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Last month I wrote an essay entitled Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Far Worse Than The Brotherhood. It went ballistic and within days became the most read item that I had ever written. A week later Glenn Beck did a full one hour program based on exactly what I had described of the Soros agenda empowering Mohamed ElBaradei and taking control of Egypt, the most strategically important nation in the Middle East. Now the repercussions begin to set in. The people of Islam are born with a problem; namely that their ideology is anti-life, and as long as they continue to believe as they do they are a danger to both themselves and the rest of humanity.

There are over a billion Muslims on the face of this planet and Obama took it upon himself to re-task NASA to 'make Muslims feel good about themselves'. That is equivalent to expecting the mountain to come to Mohammed. Their every core belief is based on the lunatic ravings of a long dead warlord who thrived on murder, pillaging, torture, child molesting, and rape. None who follow the teachings of the Qur'an will ever be able to feel good about themselves, and yet they want to be happy, and that is the greatest Catch 22 in history.

Look to the Middle East and you will find that the happiest, most productive people, are the Israelis. In spite of the fact that they are surrounded by a sea of hatred born of the blood lust of Islam, they have managed to find a measure of happiness in a desert they have made bloom. For the cause of the problems of Islam one need look no farther than the Qur'an that rejects everything that brings joy to the world.

It is hard to believe that one book could possibly be so evil and when you pit the teaching found within it against the hatred of all mankind that Soros has brought to the world, there will be hell to pay. Feel free to quote me on that.

As the title of my aforementioned essay implies, what now lies before the Middle East is far worse than what the Muslim Brotherhood was doing while Morsi was in power, and how did we get here? Glenn Beck and his associate Buck Sexton have more to say(Brief Video) about what is happening in Egypt, Libya, and Turkey. They didn't even broach the Syria problem or mention the growing pro Islamic trend in Jordan.

But returning to how we got here: Thanks to Bungler in Chief Jimmy Carter, the Shah of Iran was overthrown and replaced by the crazed Shiite Mullah, and that was but one serious error. Three thousand people who died in the Twin Towers, would if able, point to our part in creating Al Qaeda. Note the two gentlemen in the adjoining image. If you fail to recognize them don't feel bad. Both were much younger then. To the left is Zbigniew Brzezibnski(Zbig), his friend on the right is none other than Osama bin Laden.

At the time this photo was taken Zbig was National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter and to this day he is quite proud of luring Russia into a war in Afghanistan they could not win. He justifies the pride in his accomplishment on the grounds that terrorism is not nearly as dangerous as was the Soviet Union.

Follow a quick link, if you will, to George Soros' International Crisis Group and simply scroll down the page and find that one of his supporters is none other than Zbig himself. This man armed the Islamists and trained them on military tactics, thus giving birth to Al Qaeda. The third image below Zbig is of Mohamed ElBaradei, current vice president of Egypt. Small world isn't it?

More recently we all recall the thrill that Obama, John McCain and Lindsey Graham had when they aided in the toppling of Mubarak and the rise to power of the Brotherhood in Egypt. Later Traitor McCain aided in the overthrow of Qaddafi when he implemented George Soros' R2P agenda in Libya, and now he is attempting the same goal in Syria.

Were the situation not so tragic I would be laughing at Lindsey Graham's comment on the Beck video above where he seems frightened that Egypt is about to descend into civil war any day now. Well, I may not be laughing but let me assure you that the gods are. They are laughing long and hard at the folly of mankind. 

McCain and Graham have long promoted a Soros agenda and it is about to blow up in their faces. They have created a monster and they are the so called 'experts' on the Middle East. Odd how people like Glenn Beck, Robert Spencer and I can foretell coming events and are ridiculed for being alarmists. Events are coming at us like a train out of control. Someone please, ring the alarm bell.

I have long warned that Egypt is the most strategically important nation in all of Islam. All arms reaching Gaza must first pass through Egypt, all terrorists and Al Qaeda entering Gaza must do so through the Sinai. Most oil reaching the West does so through the Suez Canal. Egypt descending into chaos, will in turn cause chaos in the nations of the west as we suffer a loss of necessary oil. 

Every President since Ronald Reagan has promised to end our oil dependency on the Middle East, and yet all have done everything within their power to increase the stranglehold that Islam has on America. Now we may be facing the crisis they have long sought to build.

Obama's friend and ally, Recep Erdogan of Turkey is in the process of making a very very grave error. Turkey has long been an ally of the West and is perhaps the most westernized of all the nations of Islam. It is strange how so many suffer tunnel vision and see nothing but what they choose to see. Such is the way of Erdogan. He envisions a new Caliphate with him as its undisputed leader. That will not happen, but to that end he has begun imprisoning his leading generals, virtually destroying his military might in the hopes of ruling without interference from his military high command.

Glory days! So many in Islam think back to the Glory days of the Caliphate when all Islam was ruled by one man, at least in theory. Those days are gone and will never return, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming. To grasp the mindset of those seeking a return to the good ole days of one of the Caliphates you must understand the mindset of those who seek absolute power. 

The perfect example was the Shah of Iran, opposed by the Ayatollah Khomeni. History has shown that there are only two types of government possible in the world of Islam. Dictatorial and Islamic fanatics. Neither serve well the interests of the people of the Middle East. Dictators such as the Shah, later Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Morsi of Egypt, and Musharraf of Pakistan are more acceptable in the agendas of the West, but the people of Islam grew weary of such dictators. Consequently they empower Islam and we all know how well that is working out for them, and us.

I mentioned dictators and Islamic rulers and their effect on the Middle East, but today we find a third party entering the fray ... George Soros. He along with his ally Hussein Obama managed to create the 'Islamic Spring' that is now spreading like wildfire.

When Egypt first outed Morsi the people were ready for the hope and change promised by the Muslim Brotherhood. Change they got but hope went south in a hurry. During the first fall of Egypt, Soros was promoting Mohamed ElBaradei as Egypt's new ruler, but Muslims chose Islamic rule and now many of them would rather have a government based on a more western ideology, and so we find ElBaradei in the role of vice president. 

The problem is the old one of not being able to put the genie back into the bottle. The Brotherhood once empowered are not about to bow out gracefully and we now find Egypt on the verge of all out civil war. If the existing government and military were either for or against the views of the people, matters would be much simplified. Nothing is simple in the Middle East for we find that both the government and the military are infiltrated both by the secularists and the MB.

Rounding off unknowable numbers to one half we see a situation where half of the people want to lean toward secular rule while the other half want to re-install Morsi and much the same can be said about the present government and military. The result is utter chaos, and utter chaos will inevitably lead to a an all out bloody civil war, and the Christians of Egypt are becoming part of the first wave of casualties.

As mentioned earlier, Egypt is the lynchpin of the Middle East and whatever happens there will have a dramatic impact on the United States, the nations of Europe, and Israel. Quite naturally most will find a way to blame us and the Jews for the hell that is about to break loose there.

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