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Danny Jeffrey


A great mystery surrounds events that transpired in Benghazi on 911, 2012, and that mystery will probably never be solved, or if already solved, will never be accepted. Twenty five hundred years ago Aeschylus observed that truth is the first casualty of war. That fact remains valid to this day and like it or not Obama has declared war on the people of America, as have most of the Muslims in this world. Whenever Obama or his Islamic allies tell you something, assume that they are lying and then look for the reason why.

Another group to be wary of are bloggers, at least those who utilize sensationalism. The wilder the lie they project the more hits i.e.: profit they collect. Yes, I am a blogger, although I despise that name, and look to my site. No advertising, therefore no profit. I write out of love of country and a fear of those who are hell bent on destroying it, and I just cannot stand a lie, or for that matter a distortion of the truth. I regard the people who knowingly propagate fabricated stories in this day and age as anti American, and those who believe those lies as gullible.

Let us view the latest nonsense about Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens, and lethal injection. First off, the story is based on nothing concrete. It was posted by an Islamic terrorist named Abdallah Dhue al Bajadin and no sensible American trusts what a terrorist says, unless it pertains to Benghazi and is sensational. That man is sitting over there laughing himself to death for the ruckus he has caused here. Suddenly the internet is ablaze with "lethal injection" and kidnapping conspiracy.

Have you ever seen the movie "Green Berets"? That is the way a political or military kidnapping is done. A highly trained small group sneaks in when their victim is most vulnerable and does the deed, then exits quietly, without gunfire. They do not attack with heavy arms and mortars blowing out the side of a building, risking killing the intended kidnap victim. If a man is worth kidnapping he is worth keeping alive. Al Qaeda went there with the purpose of killing Stevens.

The whole kidnap scenario was born out of an effort to understand why Obama allowed the Ambassador to be murdered. As poor as is America's opinion of Obama, they still did not want to believe that he intentionally allowed a high state official to die. It was easier, more palatable, to believe it accidental, and thus the kidnap story came to life and it just won't die.

So let us see what this chapter of the kidnap conspiracy has brought us. Below you will simply see headlines as that is all most people read...and believe. Headlines, however, are often intentionally deceptive to get you to click the site.

From The Ulsterman Report...(Sensationalism at its best)
American Ambassador Stevens "Killed By Lethal Injection"

Well, there you have it. It gets no more definite than that. The Ambassador was killed by a lethal injection, and most get no further than the headline before they post it for others to read. However, if you read all the way to the first sentence:
"If true - a blockbuster of a report from Bill Gertz at the Washington Free Beacon that is supportive of earlier theories regarding the motivations for what really went on before, during, and soon after the Benghazi Massacre. 

From Weasel
Al Qaeda Claims U.S. Ambassador to Libya Killed By Lethal Injection After Attempt to Kidnap Him Went Bad During Benghazi Attack.

Once again, the headline lays it out there for you; dead by lethal injection. In this one you have to get to the second sentence before they admit that there is absolutely no evidence to support what they are leading you to believe. My concern is how many people read and believe the above without knowing what it is really saying.

Read it again and think of this: Contradictions do not exist. When you encounter one, check your premises, and I say there is a contradiction apparent in the above lie. For Al Qaeda to have killed the Ambassador via lethal injection, they had to have him in their custody. That means that if indeed there was a kidnap plot, it did not go bad. If they had him then they had him, and the kidnapping was a success, and that is where the whole story falls apart. IF they had him and were planning to exchange him for the Blind Sheikh, they would have wanted him alive, not dead by lethal injection

This whole thing, as I said earlier is allowing some rogue terrorist to laugh as he reads the posts and tweets about his latest bit of taqiyya. 

The story is certainly making the rounds...

