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Danny Jeffrey


Georgia Guidestones
"Give the people what they want". Long cherished advice for any would be a leader of the people. It is almost easy to feel sorry for Neville Chamberlain. After all, he just did what the people wanted. Recall Lincoln's words "Of the people, by the people, for the people." After all, that is democracy. Neville Chamberlain had the dubious honor of leading a people who had just emerged from WWI with a staggering loss of their young men. The last thing they wanted was another war with Germany, and so they rejected the warnings of that brash gloomy warmonger Winston Churchill, seeking instead to gamble on Chamberlains efforts to find "Peace in our time". 

Surely someone, somewhere in history, has said that those who seek peace at any cost are certain to find war or enslavement. If none has said it then the thoughts are mine, for I believe this to be true.

The Free World now stands at a crossroads. Every nation of the west has already allowed a massive immigration of Muslims to occur and now they, at least the honest ones, are beginning to realize that they have made a serious mistake from which there is no turning back. If we allow the immigration to continue the problem will only grow worse. If we try to end it then those already within our borders are guaranteed to begin a war of terrorism against us.

America is in a unique position in regard to the Muslim problem. First off, we are fortunate in having a smaller percentage of Islamic infiltrators than Europe, the UK, or Scandinavia. However, second only to Israel, we are the world's most hated nation in the minds of militant Muslims. Add to that problem the fact that we have a Muslim living in the White House. There will be no happy, peaceful outcome. A day of reckoning most certainly lies before us, but in seeking peace at any cost, most choose to deny reality and so the onslaught of Muslim immigration continues, as daily the danger we face worsens.

Throughout our history immigrants have flocked to our shores, seeking wealth, religious freedom, a new home, liberty, and a second chance. Never before our current Islamic invasion have any come here bent on conquest and destruction. Contrary to common sense, our leaders welcome them with open arms.

Those now famous words of George W. Bush, "Islam is a religion of peace" managed to establish a dichotomy between terrorists and the people and nations who support terrorism. That dichotomy is a fable and does not exist, and yet it has managed to disarm the west. Our political and religious leaders argue that not all Muslims support terrorism and I would be the first to agree. By the same token, not all Germans supported Hitler, but we did not allow millions of Germans immigration rights. To have done so would have been a form of national suicide, such as we are committing today.

On the bright side: Islam is not going to win. On the dark side: We are all going to lose. If that sounds confusing allow me to explain. In a recent essay I used a quote from from history...

"You see, it's been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn't we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?
Adolph Hitler

Call them what you will; Globalists, the New World Order, the Bilderbergers, the Shadow Government, or the Communists. What you choose to call them is irrelevant, the fact that they exist and are gaining control is not. Many people envision an alliance between Islam and communism. They are mistaken, but Islam is custom made for the machinations of the Globalists, and due to their warped world vision they are being suckered in.

Look at George Soros. He is one of the richest men in the world and he is promoting the spread of Islam. He is a hard core atheist and is not about to bow to Mecca, but he knows well what Hitler learned too late. He, and others like him, need a billion religious fanatics at their service as they seek to gain control of the entire world, and they are well on the way toward victory, and sadly, I begin to believe that they are unstoppable.

A few days ago Glenn Beck, along with Frank Gaffney, and Patrick Poole did an excellent job of illustrating the danger posed in the Middle East, with Syria being the lynchpin, and I agree wholeheartedly. The one issue that Glenn postulated upon which I must disagree is that he pointed out that the Globalists/communists and Islam were the two power players in the world and we must choose one of them. For the moment that is true, but in the long run it will narrow to but one group: The Globalists.

The key to the Globalists' victory is food. I shall explain:

Islam is attacking the entire west on two fronts. Groups like the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood are utilizing the tactics of stealth jihad; lawfare if you will, and they cultivate the view of "moderate" Muslims. Groups like Al Qaeda are more forceful, utilizing terror tactics. Although they are different groups implementing different methods, both share the same sinister goal and that is the fall of the West and the establishment of Sharia worldwide; a new all encompassing Caliphate. As I have mentioned earlier George Soros is not about to bow to Mecca, but for the moment it is to his advantage to coddle the Islamists.

Look at our government, and that of the UK, Sweden, France, Germany and all of the others. Those nations are led by intelligent people without a doubt, otherwise they would not have reached their lofty perches as the powers that be. Without fail, the bulk of the leadership of all of those nations are just as aware of we that sooner or later there will be hell to pay for our foolish doctrine of multiculturalism. So why are they intentionally following such a self destructive agenda?

The image at the beginning of this essay is known as the Georgia Guidestones. This perplexing structure stands on a hillside just north of Elberton Georgia. Needless to say it cost a vast fortune to construct and it conveys some very cryptic messages for the Earth's inhabitants of the future. Its construction was attributed to R.C. Christian, a Pseudonym for ???. The best guess for the actual R.C. Cristian is Ted Turner of CNN and Bilderberg fame who predicts that in the near future, civilization will resort to cannibalism to survive and the only solution is less people. This link is to a one minute video of Ted Turner.

