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Danny Jeffrey


In a recent essay I predicted that Mohamed ElBaradei was about to gain control of Egypt following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood Hosni Morsi. Like clockwork, a few days later it was announced that the military regime now controlling Egypt was about to declare ElBaradei to be the new Prime Minister of Egypt. Then the unexpected happened. A lesser 'political' party started calling the shots, and it would seem that even the Egyptian military fears the Al Nour Salafists. I naturally had heard of them but must confess that I was unaware of the fact that they had such political clout as to take on Egypt's military leaders and prevail. 

From The New York Times...
Islamist Party A Surprise Force In New Egypt
 A party of ultraconservative Islamists has emerged as an unexpected political kingmaker in Egypt, shaping the interim government after the military’s ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.
The Al Nour party, widely regarded two years ago as bumbling amateurs, now has unique leverage. It was the only Islamist party to support removing Mr. Morsi, despite his ties to the more moderate Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the previously mentioned article I suggested that ElBaradei would be worse than Morsi in the long run for even though he would bring stability to Egypt, through him the real power would be ceded to George Soros. The only possible worst case scenario would be an ultra orthodox group gaining control, for such people do not believe in any man made constitution; their goal is to implement the Qur'an as the basis for Egypt's rule.

Note the above quote about Al Nour being a bunch of bumbling amateurs. What do they have to offer? The answer to that is terrorism. Do it their way or Egypt burns. Note also the frightening aspect of the Muslim Brotherhood we have long feared being regarded as moderates when compared to Al Nour.

I thoroughly enjoy quoting from a liberal rag such as the New York Times when things get so far our of control that even they are afraid of what Obama has wrought. Now with the Brotherhood deposed the Nour party is the primary voice of Islam and NYT warns us:(Emphasis mine)
Since its inception two years ago, the Nour party has campaigned more than anything else for constitutional provisions enshrining Islamic law, not just “the principles of Islamic law,” as Egypt’s charter read for three decades. Al Nour and other Salafist parties sought to give religious scholars a constitutional power to strike down any legislation that they deemed contradictory to Islamic law. But in the drafting of the country’s new Constitution last year, the Muslim Brotherhood sided with the liberals to block such a provision. Al Nour succeeded in preventing an express guarantee of equality for women from being written into the new charter, and it has defended prohibitions of heresy.

In short, it is their goal to do to Egypt what the Mullahs have done to Iran and to demote women to the role of no more than slaves or property.

When any 'religion' gains the power to impose absolute authority, evil soon follows, i.e.: The Spanish Inquisition. Many are not aware of it but Spain was not the only nation to invoke inquisitions. Our long cherished freedom of religion, could possibly be better described as freedom from religion, as those who speak with the authority of God, seem far more inclined to abuse that authority than to show mercy.

And such is the fate of the people of Egypt if they bow to the theocratic rule that the Salafists plan to unleash. More groups, seeking control, may yet emerge in Egypt but as of this point there appears to be five major forces in play.

Starting from the weakest:(In my view)

  • The secularists who still support a Mubarak type of regime. 
  • The now deposed MB whom Egyptians regards as 'moderates'. 
  • The Salafists, although outnumbered the power they wield is terrorism, always a great bargaining chip.
  • The 'Liberals' such as ElBaradei supporting the Soros agenda.
  • The military, the most inclined to adopt measures dictated by the West as that is where they gain monetary support.

At the moment the Egyptian military command finds itself between the rock and the hard place. We have laws that prohibit our sending financial aid to any nation where their military has deposed the elected representatives of the people. If we do indeed cut off the funding of their military they will be totally dependent on support from the Wahhabis(Salafists) of Saudi Arabia. If we continue with our funding it may give the military the leverage they need to put down the Salafist influence. Yes, it is a mess!

Recalling Mao's wisdom that political power always come out the barrel of a gun, it is easy to view the military as the ultimate ruler of Egypt, with the question being, who influences the military? It is obvious from the downfall of Mubarak that the military has no desire to establish military rule. They chose to have elections then and are trying to do the same thing right now, having appointed a moderate President, Adly Mansour and then a Liberal Prime Minister, Mohamed ElBaradei. That last appointment opened a whole new can of worms.