This from The Washington Times
Al Qaeda weapons expert: U.S. ambassador to Libya killed by lethal injection.
Group sought to kidnap Stevens for exchange of imprisoned terrorists

Unfortunately they lack any evidence as well, as they inform us "The veracity of the claim by Abdallah Dhu al Bajadin, who was identified by U.S. officials as a weapons expert for al Qaeda, could not be determined."

At least WND had the decency to include a question mark in their headline.

This from World Net Daily...

And what does it all boil down to? Hype, hysteria, smoke and mirrors, and a well choreographed production to entertain the masses. If that sounds cold and condescending try this. Those men who died in Benghazi died for nothing and there will be no justice done in their names because it is all politics and no more. 

To those seeking power life is cheap, as long as it is someone else's life. In essence, Benghazi has become no more than a side show leading nowhere except back into the smoke screen of ignorance, and for many, an obsession. I recall when the Benghazi SNAFU first occurred and they created a smoke screen with that stupid two bit video. 

That was back in September. This is June and the dangers we now face have become so incredibly dangerous that Benghazi itself has become a smoke screen.

I subscribe to Glenn Beck's programming and quite honesty seldom have time to watch it. Usually I only see what he posts as highlights as that is where the nuts and bolts are found and today he hit hard on what really matters. He reported on what I wrote about four days ago.

Most people have no difficulty seeing problems of the past as hindsight is always 20/20. A problem that Glenn and I both share is we see the future and sometime wish we didn't. Four days ago I wrote an essay entitled "Syria...A March Into Hell." Admittedly it has not been shared nearly as widely as have my essays about Benghazi, but then few grasp the significance of what is happening there. Glenn does.

Today his three selected highlights were focused on what lies ahead, with Syria being the crux on which the future hangs. His guests to authenticate his views were none other than Frank Gaffney, and Patrick Poole.

"At the end of the show, Beck invited Patrick Poole, the national security expert at PJ Media, and Frank Gaffney, the former assistant secretary of defense and the founder of the Center for Security Policy, to weigh in on his conclusions.

All three agreed that Syria is a lynchpin, and that intervention will have major, international ramifications."

For those who have not read my essay, you need to know that Traitor McCain is over there, promising his friends in Al Qaeda that we will intervene on their behalf. You also need to know that both Russia and Iran are intervening on Assad's behalf and they have over a dozen of their warships in his waters, along with their anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles. You might also be interested to know that we can't afford to send most of our Navy there as Obama's green fuel costs fifty dollars a gallon and he is giving all of our money to the Muslim Brotherhood preparing them to fight Israel.

Glenn warns of WWIII and says that we have but two choices. Join Islam or join the power brokers (communists) that are enslaving us:  

It is time for everyone to take a good look at what is coming at us and plan to survive. 

The link to Glenn's highlights.

The link to Syria...A March Into Hell.


Anonymous said...

Jeffrey... first, I LOVE reading what you write... so naturally I was concerned when this popped up when I googled Freedom Rings 1776... Notice: This domain name expired on 06/01/13 and is pending renewal or deletion.
Please tell me you just haven't renewed yet... and they are not trying to shut you down. Just a concerned follower.


Thank you. I shall look into this as renewal should have been automatic.

Anonymous said...

When the no-fly zone in Syria is enforced, Israel's hand will be forced/bound. Certainly the awful vision of American forces shooting down Israeli jets doesn't seem to far-fetched (as you may already know marines are landing in Jordan right now). In addition, Putin would only benefit, as he is now with the protests in Turkey.
I am grateful for finding your blog right after 9/11/12, helping to sort out the deplorable mess of Benghazi. Keeping an eye out for your next post and the other eye on the war front in my neck of the woods in middle Israel.

Andrea said...

It is ALL distraction - ALL false flags - from the IRS to AP to Benghazi to phones/credit cards - all - every damn bit of it intended to obscure the fact that he is taking us into a war we cannot win.

Take our best, keep them tied up or get them killed - it surely takes a bunch of very fine patriots off of American streets for when he is ready to pull full scale martial law and worse here at home.