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Coptic Christian priest Mina Cheroubim, shot
 dead outside his church in response to the
Brotherhood’s ousting
August 18, 2013
Oh, how far this nation has traveled, and lately it has all been downhill. 

Everyone recalls when George W. Bush declared that this nation would never forget the horrors that occurred on 911. They also recall him declaring war on terror. Twelve years and we seem to have forgotten. Terrorism is on the rise and we find Islam planning a Million Muslim March on our Capitol, on 911 nonetheless. Perhaps most revealing of the direction we have taken is that after a mere twelve years, Egypt has put our nation on its list of terrorist sponsoring states.

From Raymond Ibrahim...
Egyptian Military Warns Obama: 'Supporting Terrorism' in Egypt is 'Red Line'
Watan reported military sources as saying, “The American decision will not influence the course drawn by popular will” — a reference to the fact that the overwhelming majority of Egyptians reject Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood — and that “the military does not accept any external dictates and will not permit any nation to support terrorism in Egypt,” a reference to the fact that U.S. support for the Brotherhood is support for terrorism.

From PJ Media...
MSM Blackout? Egyptians Enraged By U.S. Outreach To Muslim Brotherhood
A top advisor to Egypt’s Interim President Adly Mansour formally accused McCain of distorting facts to the benefit of the Brotherhood. He dismissed McCain’s recent remarks as “irrational” and “moronic.”

From National Review Online...
Media Sympathizes With Muslim Brotherhood - Persecution Of Christians Ignored
Indeed, the abuse of Egypt’s Christians has reached unprecedented levels in the modern era. Al-Qaeda’s flag has been raised above their churches; their pope is in hiding under threat of death; a priest was shot in front of his church, and another Copt beheaded; their children are being abducted; nary a day goes by without a church being attacked or set aflame; hate filled graffiti covers their homes and churches.

Well, I guess that settles it. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, i.e.:Terrorism. So it would appear, but I have learned to always look beyond the obvious when dealing with Obama, or perhaps I should say George Soros.

Joseph Stalin is quoted as having once said "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." Now that is elitist thinking at its best. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Morsi himself, and the Coptic Christians are in the process of becoming statistics for they are no more than pawns in the big picture.

Last month I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt-Soros-The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood'(Below in Suggested Reading). It went Totally ballistic as I explained events in Egypt in the only way that makes sense. I shall continue here.

I believe that most would agree with me when I say that Martial Law is a terrible thing to live under. What the majority of people do not understand is that when Martial Law is imposed, it is what the bulk of the population wants ... At first. That sounds odd but here is the way it works:

Create a pure living hell for the population; utter chaos; murder, rape, rioting, and ruin. Allow that situation to continue until all of society is ready to topple. That is when the benevolent leader steps in with Martial Law, restoring peace, with a price tag. Total loss of freedom, long prison terms, and mass executions. Look to history and view Nazi Germany, Russia, China, and Iran.

In the previously mentioned essay I stated that Obama would throw Morsi and the Brotherhood under the bus as he follows the Soros lead. The above headlines would seem to indicate that I am mistaken but those headlines, while accurate, are but a smoke screen, generated by rhetoric, not action.

Obama has long known that Soros would gain control of Egypt and that is why the constant flow of sophisticated war machines to Egypt continued. Morsi and his terrorist thugs do not know what to do with F-16s and Abrams tanks. The Egyptian military hierarchy which has never shown loyalty to the MB know what to do with such equipment and they have been biding their time.

Obama's famed Cairo speech loosed the the Muslim Brotherhood upon the world and especially Egypt. People long tired of Mubarak decided to give Islam a try. This was one of Soros' few miscalculations. He had hopes of installing Mohamed ElBaradei as the President of Egypt at that time. He, through the efforts of Obama, had unleashed the MB on the Middle East and it got out of hand with Egypt's citizens seeking a new way. They rejected 'Liberal' ElBaradei and chose Morsi. Since that election ElBaradei has led the opposition in opposing the MB, always in the picture, always pulling strings, never wavering from the ultimate goal.

It did not take the Egyptian people long to grow weary of the Brotherhood. Note that when the people voiced their anger, the military moved to depose Morsi and temporarily took control of the nation. In that action lies a Catch 22. Egypt is dependent on financial assistance from the U.S., and by law we are not allowed to assist any nation whose military has overthrown its democratically elected leader, and that is where semantics came into play. One could argue that the military only enforced the will of the Egyptian people. 

