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Danny Jeffrey


August 30, 2013
The following is a quote. It is the first paragraph of an essay entitled 'Wake Up America' that I wrote on August 11: 
Being a writer I quite naturally am thrilled when others show an interest in my work. Last month I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Worse Than The Brotherhood'. Now that was a thrill, for within a matter of a few days it had become the most read item that I had ever written and broke all of my previous records. This month is another surprise as someone, digging through the archives, unearthed an older essay that I had written in April of 2012 and it has now become my most reposted essay for this month. Its title and its surprising reemergence is very revealing of what is on the mind of Americans. The title 'We Are Not Doomed', and its new found popularity tells me one thing. Americans are just plain scared.
Well, it is still number one for the month and as mentioned, people digging into my archives indicates much about the mindset of Americans. The same can be said for the people of the Middle East for their most read item is Adolph Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' and the horrors of Mein Kampf are being brought to you by none other than Barrack Hussein Obama, for it was he who unleashed those horrors on the 4th of June, 2009 in his infamous Cairo speech.

Many are warning that we are on the verge of World War Three, but not to worry, at least not for Hussein Obama, his family and his staff of Progressive merry-makers in Washington. He has recently installed a massive bomb shelter under the White House to protect those who are leading this nation to its ruin.

Yesterday one of my readers asked me if I believed that Obama would attack Syria. I evaded a direct answer(reasons specified below) and pointed out the fact that Putin believes he will. He is in the process of evacuating Russian citizens and has dispatched two more of his warships to the region.

From Reuters...
Russia Sends Warships To Mediterranean As Syria Tensions Rise

From The Telegraph U.K. ...
Syria: Russia Evacuates Citizens Ahead of Military Strikes in the Next Few Days
I just love and have to add the subheading on this headline:
Russia has begun to evacuate its citizens from Syria, as its deputy prime minister stated that the West was acting in the Islamic world like "a monkey with a grenade"

Such a comment made me think of this very brief video. If you have never seen a chimpanzee with a loaded full auto AK47 you are in for a treat.

Everyone my age or even within a few decades of it has seen the whole gamut of saber rattling, threats, blustering, bluffs, denials and accusations that are part and parcel of international diplomacy, but never to the best of my knowledge, have our adversaries ever used ridicule when speaking of Western leaders, and by inference, Obama is The leader. 

I will grant you that ridicule is appropriate as a two bit community organizer has gained control of the most powerful nation in the world, and has no idea of how to deal with the situation that he has helped to create. Add this to the equation: That ridicule is payback, biting the Golfer in Chief firmly on the hindquarters. Obama in his delusions of grandeur recently made a grave error in diplomatic etiquette.

From Newsmax...
Putin Incensed By Obama's 'Bored Kid' Remark
A comment by President Obama that Vladimir Putin looked "like the bored kid in the back of the classroom" apparently "infuriated" the Russian president, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

There is a striking difference in the demeanor of these two men. One is flippant and the other determined. One is always saying "Look at me.", the other "I am watching you.".

The problem, as I see it, is that Obama has painted himself into a corner. He should never have issued his personal red line about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. He drew that line and either Assad or Obama's friends in Al Qaeda have crossed it. Now in order to maintain any semblance of credibility Hussein must act and his every possible action is a disaster looming, while the latest reports indicate that he has no backers with the possible exception of France.

In my last essay 'Operation Canned Goods-or-How To Start Another War' I pointed out that sixty percent of the American public oppose our intervention in Syria and a mere nine percent want Obama to continue.

From ABC News...
Germany: No Plan To Join Military Action

From Business Insider...
U.K. Parliament Stunningly Rejects David Cameron On Syria
The U.S. took notice of Britain's waning enthusiasm for intervention. Hours before the vote, White House aides leaked that President Barack Obama would be willing to engage alone in Syria. France said Thursday that its military is preparing for possible action, and reiterated that willingness on Friday morning.

However, before Parliament voted Cameron's planned engagement down he had already sent six RAF Typhoon jets to Cyprus.

From RT...
UK sends jets to Cyprus in what it insists is a defensive move
Britain has sent six RAF Typhoon jets to its Akrotiri base in Cyprus in a move to protect British interests as tensions grow over Syria, the Ministry of Defence said on August 29, 2013. (AFP Photo / Andrew Yates)

From Outside The Beltway...
U.K., France Seeking More Time On Syria Strike

From Arutz Sheva...
France Backs U.S. Intervention In Syria

From The Washington Post...
Obama has power, determination to make own decision on Syria, administration says
Nearly 200 House members from both parties have signed letters calling on the president to seek formal congressional approval for military action.

From The Washington Post...
U.S. Military officers have deep doubts about impact, wisdom of a U.S. strike on Syria
Some questioned the use of military force as a punitive measure and suggested that the White House lacks a coherent strategy. If the administration is ambivalent about the wisdom of defeating or crippling the Syrian leader, possibly setting the stage for Damascus to fall to fundamentalist rebels, they said, the military objective of strikes on Assad’s military targets is at best ambiguous.