It is said that you cannot please everybody all of the time, and that is a fact. Few Americans even know who Adly Mansour is, but he was appointed a constitutional judge by Hosni Mubarak and his appointment as interim president was an effort to appeal to the Egyptian moderates who are beginning to realize that the allowing the MB to assume power was a grave error. The planned appointment of ElBaradei was also an effort to lead the nation away from Islamic rule. That plan was promptly opposed by Al Nour Salafists, and the military gave in.

Never underestimate the influence of George Soros as ElBaradei simply will not go away. The latest plan is to install him as Vice President. Egypt is in turmoil with the vilest group, the Salafists, intent on gaining absolute control. Turmoil seems to be the password of the day and this frenzy will continue unabated until the Salafists are either crushed, weakened, or gain control. If the latter is to be then that is when the state executions will begin.

Allow me to digress briefly: Many who have long been researching the dangers of Islam are well aware of the following. For the sake of our newer activists you may find this to be of interest for it well represents the views of the Salafists:

From The Blaze...(This is recalling an event that occurred in 2002)
Saudi Journalist: Religious Police Made 15 School Girls Burn To Death Because They Were Not Wearing Hijabs
During an interview that aired on Egyptian Dream2 TV January 10, Saudi journalist Nadin Al-Badir relayed horrific instances of abuse and murder — including forcing over a dozen school girls to perish in a fire because they were not wearing traditional Islamic head coverings — carried out by the country’s religious police or, the “Authority for the Promotion of Virtue.”

How many different and related political factions exist in today's Egypt? I would not even hazard a guess as new ones keep pouring out of the woodwork. With the Salafists opposing ElBaradei's appointment, a new Prime Minister was selected, Ziad Bahaa Eddin, ranking member of the Social Democrat party(Communist). He too has been rejected by the Salafists along with ElBaradei for Vice President.

The goals of the Salafists are becoming quite obvious. They disapprove all that fails to meet the perverted standards outlined in the Qur'an and plan to gain total control on their own, as the bloodshed continues in the streets of Cairo.

From Al Arabia...
Egypt's Salafist Party Rejects Choice For Premier And Vice President
Egypt’s Salafist Al-Nour party has rejected on Sunday the nomination of Ziad Bahaa Eddin and Mohamed Elbaradei as the country’s next interim prime minister, and vice-president respectively. “We have not agreed with the presidency on Ziad Baha Edden or ElBaradei,” Al-Nour party said in a statement.
The collective people of Islam appear to be a walking contradiction, and contradictions do not exist, only confusion and discord. They are torn between a desire to remain loyal to their Islamic roots while still having the necessities and luxuries that are provided by the West. They have endured fourteen hundred years of oppression, poverty, starvation, and ruin, interrupted only by looting the wealth of other nations or living on foreign aid produced by the labor of free men.

Due to a great deal of tourist trade, Egypt has become far more westernized than other Arab nations leaving them torn between the past and future. Just which they choose will only be revealed after a horrendous loss of life. Many will fight and many of those who do, and others, will die. Such is the path of nation building, or a nation's ruin. It is just a shame that their problems continue to endanger Israel and spill over onto us in the West.

Now, I plan to scare the hell out of you. 

We all are well aware of The New York Times' liberal agenda and their coddling of Muslims in general. When they sound a warning of the dangers of Islam take heed! 

Please take the time to read the entire article, as we have long feared Islam and now we are learning that it is far worse than we ever imagined.

From The New York Times...
Don't Fear All Islamists. Fear Salafis
Excerpt:(Emphasis mine)
Salafis are deepening the divide between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and challenging the “Shiite Crescent,” a term coined by Jordan’s King Abdullah in 2004, during the Iraq war, to describe an arc of influence from Shiite-dominated Iran to its allies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Today, these rival crescents risk turning countries in transition into battlefields over the region’s future.

Even after completing an essay my research continues. In the above comparison between the relative dangers of the Brotherhood and the Salafists, the MB came out looking like a bunch of good ole boys. Now I find a terrifying article from Front Page Magazine showing those 'good ole boys' at play, and compared to the Salafists, they are just playing.

From Front Page Magazine...
Brotherhood Backers Unleash Hell In Egypt
The theocratic totalitarians of the Muslim Brotherhood are spilling blood in the streets as they target members of the military, police, and their political opposition in an effort to restore Morsi to power.

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