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Danny Jeffrey


I shall never forget a comment in regards to one of my essays several years ago from a woman whom I must regard as an absolute fool. She wrote that I was spreading doom and gloom and it was her role to spread joy and light to the world. I truly wish her all the luck in the world she is trying to bring light to, but as mentioned above, she is a fool. The doom and gloom she spoke of was my belief that short of an armed America rising in a violent civil war, America is lost. Those were my days of optimism when I still believed in Americans. Sadly I no longer do. I believed in and wrote of a strong and proud people who would endure hell itself to restore the freedoms that Obama and his predecessors were stealing from us.

Where are those people? They are probably either watching TV or on the internet trying to "wake people up". Where are their leaders? My best guess is that they are sipping champagne while toasting immigration reform and multiculturalism.

I still believe that short of civil war, this nation, its people, and their freedom is a thing of the past, but I d not believe that war will ever happen. No longer can we take pride in the words, "Land of the free and the home of the brave" for neither are true. Many of my fellow realists have long warned of what is coming and all that we have succeeded in accomplishing is inspiring fear, but not resolve. 

Our people are frightened to the point that they are armed to the teeth, and unless we find unity and leadership, those arms and ammunition are for naught. When fifty members of a swat team and an armored vehicle show up at your door to disarm you, what are you going to do? Some of us, out of pure defiance, will choose to die in a pile of hot brass. Most will meekly surrender and be transferred to the nearest holding facility for patriots. There they will learn of the benevolence of the New World Order.

We cannot hope to win a defensive engagement against the forces that are being mustered against us. The DHS will begin disarming one household at a time, and how can one household hope to prevail against encroaching tyranny, and despite all of the rhetoric from all of the "militias", none are prepared to go forth boldly. Were that not so they already would have made their move.

Where is the courage that once took on the most powerful nation 
in the world and wrested freedom from their grasp? Where is the bravery that Americans displayed at Gettysburg? In that question I am honoring both sides of the conflict, for the Confederates of Picket's charge and those Union defenders dug in on Big Round Top who engaged them were equally heroic, as we like to believe that Americans have always been. Now, where is the intestinal fortitude shown by the men of D Day, of Bastogne, and of Iwo Jima? 

The men of the 82nd and 101st Airborne jumped into the darkness of D Day believing that they would suffer eighty percent casualties and none hesitated in the door. My God, where are such men now? In short, where are my Americans? 

The answer to that: They are embracing apathy and a craven demeanor as they cling to their comfort zone. One day, a day too late I might add, they will learn the meaning of the term "kill zone". Until that rude awakening they choose to wallow in ignorance, watching "Dancing With The Stars", and looking forward to the next election when they will votem out for sure.

Allow me to put two thoughts before you. One, that Obama cannot be impeached, and two, that he will not step down in 2016 as most hope. Neither of these events are going to happen.

There is no way in the world that Harry Reid's Senate is going to impeach Obama. It is just not going to happen, and on the one in a million chance that it did happen we get Barnum and Bailey's favorite clown, Joe Biden, who is every bit as complicit as Obama. Stop wasting time circulating impeachment petitions and learn how to reload spent ammo casings.

Obama is not The Problem. He is but a symptom. Most acknowledge him to be a string puppet and that says it all. Eliminate the puppet, and you still have the puppet masters, and they are above the law.

As for the prospects of him stepping down in 2016; a virtual impossibility. Many waste a lot of time debating Hillary running against one of our RINOs in the next Presidential election. Don't hold your breath. Dictators do not step down. They can't afford to. Can you imagine anyone, including Hillary, having access to the White House files? There is enough evidence there to put Obama in prison for ten life terms. He cannot allow anyone to document his behavior.

Dictators do not resign. The one exception to that in all of history was Mubarak of Egypt. He was given an offer he couldn't refuse and look what happened to him. Obama will not willingly leave the White House and you can bet on that.

America started down the road to communism long ago and there is no turning back. Reagan briefly slowed the process, but as soon as he left office it was pedal to the metal and shortly it will all come crashing down about our heads. The globalists efforts are about to come to fruition and none dare stand before their goals.

