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Danny Jeffrey


The word 'Agenda' usually comes with an unpleasant connotation but the fact of the matter is that we all have an agenda, some good, some bad. What we are willing or unwilling to do to enact that agenda says volumes about our character.

I have spent the last month building multiple websites and stocking them with data gleaned from exploring the inroads that the Progressives have made into enacting their agenda for the ruin of this nation.

'Progressives'...That is quite a word, and many who are regarded as such are not even aware of the role that they are playing in the inevitable demise of this great nation. It would be so nice if everything could be easily categorized as black or white, good or evil, right or wrong, but then that would be asking too much, as it would make my work much easier.

In my most recent essay, I released a list of all of the groups and foundations funded by George Soros and many of those who receive funding from him are convinced that they are involved in a noble endeavor. Time is quite naturally going to prove otherwise for Soros never invests in the public good. Of all the evil philanthropists in this world he is perhaps the best known, as he likes the limelight, while many of the others prefer the obscurity of hiding in the shadows while they administer the coup de grace on man's liberty.

That seemingly unending list of Soros funded groups was very tiring and I went from it to sorting those groups in their various categories and assigning them to appropriate niches in the websites that I am building. I went from there to exploring all of the Progressive groups and foundations in the U.S. and that is a much longer list than those controlled by George Soros, and it is there that I encountered many groups founded on noble ideals that have been usurped and those noble ideals often abandoned in the quest for the overall Progressive agenda.

Patrick Moore, a most interesting gentleman, co-founded Greenpeace
Patrick Moore
many years ago. As time passed the organization grew and was infiltrated by those serving a Progressive agenda. Eventually the infiltrators outnumbered the founders and their idealistic following, and subverted the whole purpose of a fine organization. Mister Moore chose to leave Greenpeace rather than join them in their efforts. As mentioned in the first paragraph, he withdrew from his agenda rather than abandon his character. Others, unfortunately are not so strong.

There are many well intentioned faith based causes that have been co-opted by progressive philanthropists. People whose only interest is in helping abused children or battered women, or the mentally impaired find funding available to aid in their endeavors, but only if they also support other Progressive groups and agendas they do not believe in. People with only one concern, stopping the abuse of animals, find themselves drawn into support groups for the socialist party, and those seeking to protect wildlife find that they must oppose free enterprise to receive their funding.

It is a vicious cycle. If you choose to do a noble deed, money is available to help you in your quest, but that money comes with strings attached. Got a good cause in mind? Need funding? Look no farther than here: Resist Foundation.

Oh yes, I did mention that there are strings attached, as no good deed goes unpunished. There is another group that will monitor your participation in all of their causes. Sign this petition, join in this march, support this cause and oppose another. Here is a link to the hatchet man that makes quite certain you do your fair share ... National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). If they fund your goals this is the group that makes quite certain that you are responsive to theirs.

I am about to put before you a list; a list that is extremely long. It is so long that it takes several seconds to load on my computer. Some may find that it exceeds their available memory and will not load at all. If this occurs with anyone please leave a comment below and I shall divide the list into two linked sections. 

As with all lists it is just about as exciting as reading the telephone book and I expect no one to read all of the groups that I put before you. The goal is simply to grasp the enormity of the problems we face and the networks that are attacking us.

What you will see is a collection of yellow highlighted headings, below those headings are the affiliated groups in green links. Unless you have all day to spare, reading and following all of those links is an effort in futility. In my research I have followed them and all lead to first rate, well designed, well funded, and active websites.

To get the most out of my research please do read the links of the first five or six headings, as they are all political, revealing the overall game plan of the Progressive movement. They are hard core left wing groups intent on imposing their views on the rest of us, at any cost. Beyond your initial view simply scan down the page, stopping to read the yellow heading and noting the number of links listed in that category.

You are going to encounter a lot of groups who do little to disguise their intent and other groups initially formed on a noble concept that has since been co-opted by those with less than noble intentions. The bottom line on all of these groups is funding. If you serve their purpose your cause is funded, if you do not then you are history.

As you go through the list I ask you to watch for something. All aspects of our lives are influenced by these groups, whether it be politics, the media, food, health, religion, national security, energy, jobs, children, education, the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution, wildlife, forests, our waterways and oceans. The infiltration is endless and complete.

A few nights ago I was discussing my efforts with a friend in the U.K. and likened our situation to a potential dogfight. Two dogs staring each other down both have the option to fight or flee, and I see the Democratic Party, the socialists, and the Progressives as one big ugly dog. 

We have garnered great support groups to fight on our behalf, such as the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association, while the Progressives, on the other hand, have opted for a different tactic. They have formed literally thousands of groups with which to attack us, and that tactic reminds me of fleas, which takes us back to the dogfight. It matters not what each dog does. Whether they run or fight, whether they win or lose, the fleas come out the victor for they are so numerous that they cannot be combated. Such is the course the Woodrow Wilson put us on a century ago.

What they have been doing for the last one hundred years is forming pressure groups that apply constant pressure to our elected leaders, our corporations, our media, and us to comply to their goals. Like fleas on a weary dog they suck out the life's blood of a nation, and for so long we have chosen to give in, just a little at a time. We opted to go along to get along, and now there is nowhere to go for we are totally encircled and infiltrated, and covered in fleas.

It is time to view that awful list: Progressive Groups And Foundations. When finished if you are still interested, this is the list of the groups funded by George Soros: Soros Groups And Foundations.

A closing thought: There is no political solution. We have already lost the battle in the political arena. If America is to be saved it will be by those who believe in the First and Second Amendments.


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