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Danny Jeffrey


Senator Tom Coburn
Republican, Oklahoma
August 26, 2013
Were I hard pressed to define the greatest weakness of conservative Americans in one word, I could not do it, as the issues are so diverse. However, if the search pattern were broadened to allow for five terms I believe I could present a good summation of the problem. That list would include the following: Fearful, gullible, lacking reason, confused, passive. Allow me to discuss these issues in reverse order.

Passive: I am confident that most who read this have seen the statement "Our ancestors would already be up in arms." It goes without saying that those who built this country were builders. They did not sit idly by waiting for others to do for them. Today we are waiting for someone else to cure the problem.
Confused: Most people are totally in the dark on how we have reached the point of near collapse and dictatorial rule. Seeking answers most look to the junk sites on the internet, thus adding to their confusion.
Gullible: To prove this point I simply direct you to Washington. Look at those who have lied to us year after year and keep getting reelected.
Lacking Reason: Were our people using reason then they would not be Passive, Confused, or Gullible.
Fearful: This state of mind is rampant and is the result of all of the above.

The image pictured above is of Senator Tom Coburn R,Ok.. Admittedly, I know precious little about him as I have had no reason to research his background. I live in California while he is a chosen rep of the people of Oklahoma. According to most of the conservative sources Tom Coburn is one of the good guys, defending Mom, apple pie and the Constitution but I have just read an article that troubles me deeply, partly due to what he has to say, and partly due to the applause from the 'conservative' people of Oklahoma.

From Roll Call...
Obama 'Perilously Close To Impeachment' Coburn Says
Now that statement will really bring them to their feet applauding, but for me it brings to mind the old Zen question 'What is the sound of one hand clapping?" That is the sound that I would have been making were I at this town hall meeting, but then, unlike many, I think, and know that such rhetoric is nothing more than throwing bread crumbs to the masses.

I have never liked the term 'masses' but lately have come to use it more and more, as I perceive the true meaning of that word in regard to our electorate. Anyone who knows how to add can crunch the numbers and know that Harry Reid's Senate is not going to impeach Hussein Obama, leading me to believe that any political leader who brings u the topic is seeking votes and blowing smoke, but let's move on.

Excerpt from that article:
The Oklahoma Republican qualified his remarks by saying the Obama administration suffers more from incompetence than it does from willful violations of law.

What an odd coincidence; near the end of one of my most recent essays 'Egypt And Why Obama Was Chosen To Be President' I stressed the fact that Obama is anything but incompetent, after all, one way or the other, he is managing to enact all of the Soros agenda, bypass Congress and the law of the land, and laugh in the face of 'the masses' as they grovel before him. No, Obama is not incompetent. Apply that term to the masses and those they have elected to represent them, but it most certainly does not apply to the man in the Oval Office.

Not even mentioned in that recent essay is Obama's talent for garnering support and friendship among the leaders of the GOP, and totally ignoring the will of the people while getting his Progressive policies pushed through Congress, or bypassing them altogether and getting away with it. That is not the hallmark of an incompetent leader.

Look again at that one sentence and the political talent that went into it. The Oklahoma Republican qualified his remarks by saying the Obama administration suffers more from incompetence than it does from willful violations of law.

Telling his constituents that Obama is incompetent naturally pleased them while in the same sentence Coburn managed to excuse any intentional wrongdoing on the part of Hussein of the White House.

One further excerpt on the topic of incompetence: 
To back his claim of  administrative incompetence, Coburn cited the example of Obama’s 15 picks for top Homeland Security vacancies, saying “a general portion of the nominees are absolutely incompetent.”

I cannot endorse his remarks about their degree of incompetence as competence is relative to the agenda the person is expected to further. If that agenda is to make our nation safer then yes they are incompetent. If on the other hand we assume that Obama's intention is to weaken this country then he may have chosen the most competent people available. The problem we face is that Obama's friends, and our representatives, do not wish to discuss this politically incorrect topic.

