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Danny Jeffrey


Ever get a song stuck in your head and just can't seem to get rid of it? All day I have been hearing the song "Ballad of the Alamo" by Marty Robbins. Perhaps it is due to my reaching across the years to the kind of men I can understand, because I damn sure feel lost today.

Yesterday I wrote an essay entitled "Quote ... "I Don't Want Any Trouble"" It was not a very flattering statement of my views of many of my fellow Americans as they so passively accept the coming enslavement of this nation.

If you have never wondered why men fly aircraft armed only with cameras over enemy territory, or why spies exist, or why submariners will remain submerged for weeks at a time just outside an enemy harbor, it is for information. Information is one of the greatest weapons in the arsenal of any nation in its efforts to confront other nations, or to enslave their own people, and information is what the NSA is collecting on all Americans. Not just some information, mind you, they want to know everything, and PRISM allows them to do just that.

While researching yesterday's essay I encountered a Washington Post poll that revealed the attitude of today's Americans, and that attitude is good news for Team Obama, bad news for those who love liberty.

Excerpt from that essay:
From Washington Post
Public Reaction to NSA monitoring

Wapo asked several question two of which were based on the government's efforts to detect terrorism plans.
One was the public's thoughts on the feds tracking the telephone calls of millions of Americans ... 56% approval rating.
One was the public's thought on the feds monitoring all Emails ... 45% approval rating.

Now today Glenn Beck is announcing the same findings.
From Glenn Beck...
Shock poll: Americans totally cool with gov snooping on them (Video)
Despite the shocking revelations coming out about how the government has engaged in widespread spying and data collection on the American people, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans are okay with the practice.

Well, I am not okay with it, nor am I okay with those craven scum who are. They don't want any problems, just give them a free lunch and they will vote anyway you tell them to. 

Do you recall the Romney comment that 47% of Americans would vote solidly with Obama, leaving him only 53% as possible votes? His premise was mistaken as that 47% was based on those receiving government benefits and he assumed that they would all vote Obama. The fact of the matter is that a great deal of that group are seniors, collecting Social Security and are staunchly opposed to the Marxist, but the number is valid nonetheless.

From Rasmussen...
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Tuesday, June 11, 2013
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. 

Think about it, 47% approval for the most corrupt administration in this nation's history. If Hussein was in campaign mode today and an election was being held next month, he would win hands down. Americans, unfortunately, are far more interested in Michael Jackson's daughter than the NSA and its assault on liberty.

Such cowardly, irresponsible, mindless behavior is why I think back on the men who fought and died at the Alamo, of those who followed Washington to Trenton in the dead of winter, of the men of the 101st Airborne who held off half of the German army at Bastogne while short on food, ammo, medical supplies, and warm clothing, as well as those Marines who assaulted fortified islands throughout the Pacific. But, the men of Alamo were unique. Many of the 101st that served at Bastogne survived as well as did the Marines. None survived the Alamo and they knew in advance that they would not, yet none shrank from their destiny.

Where are such men today? They still exist. A few men in Benghazi proved that to be true, but the key word is 'few'. There are far too few, while the rest of this nation wallows in apathy, self indulgence, and the fear of having to deal with a problem. I wish that I could provide the answers to many of my own questions, hope to those who feel but dread, and courage to those who know it not, but I cannot. I cannot shape the future, as only the actions or inactions of our people will do that.

Comments left on my essays tell me that their are yet those among us who have courage. Were I to lead a bayonet charge on hell I would not have to go alone for there are others who still believe in the principles and the people who made this nation great. But again, the problem is that there are too few, and the enemy grows more numerous and better equipped with each passing day, and at the moment it is beginning to appear that all is lost and that America has fallen.

Apathy is a condition that belittles men and topples nations, and it has become a dread scourge among us. To the best of my knowledge there is but one thing that will route apathy and that is inspiration, and unless that inspiration is found then America is no more.

Were I allowed to live a dream, it would be me, flanked by those 185 men of the Alamo, standing, fighting, and falling before the evil that surrounds us, knowing that in our falling America would rise and cast off the fate of oblivion that is certain without such a beacon of honor to rouse them.

It would take such an event to get America out of their recliners and away from their TV and comfort zone. Comfort is reserved for those who can feel safe, but today no citizen of this nation can, as we are being led into darkness, betrayed, and cast down.

Before the revolution began in Texas. Mexico was a Federalist nation, styled much after our own. Then they elected El Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, who promptly became a dictator and eliminated the Mexican constitution(Sound familiar?) He was also very much a Narcissist, fancying himself to be the Napoleon of the New World. Add ruthless and bloodthirsty to his qualities.

There are no crosses at the Alamo as there are no graves. After Santa Ana had them all killed they were gathered into a heap and burned. What remained after the flames died out was left for the coyotes and vultures, but probably what illustrates his character most was the music played on day thirteen when he knew the Alamo would fall. The tune was entitled The Deguello, which means "Slit Throat" This is a link to what it actually sounded like as Santa Ana had fourteen bands playing it to incite his men to mass murder. 

The Deguello

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Janette Scarborough said...

Just thinking, but I believe there are reasons for this apathetic state that go way deep. Remember when you were in school and you talked about honor...truth and courage. Even the poets spoke of these things. Rest assured none of our students hear these words today. Also I these students knew their history and knew what the true cost of freedom had been they would begin to get a glimpse of those words. Truth, honor and courage are spiritual traits. American people today have no cause to fight for because they don't know what a cause is.

Anonymous said...

Danny... all I can say is keep writing and I will keep reading. I am your age (female) and feel lost also. I have taken segments of your essays and posted them on FB (with quotes around YOUR words... hope you don't mind) for the people who don't read beyond the title of an article. I post mostly articles about the politics of today… and I have been called out several times for being "negative"... and have been told "enough already". Funny... because I feel like that's what I was posting ... "enough already". I don’t even know how to respond to these comments (so I don’t).
I shared "negative things" with my children as they grew... not to frighten them... but to teach them to be "aware... and alert". I have very few friends I can share a conversation of any depth with anymore. There seems to be an epidemic of “don’t say that… I don’t want to hear that… la la la – I’m not listening!” I thot you outgrew that behavior after 2 years old… LOL!


Anonymous feel free to post any of all of my words anywhere, anytime. I never think of myself as being 'negative', rather regard my writing as a slice of realism. As Janette mentioned above our young are not learning history and so do not understand the meaning of honor, truth, and courage. If my words can influence but one of them then I have done my purpose.

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