The guidestones suggest a limit of five hundred million people which would be a reduction of the Earth's population by 6.5 billion. Any who discuss this, including myself, are automatically regarded to be part of the lunatic fringe but there are things about this monument that defy logic. First off, the sheer cost of it. This could only have been done by a billionaire. Secondly, whoever built it put it there for people of the far distant future and incorporated a Rosetta stone plan as the carved message is in twelve different languages. There is a place for a time capsule that has not yet been installed or dated. Suggested Reading at the end of this essay has two links to far more of the story in The Georgia Guidestones and The New Road To A New Holocaust.

One other point before I proceed. The Guidestones suggest a single
language for the entire world. That constructed language is called Esperanto and George Soros' father learned it while a prisoner in a WWI POW camp in Russia. They are teaching it in many of our schools today, and the adjoining image is the Esperanto flag.

It would seem that whoever had this Guidestone site constructed has a plan for the human race and a plan for some serious population reduction. To enact this agenda a group would have to gain total control of mankind and I believe this to be the plan of the Globalists, and that takes us back to the role that Islam plays.

Look at what is happening today. Europe and the UK are tied into a Euro system that is leading to economic collapse. Obama is spending us into a similar collapse. No nation can function without a viable economy. We know that economic failure is followed by chaos, and who could enact chaos better than Islam? Picture England without Muslims. Should a calamity occur the English with do their best to survive it. With the followers of Allan involved you can expect mass murder and mayhem.

All human beings are born with a conscience, knowing right from wrong. Many choose, out of selfishness to ignore that conscience and do wrong by their own choice. Muslims do not have such a problem. They are taught from the day they are born that the highest good is to kill Jews and infidels. This leaves them with a weakness, as no culture based on hatred can ever thrive. That is why they are a Third World group and why the west has been feeding them for so long. Those nations literally cannot feed themselves.

Now after years of political correctness they have grown numerous throughout all other nations, hastening the decline of those nations as they fill the welfare rolls. We seem to be on the verge of WWIII and economic failure combined. Everything headed for ruin at one time and none are making an honest effort to curtail it. I can think of only two reasons for such foolishness: Insanity or intent. 

Finding it impossible to believe that all world leaders have gone collectively insane narrows the field to one possibility: Willful intent to destroy civilization as we know it. Needless to say that occurrence is going to drastically reduce the population of this planet.

The civilized Christians of the west, meek and flabby as Hitler described them, are not about to rise against their own governments. The savages from the Middle East think that this situation is custom made for them, viewing it as their chance to conquer the world in the name of Allah. Both groups will prove to be losers.

Soros said that he wanted to "slowly" collapse the economy of the U.S. but when the final signal is given all of the west's economies will fall. Without functioning economic systems in place, billions of people will be deprived of food and water. Utter chaos will reign for awhile. Even Muslims can be brought to their knees from hunger, and that is when the Globalists step in, promising to make it all better if everyone accepts their divine guidance.

Thus a new dark age settles upon Planet Earth. They, out of a quest for absolute power over their fellow man, will knowingly put us back a thousand years, and that is why the Georgia Guidestones have been written in a dozen different languages as none know what language will be around a thousand years from now.

Many perceive Adolph Hitler to have been the most evil man ever born. I do not. Up until now he probably did have that distinction, but the evil of Hitler pales in comparison to what we have today. Hitler could not conceive of failing and envisioned bringing glory to Germany and a Third Reich to last a thousand years. These Globalists of today have such a hatred for the human race that they are trying to trigger a dark age that will last those thousand years. NOTHING could be more evil than that.

Addendum:(Added on June 7, 2013)
One of the smokescreens used to discredit any speculation about the Globalists is a logical question. "Why would the elite super rich, who became rich through capitalism, want to embrace communism?" The answer is the quest for power; power such as an ex KGB colonel describes in part one of an essay that has just appeared on Trevor Louden's website. Such power cannot be found in a free society.

The colonel tells us that Russia is far more centralized than was the Soviet Union, with total authority existing within the Kremlin. Their are no republics to deal with and they are unconcerned with laws or limits to their power. He tells us that at the moment the Russians and Islam are getting along just fine. However...He goes on to inform us that Islam is but a temporary tool and that in time Russia plans to lead Europe in the conquest of the entire Middle East, after they take control of the west.

The Link...Trevor Louden

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Soothsayer said...

I am not a defeatist and try to be a realist, but right now Islam seems unstoppable and likely to win. I partly look at things in terms of numbers and I am afraid that the predictions that Muslims will become population majorities in European countries are true- game over.