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Danny Jeffrey


September 20, 2013
America is beginning to wake up, perhaps to late, but waking they are. H/T to Joe for putting me onto this.

The recent one million bikers ride to D.C. was but a trial run and now the heavy hitters are rolling out. Everything that we find on our store shelves have been delivered by American truckers. They are just as American as Mom and apple pie. Now they plan to shut this nation down for three days as a protest against the Progressive policies that have led us to ruin. Will this put an end to those policies? No! Nothing short of millions of armed Americans taking to the street can stop this evil juggernaut that is steamrolling our liberties, but it is just the next step in our battle for freedom.

It is a well known fact that the average American household only has a three day supply of food on hand, with everyone confident that their next trip to the store will result in another three days supply being purchased. Three days will not lead to starvation as most have some canned or dried food on the shelves but basic staples like bread, milk, and treats are quickly consumed. Just ask anyone who has ever lived through a blizzard or serious flood.

Three is the magic number as that is how many days that it will take to get the attention of our citizens, especially the liberal ones, and three is the number of days planned for the scheduled protest. October 11 through 13 a convoy of disgruntled truckers are planning to drive to and through our nation's capitol as a protest against this administration's policies. There are many truckers who cannot make the trip but they are promising to park their rigs for the duration. If this comes together as well as did the biker's ride, America is going to get a wake up call in the form of empty shelves.

Wild Bill of America has taken note of this and has posted a video encouraging them to extend their protest beyond the three days, making certain that our liberals 'feel' the effect of what happens when those who produce and deliver our basic needs go on strike. This is the link to his brief video

As Prime Ministers go, Canada's Stephen Harper is outstanding in his fight against the spread of Progressivism in his nation, but he is just one man and even in spite of his efforts, the cancer spreads. Consequently the Canadian truckers are taking up the battle cry as well. 
Canadian Truckers To Shutdown

Think of what it would be like to walk into a store finding the shelves bare, no milk, no bread, no potato chips, not even a roll of toilet tissue. Then think of the drive home, empty handed, needing gasoline and finding that the service stations had sold out and not been resupplied due to truckers going on strike. They and they alone, as a group, have the ability to bring this nation to its knees in but a matter of days.

Many years ago Jimmy Hoffa, during some labor negotiations, stated for the record that he could do just that if he did not get his way. All he had to do was put out the order for Teamster drivers to park their rigs and soon America would come calling, ready to meet their terms.

Most truckers are conservative, patriotic Americans, as are most bikers. There were many American flags flying behind those bikes that recently toured our capitol. These truckers can quite literally stop America in her tracks. Three days is only a friendly gesture. Most of these drivers make good money and would not be cash strapped were they to stop driving for two weeks. A month of inaction would have most Americans facing starvation. Riots, looting, and burning would ensue. The free flow of goods must continue but under our Marxist leader's regulations that free flow is already being penalized.

Get this essay and information out to your friends. Our truckers do not want to cause us any inconvenience and are aware that American conservatives are better informed and prepared than our liberal associates. We can look forward to and celebrate the boldness of these truckers and we need not be affected at all. As for the non conservatives, as Wild Bill so eloquently expressed himself, "Truck em."


Paul Collings said...

As you say Danny. The policies will keep rolling on. The world as it is now was set in motion years ago.
Obama is just pushing the socialist aganda that many previous Presidents have been laying the ground work for.
We all know that if a society doesn't keep to a defined set of rules that are tried tested and reasoned out in honest discussions, then caos will rule.
A govenment that has to lie cheat, call everyone names and spy on their citizens is no govenment at all. It has a different name.
The popular movements will need to be very active, but very careful. If the country starts to break down into social disorder, this govenment would love that. Its ready for that kind of fight.
People need to keep the pressure up, and make sure this POTUS becomes the biggest lame duck in history.
And remember to get out in force and vote come the elections next year.
Good luck to the Truckers. Like the Bikers who went before them they will help awaken more Americans. Lets hope theres enough Americans left who still believe in the Republic to put America back where she should be. On top of the world!.

Anonymous said...

Its time to stand up America. Freedom is knocking on our door. When your children and grandchildren ask you when did they take freedom away and why didn't you do anything.
What will your answer be.

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