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Danny Jeffrey


August 11, 2013
Being a writer I quite naturally am thrilled when others show an interest in my work. Last month I wrote an essay entitled 'Egypt ... Soros ... The Real Plan Is Worse Than The Brotherhood'. Now that was a thrill, for within a matter of a few days it had become the most read item that I had ever written and broke all of my previous records. This month is another surprise as someone, digging through the archives, unearthed an older essay that I had written in April of 2012 and it has now become my most reposted essay for this month. Its title and its surprising reemergence is very revealing of what is on the mind of Americans. The title 'We Are Not Doomed', and its new found popularity tells me one thing. Americans are just plain scared.

I might add, that they have good reason to be. I might also add that knowledge will dispel much of that fear, or at a minimum clarify what should be feared and what should be disregarded.

Much of that fear is born of misinformation and disinformation, as both sow confusion, fear, and doubt, but then that is the whole purpose of disinformation, and its sources are many. First and foremost is our Progressive regime and its lapdog media. It is their entire purpose to minimize the true dangers we face while generating a smoke screen regarding issues that matter little or at least are not yet pressing concerns.

Then there are the hoax generators who enjoy a good laugh from the fear they trigger, and the hypesters who manage to elevate their own self worth from the sub basement to the basement when they find people who read their nonsense and a constant rehashing of old events.

Everyday I see dramatic breaking news in links posted in the groups that I frequent, and quite often the drama(non-existent) comes from one of three or all three hoax sites: EUTimes, Before It's News, and Godlike Productions.

I read Nothing until I see what site the data came from. The above three sites are contemptible as they generate their own news, as implied by the site name of one of them. Then there are others, many many others, who will take a small kernel of truth and blow it totally out of proportion and hang a sensational headline on it to gain readers. Their victims are many.

There is no way of knowing just how much of the internet is pure junk but I would put the number somewhere between 90 and 99 percent. I like to believe that I am a 1 percent kind of person as I want nothing short of the truth. The truth is out there but you have to find it and to do so you must know where to look, and what to avoid.

To state that our country is in serious trouble is putting it mildly. I have almost quit using the catch phrase and title of this essay 'Wake Up America' as I feel that all who are willing to wake up already have and the rest are simply dead weight, unworthy of concern. What does concern me is that those who regard themselves as 'awake' are indeed aware that there are dark days ahead, but due to the blogs they read, most are so poorly informed and badly misinformed that it is pathetic. Case in point: Gun control. Read 'George Soros Decoded' in Suggested Reading below.

I like to think that I am one of the better informed and least confused people on the internet. It is said that no man is an island. None of us can do it alone. The following list are the sites that I turn to for information on a daily basis. They are all first rate, class A sources of information. Hype will not be found among them. These people are dedicated to putting the truth before America, and until America is ready to embrace that truth then the problems we face will grow ever worse.

Accuracy In Media(AIM)

American Center For Law And Justice(ACLJ)


Arutz Sheva(News from Israel)


Center For Security Policy from Frank Gaffney...Scroll down to CSP Daily Briefs. Below that in the left sidebar are topical links.

The Clarion Project

Conservative Videos


Frontpage Mag from David Horowitz

Gatestone Institute

Gloria Center(Global Research in International Affairs)

The Hill

The Investigative Project On Terrorism

Jihad Watch From Robert Spencer

Navy Times

PJ Media

Stars And Stripes

Strategy Page

Seeking Specific Information?
Discover The Networks from David Horowitz

There are naturally many other worthy sites on the internet but the above list is a group of the best. You will not find hype and hysteria, nor will you find yellow journalism. What you will find is the truth. Now the question remains ... Do you want the truth?

Suggested Reading...

We Are Not Doomed
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