Our military questioning the wisdom of intervention is meaningless to Obama. U.S. involvement in Libya was strongly opposed by the Joint Chiefs but their judgement was dismissed by Samantha Power. Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice. The fact that the American public and most of Congress are opposed to this move means nothing to Hussein of the White House. The final decision will be made by those who pull his strings.

From The New York Times...
Putin's Silence On The Subject Suggest His Resignation Over Intervention
More is at stake in Syria than a propaganda coup. While critics accuse Mr. Putin of blindly supporting Mr. Assad’s brutality, regardless of the circumstances, Mr. Putin’s abiding concerns are foreign intervention and the rise of Islamic extremism. In his view, the United States and its partners have unleashed the forces of extremism in country after country in the Middle East by forcing or advocating change in leadership — from Iraq to Libya, Egypt to Syria.
And so the stage is set for the beginning of WWIII but I do not believe that it is going to happen, at least not over this episode.

Obama went into this looking for a way to add American muscle to Al Qaeda's effort to unseat Assad. The effort has backfired. Our people, our Congress and our military are opposed to engaging another nation on behalf of terrorists. Germany and the U.K. have both signaled a no go on their part, but Obama stated that he would act unilaterally if forced to. Now it would seem that at least France wants a bit of the action. 

On the other side, Russia has threatened dire consequences should we launch an attack. Syria and Iran have both threatened to launch missiles against Tel Aviv and Israel has re-positioned many of its missile interceptors as a precautionary measure. Jordan and Turkey are moving their armored unit to their borders. The Israelis are procuring gas masks and preparing for the worst, but all is not what it appears to be.

Now we go where the squeamish dare not.

From ABC...
Intelligence On Weapons No Slam Dunk
U.S. satellites have captured images of Syrian troops moving truck into weapon storage areas and removing materials, but U.S. analysts have not been able to track what was moved or, in some cases, where it was relocated. They are also not certain that when they saw what looked like Assad's forces moving chemical supplies, those forces were able to remove everything before rebels took over an area where weapons had been stored. In addition, an intercept of Syrian military officials discussing the strike was among low-level staff, with no direct evidence tying the attack back to an Assad insider or even a senior Syrian commander, the officials said.

There is no war more confusing than civil war and we have been on the outside looking in, uncertain of the extent of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal and the various locations where it is stored. Thanks to Obama putting his foot in his mouth with that red line statement, he now must act to save face but cannot indiscriminately launch cruise missiles. One of those striking an unknown chemical storage facility could blast Sarin Gas into the atmosphere killing people hundreds of miles downwind. 

Let us add another hazard. We all know of Islam's treacherous habit of using human shields to blame Israel for the deaths of innocent. Well this group may not be so innocent but if killed in a strike by the U.S. you can picture the headlines.

From YNET News...
Assad Moving Inmates To Military Targets
Buses filled with prisoners moved to military targets to be used as human shields against Western airstrikes, British paper reports

About Syria and the most recently chemical weapons episode nothing is certain. It does appear that the attack did occur but whether it was launched by Al Qaeda in a false flag event or by a rogue junior officer in service to Assad, no one is certain, and yet Obama seems bound and determined to play war.

As of the writing of this we can be reasonably certain that nothing will happen at least until tomorrow as it is assumed that all will refrain until the the UN observers are safely out of Syria. At that point it is anyone's guess as to the next event.

My guess is this: We are going to witness a minor choreographed event to placate Obama's poor judgement.

Obama. David Cameron of the UK, and Francois Hollande have been looking for an excuse to join forces with Al Qaeda against Assad. A small dose of discretion would seem to indicate that this is a bad time to make that move.

Were I one of the players in this warped scenario I would suggest the following to all of the other players:

Obama must come out of this with some dignity so let him fire a group of cruise missiles at some non essential targets, abandoned warehouses or old missile launch sites. He has long served well the interests of Russia and the terrorists, and there is no reason to let this episode mess up a good thing. After that all interested parties could complain all they want to the UN and everyone is happy.

At the moment all parties are assuming that the situation could worsen and are preparing to act accordingly. If Obama insists on following his agenda then we have a real gut busting war ahead of us. What transpires in the immediate future is totally dependent on his actions.

Putin does not want to go to war. Assad does not want to engage Israel, and at least for the moment neither does Iran. A few minor hits in Syria to appease Obama's ego and still not trigger WWIII is the only sensible way out of this SNAFU. Obama blew it and his giant ego at the moment has us hell bent for a major conflagration, and if this situation is not soon defused we are in dire trouble. I do not relish the idea of facing a major war with a community organizer at the helm.

Obama can still aid Al Qaeda without putting our military in harm's way.

And then there is the other option. I have long written that Obama's long range goal is to neuter our military. Current events could do just that but I am hopeful that he will simply settle for a face saving move and go play golf.

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