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Danny Jeffrey


This was a church before the Muslim
Brotherhood torched it
August 22, 2013
I could care less about the color of a man's skin, his station in life, his bank account, or the car he drives. Tell me of a man's philosophy and I shall tell you of that man's worth to himself and humanity.

We all know what is meant by the term 'formative years'; oddly mine began at age twenty four when I first read one of Ayn Rand's books. Since then I have read and reread all of them and in doing so rejected most everything I was taught in what was my earlier 'formative years'. She wrote of what most parents teach their children and compared that process to a mother bird plucking all of the feathers from her offspring and then shoving them out of the nest to meet the world, totally unprepared for the reality before them. They are sent into the world lacking the most important treasure of all ... a coherent moral philosophy.

Perhaps the greatest thing that I learned from Ayn Rand was that contradictions do not exist. As she so nicely put it, "Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. One of them is wrong." Today we see all of the Democratic Party and a large portion of the GOP, as well as the media, and forty seven percent of the nation supporting Obama, and yet we hear the cry that he is incompetent. It would seem time to check your premises.

My love of the internet and interest in politics, both national and international was born of Hussein Obama being elected President, for in him I saw the personification of everything that Ayn Rand had warned about. My greatest fears, and her's, were coming to pass in a person who is perhaps the greatest con man ever to walk the Earth. The American public just loved him, and he is a walking contradiction. Since contradictions do not exist, he is a walking lie. Again, look to those premises.

I seriously doubt that any who read this are unaware of the Obama-Soros connection. I also doubt that they swallow the lie that Islam is the 'Religion of Peace'. Had Obama been the first to utter that phrase then I could view the situation as an isolated aberration of reality, but the fact of the matter is we can trace a growing influence of Islam back through multiple Presidents. They, one lie at a time, were setting the stage for what Obama has triggered.

If you are among those who believe that the threat of a New World Order is simply a hare brained conspiracy theory, read no further, for I believe it to be a fact, and much of my thinking is based on that belief. By the way, much of this essay is about Egypt, and we shall get there in time. As mentioned, many of Obama's predecessors set the stage for him; this essay requires the same flexibility and ground work before tackling the events in Egypt. First come with me to England.

A few hours ago a friend in Britain posted a very interested article.

From The Voice...Hat tip to Antony
Birmingham Academic Reveals The Future Of Diversity
Move Over Multiculturalism - "superdiveristy" is the new reality. At least in Birmingham, according to academic Dr. Jenny Philmore. For Philmore heads the newly launched IRiS - or Institute for Research in Superdiversity - at the University of Birmingham. It's the first institute in the UK and one of the first in the world to focus on superdiversity. 
But what exactly is 'superdiversity"?
The term was first coined by Steven Vertovec at Oxford University. He defined it as 'immigration at a level and complexity surpassing anything that this country has previously experienced.'
And here is where it gets really good, as this revolting and arrogant remark shows the regard that the 'intellectuals' of the UK feel for the middle and lower class of citizens. My friend referred to it as 'Aristocratic Contempt':
Philmore adds, "Whether people like it or not, curbing immigration is an irrelevance because it has already happened. Change is the norm."

Immigration has been occurring since the dawn of mankind and change is indeed the norm. What is not normal is when the leaders and 'thinkers' of a nation deliberately impose change on that nation that will destroy its very foundation. Thus far those immigrants arrive, sign up for taxpayer financed benefits, and set out to impose their religious and political convictions on the people of the UK, with the threat of terrorism always waiting in the wings for any Brit who dares show any disrespect for the invaders.

By now you may be asking what England's immigration problems has to do with Egypt. Patience, patience. Next stop America.

We too have a growing problem with Islam, though not nearly as serious as the influx of illegals crossing our borders putting an unbearable strain on our economy. As with the UK and Europe, this 'invasion' is endorsed by our leaders and sponsored with our dwindling wealth, and what will happen when that wealth is depleted? Utter turmoil. There is no other option.

Were this occurrence limited to one nation you might think that their leaders had gone mad. That is not the case. It is happening throughout all of the prosperous nations of the West, and I flatly reject the term 'conspiracy theory'. This is conspiracy fact! I maintain the view that no nation can exist without borders, and those borders must be protected at all costs. Unregulated immigration spells the certain doom of any nation that allows it.

That New World Order is dictating the terms of a massive influx of foreign people into the UK, Europe, and America. The policy is designed with but one thing in mind, and that is to overload the system, resulting in the cultural ruin of multiple nations. The violence factor is to be added by the people of Islam when the nationals finally grow weary of the assault and stand up for their natural rights as citizens.

