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Danny Jeffrey


Prior to the last election many conservatives were in denial over Rasmussen's projecting an Obama win. They were announcing that Rasmussen's numbers were skewed and so they set about to unskew those skewed numbers thus guaranteeing us a Romney win. Well, the people at Rasmussen just continued doing their job the way they had always done and proved that their methods are still viable, and so it was not the numbers that were skewed. It was the American public; skewed, screwed, barbecued and led into servitude in the ObamaNation.

Now once again, Rasmussen puts numbers before us that are nothing short of terrifying in their implications, leading me to believe that the collective people of this nation have an I.Q. equal to or less than that of a rock.

From Rasmussen Reports...
26% of Obama Supporters View Tea Party as Nation's Top Terror Threat
Half of all voters consider radical Muslims the bigger terrorist threat facing the nation, but supporters of President Obama consider the Tea Party to be as big a danger.

The above excerpt leads to two questions. One is why only half of the American people believe that Islam is the greatest danger in regards to terrorism? Two is how in the name of all that is sacred can any idiot even begin to justify a fear of Tea Baggers turning to terrorism?

Another excerpt from Rasmussen: Add the percentage numbers as you read the report...
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters consider radical Muslims to be the bigger threat to the United States today. Thirteen percent (13%) view the Tea Party that way, and another 13% consider other political and religious extremists to be the larger danger. Six percent (6%) point to local militia groups. Two percent (2%) see the Occupy Wall Street movement as the bigger terrorist threat. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Now that is pure terror! Fifteen percent of our population doesn't even have an opinion on the topic of terrorism, and they walk among us, drive vehicles on our city streets, and worst of all, they vote. Is there any wonder that this nation has fallen?

Some people just love roller coasters because it scares the living hell out of them. Would you like to try something even scarier and you won't even have to pay admission to a theme park? The next time you walk into Macys, or Sears, or Home Depot, pause, take a look around, and realize that out of every one hundred people you see, forty nine of them are so stupid and/or misinformed that they are unconcerned with the ever present danger of the Muslims among us. The truly scary part is those forty nine people vote.

I pride myself in believing that my readers are smarter than the average American and would rather be informed than entertained. Were I to find a common fault attributable to most of those who read my efforts it would have to be that they are good, hard working, honest, and caring people. If you do not believe that sounds like a fault, allow me to explain.

Jesus once told his disciples "Go ye among sinners." The intent being to win them from their ways, but my readers have gone among sinners, fools if you will, and have been unable to convince them of the truth because these sinners/fools simply do not want to know. The time of great danger rapidly approaches and it is time to withdraw from the futile effort of awakening those who slumber on and prepare you and yours for the events to come.

Allow me to put before you a question. What, in your mind, would be the most productive; an hour or two on the internet debating a liberal or the same time spent with your grandchild teaching him or her about the events of 1776, or of the Civil War, or World War I or II? Addicted to the internet and can't get away from your computer? Don't feel bad, so am I. And that can be a blessing as the young are addicted as well and you may get to them better using your computer.

Click these links and see what a Google search yields with the search of:
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History Channel WWI.
History Channel Civil War
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It has oft been said that our young are the future of America and nothing could be more factual. We are all well aware of the dangers our youth face in schools that indoctrinate but do not teach. We are all that stands between our offspring being the forty nine percent who cannot grasp danger or the fifteen percent who cannot even formulate an opinion. The mentality and morals of this nation are in a death spiral and to survive we must abandon that craft before it impacts the ground.

Danger nears and time is short. You must abandon your efforts to wake up those liberals. They are already lost. Write them off as casualties of their own stupidity. If you really want to help America, do so as an inspiration and an instructor, and educate those who matter most to you, for they are our tomorrow.