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Danny Jeffrey


All hell is breaking loose in Egypt right now and the article that I just read is talking about how the Muslim Brotherhood is blowing up in Obama's face as he backed Morsi after successfully driving Mubarak out of office. Little do they know!

People are notoriously fickle and easily deceived, and you are about to witness one of the most cleverly contrived coups in the history of the world, and that coup is not just taking shape now, it began with the so called Arab Spring. The man you see in the photo above is Mohamed ElBaradei and he has a long line of credentials everyone should see.

First off, like our illustrious leader Hussein Obama, he has a Nobel Peace Prize, but then so do a lot of George Soros' loyal following. Note the IAEA symbol behind him. He served as the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency for twelve years. To my way of thinking that would tend to give him a good edge on promoting nuclear power, for peaceful purposes only of course, in any nation, without being severely challenged by the nations of the West.

This will only take a few seconds. Click this link. It leads to the Soros International Crisis Group. I love the way Progressives play with words. They make it sound as though they try to prevent crisis, when in fact they generate them. Once there scroll down the page and in image number ten you will find ElBaradei. I learned of this group years ago and while most blame Obama for the Arab Spring, he was but another link in the master plan. The ICG was doing their share out of the limelight. This link will be posted in Suggested Reading as well, as this is a group you should be familiar with.

Do not be misled into believing that Obama does the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a case of symbiosis as they scratch each other's back. Obama primary loyalty is to George Soros and Islam is providing the foot soldiers to enact the Soros vision while he and his minions worldwide cater to the Islamic quest for power.

Revolutions oft time have a way of getting out of control. Soros' ICG engineered the Egyptian revolution, Obama crowded Mubarak out of power, and then the throne was up for grabs. At the time the Soros plan was to have ElBaradei gain control but the Arab uprising was demanding a well known leader of the MB, and Morsi was foolish enough to be led into the trap. I knew then that his job was only temporary as none outsmarts Soros.

Since then Egypt has been on the skids for two reasons. The first reason is that Islam is incapable of producing a stable form of government. That is why the Arab leaders are all dictators. The second reason for Egypt's failure is the ICG has been fomenting dissent ever since Morsi assumed the presidency.

ElBaradei did not want an open revolution such as occurred. He was more inclined to seize power by more devious means as suggested here:

From the Guardian UK ... 18 January 2011
Mohamed ElBaradei warns of 'Tunisia style explosion' in Egypt
Mohamed ElBaradei says Egyptians 'yearning for change' but draws criticism for refusing to back street protests.

The best revolution is one with no blood shed and no damage to the infrastructure. This was what Soros and ElBaradei hoped for. Well they found out the hard way that Muslims are not easily controlled and very prone to violence. Today, having learned from their error, they are now enlisting Islamic discontent with a vengeance.

From the Wall Street Journal
Widespread Opposition Protests Grip Egypt
CAIRO--Egyptians took to the streets on Sunday for nationwide protests against President Mohammed Morsi, presenting a massive popular opposition that rivaled the size of demonstrations that toppled President Hosni Mubarak more than two years ago.

Soros and ElBaradei, having learned how to deal with the Muslim hordes have now changed tactics. 

From Al Arabiya...
ElBaradei makes call for nationwide uprising against Morsi 
Egyptian opposition leader Mohammad ElBaradei has called on all Egyptians to take part in the planned nationwide protests on Sunday to
overthrow Islamist President Mohammad Morsi.

ElBaradei, a Noble peace laureate and former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said in a video message released on Saturday that President Morsi has "failed" in leading the nation toward a proper democratic path following the Jan. 25, 2011 revolution.

I mentioned in the beginning of this essay about another site saying that this is a failure on Obama's part. It is not, and I shall show you why. Until Obama brought the MB out of the shadows with his Cairo speech they had no leaders with even the foggiest notion of how to run a country and they still don't. Until Obama intervened the MB had long been barred from most nations. They are not political leaders. They are terrorists, criminals, thugs, and assassins. Look at Libya, Egypt, and the chaos taking place with the 'rebels' in Syria that would just as soon fight with each other as to engage Assad's forces.

In the latest clash between Hamas and Israel, the Palestinians were convinced that once they began the action Egypt would follow suit and join them. Grave error. Under Morsi the thug Egypt was and still is disintegrating. Obama was fully aware of the disarray into which Egypt had fallen and knew that they had no use for the F16s and Abrams tanks he was shipping to them. That was something of a lay-away plan for ElBaradei, as that man, and his boss knows how to organize a country and they will.

There has been a recent report that Obama was sending 400 American servicemen to Egypt as a show of support for Morsi. Picture 400 troops opposing the millions in the photo above. Politics! Obama will throw Morsi under the bus just as fast as he did Ambassador Stevens.

I have written many times about the strategic importance of Egypt that most overlook. All weapons en route to the Gaza strip must pass through Egypt. It is the lynchpin of the Middle East, and he who controls Egypt can endanger Israel, and George Soros has made his feelings for that tiny Jewish state quite clear.

I wrote the above essay on July 1. 2013. The following has been released on July 2, 2013
From Daily News Egypt...
Opposition Nominate ElBaradei to Negotiate With Government
ElBaradei will be responsible for holding talks with the government to “find a solution for this crisis” and will start the talks by nominating the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court as acting president, Al-Hawary added. 
Al-Hawary also stressed that no matter what, “we will not talk to Morsi [directly]”.
I stated above that Obama would throw Morsi under the bus just as fast as he did Ambassador Stevens. The proof follows and indicates well what I said about Obama's loyalty not belonging to the Brotherhood. He is a Soros man all the way. A reader just sent me this as an update. Hat tip to D.D.
From The Jerusalem Post...July 3, 2013
Report: Morsi to resign or be toppled within hours
Al-Ahram report military will form three-member presidential council to run the country; Morsi defies army, US pressure to bow to protests as clock ticks on army ultimatum for his resignation. 

Addendum: Posted July 4, 2013
The response to this essay is overwhelming, and I would like to personally thank each and all who have read and shared it. The above is only part of the story. This is the followup.
Egyptian Revolution...Stage Two

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keep ^ (phone keyboard) said...

We are at the turning piont where EVIL (in the personafication of bloody barry) is poised to consolidate its hold on the moral center of the universe. It is not possible to exagerate the gravity of this situation. If we don't start fighting soon, the armies of darkness will be so entrenched as to be unbeatable. This is the most manichean battle in human history. It makes WWII look like a joke and the shooting hasn't even started yet. If we lose there will never be freedom or democracy again anywhere on earth.

The Munz said...

What an eye opener

Anonymous said...

This must come to pass. It has been revealed to us in the Holy Bible. Nothing we do can stop it. If we managed to balk Soros and his plan, it would only be to discover another, more sinister, evil behind him.

Rob said...

BTW, comment moderation is good. Feel free to delete mine.

Anonymous said...

The final battle comes from the north. With America pulling back, Putin will throw in to bring us closer to this final battle. They will have their hands in Syria, Iran, Egypt....
My take, my fear, is that the left, the left in our country play a dangerous game--all part of the global game. We draw closer to our enemy, the radical Islamists, with the conception, the MIS-conception that we will toss them over the cliff and then the globalists will have a clear path to building what they want. The'West' will be gone. What will they make?

buffalo444 said...

I'm now a fan. Why would I ever be afraid of the truth? Drop anonymous. While still shy, buffalo444 is in line with where you are going on these topics. Better than Rush, Glenn, or Mark Levin.
Keep us informed.

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