We are simply outnumbered, outvoted, outmaneuvered, and in many cases spineless. Somewhere there must be a formula that states that when a certain percentage of a population are unwilling to fight and die for their nation then that nation is doomed. We most certainly have dropped below the minimum level.

There are many on the internet that I admire. I don't always agree with them but agreement and admiration are not always synonymous. One common thread that most espouse is "peaceful protests only". Their logic being that anything more than a peaceful protest will give Obama reason to declare martial law.

I have news for you people. He is going to declare martial law and the longer he can delay the event the stronger his DHS, Muslim followers, and illegal immigrant forces will be. I have written before that Team Obama hopes to delay any forceful confrontation until late 2015 when he will have his drones and armored assault vehicles in position. After that we have absolutely no hope of victory. Were some occurrence to force his hand now, there is a slim chance that Americans might rise to the occasion while there is still time. 

The simple fact of the matter is that our people do not want to fight a civil war and so they just hope that the problem will go away. The problem will not go away, but our rights and our ability to call ourselves a free people will. Like sand through an hour glass, our liberties are trickling away and none dare turn over the glass.

One further fact is that Obama doesn't want to fight a civil war either. He just wants total control and hopes that the people of this nation will accept his divine leadership. So far he is doing well in that department, as many complain while none act.

It may sound asinine but the best thing that could happen is martial law being imposed, and soon. Hussein Obama's communist, and Muslim affiliations have stirred debate, but no action. His offending our allies while kissing up to Russia and China have caused fear but again, no action. What happened in Benghazi and the recent IRS scandal would have had our ancestors up in arms and marching on Washington, but we do nothing except debate the problem and keep hoping that someone will fix it for us.

Nothing short of martial law will stir Americans to engage, and probably not even that. One nice thing about today's political correctness. When martial law is imposed they will give it a high sounding patriotic name. Might I suggest "The National Freedoms Protection Act". That has a nice ring to it that will reassure the apathetic that all is well as they dance with the Czars.

Addendum: For those of you who still believe that Americans will come together and take back America when the time is right, I have a thought: Think back to November 2012 when it was announced that Obama would continue in office. We know the election was rigged. If ever the time was right for armed rebellion, that was it. None took up arms in defense of liberty. Many cried, many became depressed, and undoubtedly many got rip roarin' drunk, but none acted, and none will.

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Joanna said...

I am lost for words, I really am...
I read your posts like a Bible..
seldom commenting..but from time to time you write something it dudger my heart and my mind..
Few people in my long lifetime gained my hatered...
but obama and his cohorts are priding as number one on my list!!!
After 30+ years escaping communistic Poland never, in my widested nightmares, could I see the communistic writing on a wall any clearer...
I do agree with you and commented on verious blogs that the only solution to uphold our REPUBLIC will be 2nd revolution...
Our society is so moraly broken, so ethically bancrupt, so ....
irresponsible for its own is sickening to see the lack of responsibility and duty not taken by its own citizens but look for ....a free food and subsadiaries provided by the government..providing such for a price...
I guess Americans forgot a simple rule:
"there is no such thing as a free lunch"!!!

High price is on the is only matter of time....


It will be a high price indeed.

whteshark said...


It will take great hardship to motivate those that still believe in liberty to fight back by any and all means necessary. They will have to lose everything before they are willing to fight.

As long as this paper economy built on phony money doesn't collapse the right will moan and groan under the weight of this blossoming tyranny.

Of course by then it may be too late. Pockets of resistance will be crushed piecemeal. Violence will spill into the streets and our neighbors will be come our enemies.

It's a dirty word but "secession" could save this country if a bunch of red states came together and formed a new union. It would give us leadership; logistics, and all the bases and munitions to help protect us from the wrath that would certainly rain down on us like hellfire from DC.

But you maybe right; history is being rewritten; The Founders and Framers were all Socialists who loved a big intrusive, activist government. Maybe it's we, those that love liberty, that are destined for the ash heap of history. These kind of Revolution where one party takes control always end badly and with a great deal of blood.

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