Now on to Egypt and the Middle East:

We, the nations of the West, have been trying to impose democracy on a people who neither want nor understand the principles we are trying to force on them. What works for us will not work for the followers of the Qur'an, for the simple fact of the matter is that nothing will work for them. They are enslaved by a hideous philosophy that reeks of a hatred for life. They are taught from the day that they are born that it is their destiny to rule the world and with that mental defect in place, it is easy for those seeking power to ensnare them into becoming cannon fodder for the New World Order.

We hear much about a Caliphate and the spread of Islam world wide as they conquer the West. Many people say that this is coming, including Glenn Beck. They are mistaken. Islam poses a great danger to all civilized people everywhere but they cannot conquer the world, they can only turn it into a shambles. Muslims, left to their own devices, cannot even feed themselves. The bulk of their food, and all of their medicine and weapons are produced by civilized people. Cut off the supply of food, medicine, and guns and they will be on their knees in a very short period. In short, they cannot conquer and kill us unless we provide them the means with which to do so.

The people of Islam are convinced that they are serving the will of Allah, when in fact they are actually serving the NWO, whose purpose for the moment is to use the MB to instill total chaos that will in time lead to their gaining control of the world as a frightened people seek order and will willingly surrender their freedom to achieve that order, if only briefly.

So very many people believe that Obama has a strange love for the Muslim Brotherhood, after all, they had been banned throughout most nations until his Cairo speech once again granted them power and recognition as a legitimate entity. Ask yourself did Napoleon love his soldiers, and did Hitler love his, or did both of these Megalomaniacs see those men only as a means to their personal glory and power.

Start connecting the dots; New World Order, United Nations, Progressivism, Communism, George Soros, Hussein Obama, and Islam. What do they all have in common? A hatred of the United States, Israel, and freedom. 

Obama spoke of his own private army to enact change in America, and it is growing, but a great deal of America's strength and security lay in our alliances in the Middle East. He needed another army there, i.e.: The Brotherhood. The Middle East has long been the tinderbox of the world and I recall fifty years ago people predicting that WWIII would begin there.

Obama, Soros, and their NWO allies have no interest in the MB ruling a nation. Morsi tried to and he and his ilk proved themselves incapable. It took but a short time for those Islamists to send Egypt to hell in the proverbial hand basket. Soros and his puppets have but one interest in the MB and that is the chaos they can sow.They have sown it well, and the process continues.

Look at George Soros. He is anti-Jew, anti Christian, he is an atheist who hates the human race. Why would he want to empower Islam via the Muslim Brotherhood except on a temporary basis? Look at his favorite puppet, Hussein Obama. You know him to be a megalomaniac as well. He declared Al Qaeda to be defeated, and we are all well aware of the fact that he lied. He declares the Brotherhood to be peaceful but just look at the people they have killed and the churches burned in recent days.

Egypt's military is rounding up and imprisoning the MB and are on the verge of disbanding them yet again, but putting the genie back into the bottle is not going to be as easy as Obama releasing it. As Al Jazeera opens with great fanfare in America the Al Jazeera of Egypt is being shut down due to the blatant lies they tell in support of the MB.

Our news media, on the other hand, are not nearly so guilty of lying as avoiding the truth, but in the long run it pretty much works out the same. The U.S. Media has teams of reporters in Cairo, busy interviewing the MB while ignoring the other side of the story, and that is what we call an agenda. The American public are being told that the Brotherhood is only engaged in peaceful sit ins and are being mercilessly murdered by the Egyptian police. So far they have managed to avoid discussing how so many police and Christians are getting killed and how many churches are being burned.

Being certain that you have already read a lot of articles on those topics I shall avoid them and pursue the sleight of hand that is taking place with Obama and his cohorts.

Recently I read a comment that Obama was not elected, he was chosen. Well he was elected with an overwhelming majority in his first run for office, but I get the point. He WAS chosen. The question is Why?

Look back briefly to 2008 when a little known, far left liberal suddenly emerged as the front runner in the Democratic Party's quest for the Oval Office. It had long been an accepted fact that Hillary Clinton would be the DNC's candidate and would almost certainly be elected. Suddenly, Tah Dah, the magic man appears on the scene. Again the question is WHY?

Hillary was far better known, possessing more experience, part of a well established political machine, and she had long since proven her loyalties to the Progressive agenda and quite adept with the tactics of Saul Alinsky. In short, she was the ideal candidate and yet she was spurned for a relatively unknown newcomer to the game. Why?

The answer is that Obama was everything that George Soros had been dreaming about. The new candidate had an ego that could be easily stroked, a belief in the far left that Soros promoted, a hatred for America and Israel, and a racist attitude toward white people. The fact that he is a mulatto added to his appeal but first and foremost, Barrack Hussein Obama had a Muslim background. Let us call it a Cairo Connection.

