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Danny Jeffrey


September 6, 2013
Back in 1940, with war spreading in Europe, a poll was taken among Americans asking if we should get involved in another European struggle. Ninety five percent of those polled answered with a resounding "No!" Case closed as the people had spoken. Then in 1941 the rules changed as Japan launched its attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on the United States. From that point onward, polls were irrelevant and what people wanted mattered not. We were at war, and totally unprepared for it. Americans were, by and large, a pacifist people and in a short time frame those pacifists had to be turned into steely eyed killers.

Part of that job fell on the shoulders of the NCOs and officers of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Another part of it went to Hollywood director Frank Capra. You remember him. He is the man who directed 'It's A Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart in the starring role. Capra had a wonderful talent for bringing together facts and concepts that would stir emotion, and he began making a series of films entitled 'Why We Fight'.

Whether you like the word or not, it was propaganda. All nations use it to one degree or another and it is needed most in time of war. It was his job to put such a fire in the bellies of young men that they would march off to war and die if need be for this nation. It was also his job to rally the American civilian population to embrace the cause of fighting for freedom. Well victory was won and freedom retained, leading me to believe that Frank Capra did his job well.

Times have changed and so have the methods of propaganda, and for that matter so has the goal. In 1940 propaganda was used to prepare us for hard times and a willingness to sacrifice whatever it took to win a world war. Today, propaganda is being used to prepare us to lose the coming world war, and become a police state.

One other thing has changed and that is the American people. They are not nearly as smart nor are they half as strong as they were in 1940. Obama getting elected indicated this. His getting reelected proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Ninety five percent of our people in 1940 opposed going to war in Europe and we had far more reason to do so then than now. Europe is where Americans came from. With them we shared much the same culture and beliefs and at least with the U.K. we shared the same language.

Now here in 2013 last week only sixty percent of our people opposed going to war in Syria. This week it is down to fifty three percent. The Senate has voted to give Obama the war powers he seeks. What will the Congress do? Ask Obama's fellow golfer John Boehner.

Many are now fearful that our intervention in Syria can lead to attacks on Israel, an outbreak of terrorism in Europe and the U.S., and worst case scenario, World War III.

As a rule I try to avoid religion in my writings as the topic always manages to step on some toes. I have been quiet on this topic long enough but as we may face another world war on behalf of the Christians in the Middle East, you may as well know what makes them tick.

Americans just love to come to the aid of the underdog, even when it costs us blood and treasure, and even when the underdog hates us. We have all seen the crowds of Muslims chanting 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel'. They are not all Muslims.

Right now many here are concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood and their burning of Coptic Churches and the murder of the Copts themselves. Let me assure you that those Copts regard the Muslim Arabs as their brothers and put us and Israel on a much lower scale.

In 1967 during the Six Day War, Israel captured Jerusalem and annexed it in 1968. The Coptic Pope immediately sided with Islam and threatened any Coptic Christian with excommunication for visiting Israel. Through various popes that policy has continued to this day. The official policy of the church is that Jerusalem is Muslim territory. Perhaps they should read their Bible.

Pope Shenouda III
From Alakhbar English...
Coptic Church: No Pilgrimage To Jerusalem Before Liberation
The late head of the church, Pope Shenouda III, had always stood against Copts going on pilgrimage to or even visiting Jerusalem “except with our brothers the Muslims following its liberation,” as his famous saying goes.

That comment was made while Mubarak was still in power, naturally before the latest round of murders and church burning. During those days Christian girls were raped, kidnapped, forced into Muslim marriages. There were naturally some murders, and many robberies protected under the rules of jizya. These crimes were excusable as they were committed by Muslim 'brothers' as he chose to call them. This religious leader was somewhat less courteous about Jews.

From Wikipedia...
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria
(1) From the Arabic national point we should not abandon our Palestinian brothers and our Arabic brothers by normalizing our relations with the Jews.
His view on Palestinian suicide bombers was that it was a "natural reaction to the pressure and depression in which Palestinians live. They do not see any alternative but to explode themselves in the face of an enemy that uses all the means of power with not mercy."

It is easy to see how the average Copt, listening to such lies, can feel more comfortable with a suicide bomber than those evil merciless Jews. People, there is something wrong with this picture! Perhaps that pope in his reading missed the ninth commandment, you know the one about not bearing false witness.

The Arabs of the Middle East, both Muslims and Christians, are extremely tribal, resenting all outsiders, and this attitude is not limited to the Copts.

From Jerusalem Post... 
Middle East Christians and Anti-Semitism
This is a truly fascinating article. Since the Arab Spring began I have written that it was a joint effort on the part of Hussein Obama and George Soros, designed to foment chaos in the Middle East that would in time spread.
Excerpt from the above link:
I was recently told by my aunt in Baghdad that there was a widespread belief among Iraqis that some external force was behind the protests and uprisings across the Middle East. What outside conspiracy, I wondered, could be responsible for the Arab Spring?

That author should be reading my essays.

While the Christians of Iraq and I both agree that there is an external force behind the uprisings, we differ on what that force is. Anti-Semitism seems to be a mental illness and those who suffer from it are incapable of using logic. The last thing the people of Israel want is chaos in their backyard. They are not about to stir up unrest in the Middle East. Soros and Obama, both seeking to destroy Israel, love that chaos.

Further adding to the topic of Middle East Christians and the 'Death to Israel' chants; most of the people in most of the nations of the world will tell you that the U.S. is controlled by Jews, and that takes us to the 'Big Satan' and 'Little Satan' concept, believed and practiced by Muslims and Middle East Christians alike.

Thinking back many years to a TV interview I saw following the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. A Marine, with tears in his eyes, waved his hand at the people in the distance and said "They are not worth it. This whole country is not worth the death of one Marine." I still agree with that young man.

And now we rush to war to save a people who hate us. But you know, it is really not about those who were gassed. They are no more than an excuse for Obama to carry the Soros plan unto the next stage. Take a good look at the whole scenario and tell me who the good guy is. Obama, Soros, Assad, Al Qaeda, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, John McCain, or John Kerry?

We should not be involved in this at all, but we are, and it is like a train roaring downhill out of control. This cannot have a happy ending.

Suggested Reading...
A year ago I took up the cause of the Copts, writing the following essay. A very knowledgeable friend left a comment that put me on the right path in 'A New Exodus'.


Alan Lake said...

"as we may face another world war on behalf of the Christians in the Middle East"

I don't think that's correct. Nobody from the Fascist Left to the utopianist Liberals gives a damn about the Syrian Christians, just like they couldn't care less about Egyptian Christians, Iraqi Christians, etc. Christians are the universally despised species (from the liberal intellectual perspective), particularly outside the US.

The only reason they are getting their panties in a bunch over Syria is because its Muslims being hurt. If it was North Koreans (like the 20,000 just disappeared from the concentration camps), you wouldn't hear a peep out of them.

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