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Danny Jeffrey


I recall a time when Glenn Beck was talking about the multitude of groups that George Soros either started or was involved in their funding. To Illustrate his point he had a huge scroll with those groups listed on it and he began unrolling it as he walked from one side of his studio to the other and when he reached the far wall there were still more groups on the list. Now I begin to grasp the enormity of what we face as I have begun exploring those groups, the people, the governments, and the foundations that fund them, as well the diabolical purposes they were created for, and I am tired and frightened.

Recently a friend in London took on a new project, the building of a timeline detailing the Islamic incursion into the UK and suggested that I do the same here. I did and had no idea of where it would lead me. Although that Islamic timeline will never be finished as it will be updated as I learn more and new events take place, it is functional. I published it last week and thus far it is well received and getting more users every day.

The immediate acceptance of that effort led me into more treacherous waters as I embarked on a timeline of the Progressive movement into America and to be perfectly honest, what I am learning scares the living hell out of me. 

The specter of Islam frightens many, as well it should, but Islam is but one of many tools utilized by the Globalists in their grand plan of totalitarian rule of the West. When Islam is of no further use, the powers that be will pit the Sunnis against the Shia and all Islam will be decimated by that conflict, leaving the Globalists to count their money and rule much of mankind.

There is no way that I can put the whole story into an essay, or for that matter a single book, as what I am beginning to grasp is far far too big for such a simple explanation and yet I am trying to express the enormity of the problem in but a brief space. I think that I have the method figured out.

First off, I must express my undying gratitude to David Horowitz and his allies who have built Discover The Networks(DTN). I am the fortunate recipient of much of his efforts. Horowitz is one of the greatest freedom fighters in the world, and the work that he has put into DTN is un-copyrighted and available for all to use, and so I shall do just that to illustrate just a micro minute tip of the iceberg that awaits us.

The best illustration that I can give you of the Globalists is an octopus, with ten thousand tentacles. They reach into and influence literally everything on the face of this planet, and I am about to show you a small part of but one of those tentacles. It is called the International Crisis Group. I have written about them before and how they, along with Obama, gave birth to the 'Arab Spring'. Soros and his Progressive accomplices have in excess of a thousand groups each dabbling, nudging, and controlling the various aspects of our lives, but on with the ICG:

Some of the board members you are probably familiar with:
Click this link...It is to one of my previous essays. It is very simple and all you need do is quickly scan the faces to get an idea of the power he wields just from this one group. The ICG, by the way, is funded and controlled by a bigger and more powerful Soros group called the Open Society Institute.

It is also an affiliate of a group known as the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect(R2P). R2P, by the way was the principal enacted by Soros to get the aircraft of NATO to engage in Libya and create a no fly zone thus allowing Al Qaeda to topple Qaddafi and the effort is underway to do the same in Syria today. 

Operating on an annual budget of $15.5 million, ICG raises funds from governments, charitable foundations, private companies, and individual donors. Among the organization’s key benefactors are:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Compton Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Flora Family Foundation
Ford Foundation
John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Ploughshares Fund
Rockefeller Foundation
William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
Open Society Institute
Atlantic Philanthropies
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation
Hunt Alternatives Fund
Korea Foundation
Moriah Fund
Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Sigrid Rausing Trust
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Sarlo Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund
United States Institute of Peace
Viva Trust

Those are some heavy hitters, and this is but one list of donors and one of Soros' many Globalist groups.

Now, if you haven't lost your nerve, I shall lead you to the grandfather of all the evil that Soros has spawned, the Open Society Institute(OSI), and there I shall leave you, for I must understand these groups, outline their overall plan, and put them into a readily coherent picture for all to see. One final thought. OSI's income for 2009 was: 

Assets: $1,102,893,795 (2009)
Grants Received: $133,900,890 (2009)
Grants Awarded: $1,035,719,221 (2009)

This one group, for one year, had in excess of two billion dollars in net worth. Compared to many national budget that figure is but a trifle, but George Soros does not have to fund a nation, maintain an infrastructure, and finance a military posture. All he has to do is buy politicians and their influence. Two Billion dollars can buy a lot of power, and remember that this is but one of many of his groups.

Please do click the above link and do not try to read it all unless you have several hours to spend. Scan the page looking for highlights. That is the best way to grasp the big picture without being overwhelmed with data.

P.S. Normally I end an essay with Suggested Reading. I shall refrain at this time as I have given you quite enough to ponder.