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Danny Jeffrey


In my early days on the internet I became the victim of two different hoaxes and learned my lesson well. Consequently, I have concluded that the vast majority of our digital media is pure junk. It is a collection of hoaxes, wishful thinking, agendas, half truths, and blatant lies, and thankfully it is sprinkled with an occasional truth. That realization, coupled with an unrelenting search for the truth has led me to become a serious researcher, accepting nothing at face value and rejecting all that cannot be substantiated.

Five years ago I had no idea who George Soros even was or the horrid agenda he promotes. Now I know the man and his motives well. Truth can be found if one chooses to dig past the facade presented by unfounded conjecture and self imposed ignorance.

Many who feel that they are 'awake' are well aware of the fact that Soros presents a grave danger to our liberties but there is a great difference between being aware of a problem and understanding it, and it is understanding that I seek. To that end I recently compiled a long list of the groups that he funds. Follow the money trail they say! I have followed it and it reveals so much about his tactics.

I published that list and know that few will even look at it as many prefer the rantings of Alex Jones, and the hysteria and misinformation of many others. My goal is to learn and inform, not entertain. Entertainment is not my purpose. Informing is, and for those who want information, and do not want to view a long boring list, I have gone a step farther and categorized the interests of George Soros, for it is there that we begin to grasp his tactics. Discover where he spends his money, and you are well on the way to anticipating his next move.

Ask most conservatives to reveal their three greatest fears and I will guarantee you that gun control will be in that list. It should not be. Granted, Obama would love nothing better than to disarm America but he is well aware that he cannot with today's political climate and so he is relying on a slow erosion and passing the gun control bid on to the liberal states. His plan is quite simply to have us out-resourced when all hell breaks loose.

As for Soros and his method, take a few minutes to understand the man. Knowledge of a person springs from studying this tactics, which in turn, leads to understanding his motives. The following groups that he funds will tell you so much about him, his goals, and our future.

Second Amendment 0 Groups

LGBT 1 group

Labor Unions  2 Groups

The Democratic Party 7 Groups

The Media 10 Groups

Feminist Movement 11 Groups

Attacking Our Judicial System 11 Groups

National Security 14 Groups

Anti Israel-Anti America 21 Groups.

Health Care 21 Groups

Immigration and Our Borders 30 Groups

I published that long list of Soros groups at Soros Groups and Foundations, but that list, in and of itself, reveals little other than the fact that George Soros has created and funds a lot of groups, thus controlling a lot of people. While fully aware that most will never even take a look at the compilation, it was but a step to this. The above analysis of his interests can reveal much to any who would learn. Just take a look at the last three groups and grasp the thinking of George Soros.

Soros is a heartless creature with but one thing in mind, and that is control. Unlike most, he knows that he who controls an economy controls a nation, and he who destroys an economy destroys that nation. 

He is not interested in gun control other than to pay lip service. His plan is to conquer us with bankruptcy. His anti-Israel anti-American stance expresses his own personal hatred of all mankind and freedom. The greatest damage that he can do to America is through unending expenditures on health care and an unrelenting flow of illegal immigrants. This is how he intends to conquer, and he appears to be well on the way to success.

Nothing would please that man more than to destroy our economy and our ability to produce, and to see three hundred million Americans in the streets shooting each other. If he lives long enough to see that, he will die a happy man.

Many of the groups mentioned above under the topic of health care are pro-abortionist group. In this field Soros wins on multiple fronts. His efforts manage to not only prevent human life but also puts the bill squarely in the lap of those Americans already born, leading to a greater burden on the taxpayer, an increasing inflation, and further adding to our class struggles. He cares not about a woman's 'right' to abortion. His purpose is the effect that these millions of abortions have on society, which is reducing the population while increasing our expenditures.

He is equally disinterested in the welfare of the Mexican illegals who manage to enter our economic system everyday. 'Economic' is the buzz word for that is the crucial part of the Soros agenda. Overwhelm America with so many people that we cannot afford, and in time this nation will collapse under the ever growing burden of illegals among us, demanding their 'rights' to the labors of our productivity.

I hate to say it but I am developing an admiration for Soros, but before you swear off reading anything I will write in the future please allow me to explain. Do you recall in the movie 'Patton' where George Patton said "Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I read your book!" Admiring one's enemy is part of understanding him. 

General Grant and General Lee faced each other across numerous battlefields and both admired the other. Napoleon was the toast of Europe and even the nations he conquered held him in awe and the same can be said for Alexander the Great.

In spite of all of the evil that George Soros has spawned I cannot help but think of him as a great chess master, sitting across the table, three moves from checkmating me. Many are the photo shopped images and comments describing him as the emperor, all complimentary in a convoluted sort of way. That man is a diabolical genius such as this world has never seen, and we are going to suffer enormously because of all the hatred for mankind he has inside.

I have no answers on how to combat this man. We have seen him and his kind take control of the Democratic Party and now we watch helplessly as the same fate befalls the GOP. You know, they know, and I know, that the influx of illegals will destroy the Republican Party and then America, and yet out elected 'conservative' leaders are beating the drums for amnesty. They know full well what they are doing. These people are not stupid, but they are bought, paid for, and controlled by none other than George Soros ... Emperor to be.

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