Soros, the puppet master found exactly what he wanted in young Obama, but his Muslim heritage was what George Soros cherished most.  Hillary could not have created the growing racism in America and most certainly could not have empowered the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama could, and that is why he was 'chosen'. None but he could have forced Egypt to accept a reemerging Brotherhood. His Cairo Connection was the key to unlocking rampant terrorism in the Middle East and eventually world wide. 

Soros had found his long sought puppet.

Being a mulatto with a Muslim heritage he was expected to bring harmony between the blacks and whites of our nation and peace with Islam. Thus began the final days of America, for he brought no harmony to our shores but racial discord and defiance. In the Middle East we find no peace, but spreading civil wars. This is why Obama was chosen for none other could do what he has accomplished.

Notice the date of his Cairo Speech; June 4, 2009. Barely six months in office and he set about to unleash Soros' plan upon the world. Six months with all of the political channels and back channels involved is barely enough time to pull it altogether. This Cairo episode was well planned in advance, and I must admit, well executed.

Looking back four years and perceive a tapestry of horrors. Israel, once one of America's strongest allies, no longer relies on us, or trusts anything we say. Egypt, while not in the same category as Israel, was also a trusted ally and today they have put us on their list of nations who sponsor terrorism. Iran inches ever closer to becoming a nuclear force to deal with while Al Qaeda and the MB burned our mission in Libya and murdered our Ambassador. Syria, long ran by a dictator, is under constant attack from Islamic radicals and I would take a dictator any day of the week. George Soros must be a very happy man right now.

Someone in a moment of misguided jubilation created the term 'Arab Spring'. Perhaps in time it will be properly recognized by a more appropriate title like the 'Islamic Firestorm'.

Never fall for the line that Obama is incompetent. Were that so he would never have been chosen for the role he is enacting. Understanding the Soros agenda I must say that he chose well, for with the aid of Obama, George Soros has unleashed a hell on Earth not known since World War II, and it is only beginning.

In several of my most recent works I have put forth the idea that flies in the face of all that most accept to be true. In essays listed below I endeavor to show that Obama, contrary to popular opinion, is not supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, but merely paying it lip service while using it to further the goals of the master.

Final thought: In my opening paragraph I wrote "Tell me of a man's philosophy and I shall tell you of that man's worth to himself and humanity." I believe that I now understand the philosophies of both Obama and Soros. As to their worth, let's not even go there. As to humanity, with the power wielded and abused by these two men, I can only hope that God will show mercy on mankind.

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Dmitri said...

I visit here on a daily basis and have done research as well. I have a question that I hope you can shed some light on.

In the Bible in revelations it mentions a false prophet and the beast. Do you think the beast is here already (as well as the false prophet). Your thoughts will be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Alan Lake said...

I heard Soros speak at an event in London and he came across as an idiot.

He lists Popper as one of his heroes, without seeming to grasp at all what the threats to the Open Society are. If he'd listed von Mises as well, I might believe he'd understood.

He fancies himself as a philosopher and writer - honestly, he is just an embarrassment. Brilliant financier? Yes. Philosopher? Well, yes, if he's also a porn stud. He has just a handful of ideas, which he expands to populate an entire theory and book.

The most dangerous person is the misguided fool.


Karl Popper was indeed a dangerous misguided fool. By extension George Soros is far more dangerous as he was brilliant enough in the field of economics to make a vast fortune and began enacting Poppers warped views of how societies should function.
While identifying misguided fools let us add Hussein Obama to the list. One premise that Popper promoted was that a society is closed if its members regards that society to be in anyway superior to any other, as all societies are morally equal. I recall when Obama was asked if he regarded the U.S. to be unique and he answered yes but no more so than England or Greece.
That logic carried to its limits would imply that we are morally equivalent to Libya and Darfur as well.
Alan, I would like to edit your last sentence to read "The most dangerous person is the misguided powerful fool."

buffalo444 said...

The most compelling, comprehensive summary read to date. Echoes all of my reading and summations. Bold, courageous, and dead on. Thank you for your studies, your writing, which I could only dream to match, and your warning of what is to come. I only want to stop it.

lifeishooey said...

George Soros is not the highest power that is in control of the world. Not by a long shot. See, Soros is also being used by someone. His choice for Obama was put into his head by that someone.

That someone is, G-d Almighty.
He is ultimately in control and was also clearly His choice for Obama to be king to bring about the prophecies spoken of in His Word. Everything Obama is doing to bring America down is ordained. Set in stone. America must be removed from superpower status to easily glide right into the global order. And since America is not mentioned in His Word, it could very well slip into the NWO virtually unnoticed. The only other alternative is that America is completely destroyed and there is not enough left to be in any order.

Any way you look at it, it's one helluva frightening prospect.

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