to truth.

I seem to recall that the Ninth Commandment reads: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Just for the sake of argument let us see who is bearing false witness today.

The headline reads "Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio backs down on immigration. Will others follow?"

Now that is a strong statement, and I don't know what you get out of it but that headline is telling me that one of conservative America's heroes has wimped out, hung his head in shame, and gone home in disgrace. It also tells me that when such a hero gives up others will almost certainly follow suit. A secondary effect of that news is a further downgrading of all conservative Americans.

Here is where yellow journalism comes in, because if you make it past the headline to the real story, something else emerges.

A federal judge ordered Arpaio to stop using race or ancestry to determine which drivers are stopped for questioning under a policy known as "saturation patrols". The order, issued two weeks ago, dealt a blow to the Phoenix area lawman that could have a significant ripple effect in states that, like Arizona have turned to local law enforcement to target illegal immigration.

In 2009 the DOJ stripped the sheriff of the right to detain illegal aliens under a federal mandate. Arizona also has laws against illegal aliens being in that state, and so Arpaio, opposing a federal bureaucracy's effort to flood America with illegal aliens resorted to the use of his state's law to continue his efforts.

Eric Holder must have spent many sleepless nights in the effort to stop an honest lawman from enforcing state and federal laws. I could have told him all along that all he needed was the right judge who would put the Obama agenda over the welfare of American citizens. Well, they finally found the right judge. Now racial profiling to look for Hispanic or Arabic illegals is banned as this reveals:

Another excerpt:
A June 14 hearing has been scheduled to discuss procedures that would ensure that there are "no further uses of race in any law enforcement decisions."

And there you have it. Due to federal rulings, the law of the land is to be ignored and the prerogative of a sheriff is being taken away. This is a man who was not only elected by the people but reelected as his actions increased their feeling of safety.

We all know that Team Obama and the DOJ are orchestrating the demise of this nation. If I had simply read a headline telling me that they had won a long fought battle against a good American it would have been one thing and I would be in bed by now. No, they were not satisfied just to win and gloat about it. They had to also smear Joe Arpaio's honor in the mud with a headline:

"Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio backs down on immigration. Will others follow?"

Earlier I recalled the words of the Ninth Commandment and told you that I would reveal who is bearing false witness today. How about The Christian Science Monitor?

The link...

That filthy rag should change its name. There certainly is nothing Christian about trying crucify an honest man, and science always pursues the truth. Neither of those words should be paired with such a sordid smear campaign designed to aid those who will enslave this nation.

I have never had the honor of meeting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but I have long monitored his efforts to do right in the face of an evil force in our nation's capital. From what I have learned of that man I will tell you this: He would not back down before all of the demons of hell, but he can be kicked down by the legal wrangling of the powers that be.

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Alan Lake said...

I pity that Sheriff. An honest man trying hard to do his job properly, yet being blocked by the very people who are supposed to deal with the problem of border control themselves.

America is a big country and some of the states have economies bigger than European countries. Its a bit of a stretch now to keep those vastly different block stuck together.

I know its a total mess to negotiate a more separate relationship with the union, but its a mess I'd rather deal with than the mess of Federal interference. The small states can't do it, but the big states could. After 5 or 10 years of mess, they could be very happy again.


You are talking secession, and so are a lot of Americans, especially in Texas. The US is holding a lot of gold that belongs to Texas and about a month ago they said they wanted it back. Haven't heard anything current on the issue.

Janette Scarborough said...

I like Joe...always have. He has the cojones to stand. Now Arizona and the rest of the country can thank Obama and his corrupt cohorts for making the path a little easier for the drug cartel and thugs roaming endlessly across the border. This judge should be required to live in a border town. He might then decide that profiling is at times advisable. Israel does a good job in this area...have a pretty good fencing system too. Go Joe!

Janette Scarborough said...

I'm originally a Texas gal and my first thought reading this was, "Get a rope boys!" (Now the Obama Gestapo will be looking my way.) By the way, that word secession sounds pretty good to me.

Kinana said...

Thanks for the update on this. The Christian Science monitor is not alone among the politically motivated Christian groupings. Your essay coincides with what I have learned recently.
I found this from
‘State and local law enforcement should not be authorized to enforce immigration laws.’ [Enforcement of Immigration Laws: Important Principles]
Obama would be pleased. This organisation is the official arm of the United States Catholic Bishops Conference. As you say, where is the Christianity in the official actions and pronouncements of these Christian groupings?
When asked to explain their position from Christian principles or Church teachings they never ever do!

Anonymous said...

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