Not choosing to establish a military dictatorship they immediately tried to appoint another of George Soros' Peace Prize winners, Mohamed ElBaradei, to the Presidency. All hell broke loose from the MB at that idea. The military reconsidered and tried to appoint him as Prime Minister. Again the MB intervened and a final agreement was made allowing ElBaradei to assume the lesser role as Vice President. Egypt's election is six months away, allowing for much political maneuvering during the interim. Rest assured there will be many closed door meetings in the next six months.

Never play chess with George Soros for you will surely lose.

We are all aware of the violence that is occurring in Egypt, and ElBaradei is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and true to the image, and I do mean 'Image', ElBaradei resigned the Vice Presidency in protest of the violence and the attempted crushing of the MB. This move is well choreographed as it will tend to establish him as a man of peace who will represent all of all the people in the coming election.

From The LA Times...
Egypt's VP Mohamed ElBaradei Resigns In Protest Against Crackdown ... August 14, 2013

This surely will prove that the Peace Prize recipient is a man of peace, seeking to unify all of the people. Won't it? I seem to recall another gentleman with a Peace Prize who promised to unify America, and just look where we are at. But ElBaradei is not stupid and the mere fact that he has risen to such power with Soros indicates that he is not a man of moral principles. The simple fact of the matter is that the MB must be crushed. Until this happens they are going to unleash a reign of terror upon the people of Egypt. ElBaradei's resignation and call for peace and understanding is a ploy.

Now, back to Hussein Obama and his role in all of this. The way the coup was carried out was, as mentioned, a Catch 22, allowing Obama to go either way. He could have cancelled economic and military aid to Egypt on the grounds of a coup or continue stressing that the military was enacting the will of the people. Thus far he is continuing the aid and his two favorite Judas goats, McCain and Graham, are doing their job of criticizing him while he blames Congress. What a wicked web of deceit is unveiled as he gives lip service to both the Brotherhood and the 'will of the people'. Why, you might ask?

Obama has many allies from the MB here in the United States and he must stay on friendly terms with them, keeping them on his side while actually forsaking Morsi in favor of the Soros plan. Throughout the Middle East we are supporting terrorism and Egypt is no exception. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are doing their fair share for the MB while Obama continues to finance the Egyptian government that is engaging the MB in a convoluted bit of genius on the part of George Soros.

What singles Egypt out from all of the other Islamic States in the Middle East? Two things...One is the Sinai on the border of Israel that Soros is determined to destroy, and the second is the Suez Canal. That canal is the jugular for the entire western civilizations. It is through that canal that the bulk of our oil travels. Control Egypt, control the canal, control the flow of oil, and bring the West to its knees. It is that simple.

Some years ago I was watching a documentary about our strategic bombing of the Nazi war machine. One ex-Nazi stated that we made a grave error in our attacks. He referred to the way we would bomb oil fields and refineries, then go after ball bearing factories, then aircraft factories, then V2 launch sites, then once again attack the rebuilt oil fields and refineries. The aging gentleman's view was that we should simply have hammered the oil fields and refineries non-stop. Destroy a nations source of energy, and the ball bearings, the rockets, and the aircraft are irrelevant. I believe that he was correct and so does George Soros. Our weakest link is oil. Destroy that link and America is Kaput.

The oil link is a long range attack on America put forth by the Progressives via the ecology/green movement. Soros has taken it to its ultimate dimension. Don't simply reduce our oil supply. End it! Obama was chosen to be President for some very good reasons. Soros has an agenda and Obama is an important part of it.

Think back to the BP disaster and the Gulf of Mexico. Obama put a freeze on American drilling in the Gulf while allowing other nations to drill for our oil. Canada is more than ready to provide all of the oil that we need, disallowed by Hussein Obama. This nation is spending itself into oblivion and the only thing that keeps us afloat is our productivity. The stage is set. That productivity will stop when the flow of oil ends, and this is why Egypt and the control of the Suez Canal is so important to George Soros.

From Rush Limbaugh...
See, I Told You So: Obama Regime Subsidized Brazilian Oil Drilling
This is a post at NRO crediting the Washington Post. "The Post lead house editorial notes Obama’s incomprehensible remarks in Brazil supporting more offshore drilling there … while still opposing it here at home."

Christians will continue to die, members of the MB will continue to spread terror, strife and bloodshed will go unabated until Egypt comes under the control of the Soros empire. When Mubarak was first deposed Mohamed ElBaradei was the military's first choice for interim President and chaos will continue there until he is the people's first choice. If he is elected or appointed President of Egypt then Soros will rule.

Until then, Egypt's military, the Brotherhood, Barrack Obama, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, and many others are but chess pieces being moved by the master's hand. 

Suggested Reading...
Egypt-Soros-The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood

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