Another excerpt from Roll Call:
Still, Coburn said at the Muskogee event that although Barack Obama is a "personal friend," he is on track to throw the country into a constitutional crisis and that perhaps a constitutional convention should be called to rewrite the government's foundational document.

I must make one comment and address it directly to Tom Coburn. 'Senator, you are known by the company you keep.' Nuff said about Coburn's choice of friends. 

What is far more frightening is his political agenda. I recall that before Obama was even elected he had made disparaging remarks about the Constitution being 'flawed' and he criticized the founders for creating a constitution defining negative rights allowed the the federal government. 

Now Senator Coburn is suggesting that a constitutional convention be called to rewrite that Constitution. The corrupt ones in our nation's capitol cannot even write a health care law and he would entrust a constitution to such Riff Raff. Whose side is he on anyway? Oh yes, I almost forgot. Obama is his friend.

And now to the real purpose of this effort. Tom Coburn, like so very many, is just another two bit politician. He is not the cause of the problem, just another symptom. The actual problem goes back to the electorate, i.e.: 'The masses', and for the first time in my life I am beginning to have doubts that they are capable of making an informed choice. That statement, I know, sounds somewhat condescending and perhaps even a bit arrogant, but bear with me a moment as I explain what has led me to this consideration.

Think back 120 years when the primary goal of the federal government was protecting our borders, and deciding when, and if, to take this nation to war. Think of the average American, living on a farm, concerned with livestock, the crop in the field, and the weather that might destroy it. Life was in essence quite simple compared with today. At that time basic education consisted of the 3Rs; Readin, Riten, Rithmatic. Today those three Rs have morphed into SIT; Sex, Indoctrination, Texting.

It has long been said that the young are our future. I could not agree more. That being said, allow me to advance the concept one step further. We have no future.

Today we can be hit by a nuclear missile launched from anywhere in the world with an ETA of 33 minutes. Our entire lifestyle is built on an oil/energy dependency, which leaves us at the whims of hostile nations who may interrupt the flow of that precious commodity. That sadly small percentage of our population who dare perceive some semblance of reality understand that our greatest danger comes not from those hostile nations but from within, for we have become infiltrated, indoctrinated, and disinterested.

Our future belongs to the young and the primary interest of our youth is what is the government going to give them. Paraphrasing a line from the Bible: 'The government gives and the government taketh away.' Rest assured that they taketh far more than they give and in time will taketh all.

Look to the video linked above and note Coburn's audience, gray hair and balding heads. Look to the Tea Parties and see much the same. Look to an Obama speech and see thirty thousand empty headed young people chanting 'Four more years!' Many of our citizens have long since abandoned reason and most certainly never taught its importance to their offspring, and without reason, we stand disarmed before the world.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with, your analysis!
What I can never understand is how many americans are so easily corruptible, ignorant and bamboozled.

What does it take to stop this deceptive tyrant and his crime syndicate at 1600 Penn?

Where are todays leaders?

John Houk said...

You really should learn more about Senator Tom Coburn. His primary agenda ever since he was elected has been to fight government spending and waist programs. He is a Pro-Life voter being also a Medical Doctor. He annoys even Republicans because he attack pork projects regardless if the pork supporter is a Dem or Republican.

As to Coburn saying Obama is close to impeachment. I am certain this was in regard to the frustration of Constitution burning. Obama has certainly made questionable Constitutional calls which I am sure you could name yourself and is probably guilty in many of the scandals Obama calls phony.

Harry Reid actually has no say on whether Obama is impeached. Reid and Coburn are in the Senate. The House impeaches and the Senate tries the President as if the articles of Impeachment were an indictment. If the Senate convicts the President is removed from Office by the rule of law rather than a coup. On the other hand I sincerely doubt Reid would allow an impeached Obama to be convicted. When Clinton was impeached the Senate voted along Party lines primarily with probably a few RINOs joining the Dems. Two Presidents have been impeached – Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton. No Presidents have been convicted by the Senate.

If you haven’t guessed by now I reside in Oklahoma. 


John, my greatest concern is his calling for a new Constitution. Such a document, written by the powers that be would prove to be the end, not only of freedom, but the actual concept of freedom.