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Danny Jeffrey


September 4, 2013
If you have not yet read 'From Dresden To Syria And The New World Order, Part One,' this is the link.

Many are they who criticize Hussein Obama for his unwillingness to aid Israel in the destruction of Iran's nuclear ambitions. Far be it from me to defend Obama but the fact of the matter is that Iran was working on the bomb when George Bush the Younger was in Office, and it was Bush the Elder who promised a New World Order where problems would be resolved through diplomacy instead of war. 

The United Nations was created with the best of intentions, but such intentions are what the road to hell is paved with. It was designed as a Utopian pipe dream that would somehow bypass the human race's inner suspicions and aggression. Bush Sr. was a great believer in the U.N. and the video of him giving that starry eyed speech about the coming new world order was a turning point when many should have woke up but did not.

Optimism is wonderful when it is based in reality, but turning a blind eye to that reality led to Bush making that absurd speech and The Fifth Dimension singing of harmony and understanding in The Age of Aquarius. Harmony and understanding is best achieved when you are better armed than your opponent, and he understands it.

I do not trust politicians in general and I believe in the concept of peace through higher fire power as long as the Commander in Chief has the courage and wisdom to utilize such power when needed, and refrain from its use in the form of a personal vendetta. Oddly we still have that higher fire power but it rests in the hands of a man determined to turn this nation into a third rate banana republic, and start WWIII in the process. 

So many Americans believe that Obama's goal is to empower Islam. They are sadly mistaken. If you are one of these people ask yourself this: Would Obama step down and allow the Brotherhood to rule this nation? He wants this nation to be taken down a few notches but he is not about to step aside for some Islamic warlord. He is a member of the elite, and was chosen for the role he plays due to his ability to delude the masses.

His 'loyalty' to Islam is a farce. He is using them now and will use them with much more disdain in the future for they will become the cannon fodder of his ambitions. Doubt what I say about his 'loyalties'? Ask yourself if Saddam Hussein cared about his people, or Qaddafi, or Assad, or the King of Saudi Arabia. Power is the goal and power is achieved through money and followers, and as long as there are a lot of followers they are expendable. The latest count on Muslims puts in in excess of a billion people.

I have a running debate with some friends who are convinced that Islam is the greatest danger that our Western culture faces. I disagree, convinced that the left/NWO is the greatest danger and Islam but one of their tools, and when their goals are accomplished Islam will be brought down.

My friends note, quite rightly, that the communists of Iran joined forces with radical Islam to overthrow the Shah. Once that was accomplished the Muslims set about to crush their communist allies. The same scenario took place again in Egypt. In both cases the left was crushed and Islam claimed ruling privileges.

However the alliance of the left and Islam on a global scale is far different. The NWO plans to rule and are using the bloodthirsty nature of Muslims to enact chaos. Can anyone actually believe that Islam will one day rule Russia? The Russian army is ruthless and quite efficient. There is no way that they are going to take orders from a caliph sitting in Damascus or Tehran.

When and if America is brought down then Russia and China will no longer have to fear reprisals for their policies and actions. That will not be a good time to be a Muslim, for they are going to be decimated once they have outlived their purpose. Until then the left will promote an ever expanding immigration of Muslims into all of the once free nations of the world.

When the time is right, Muslims world wide will begin civil wars in their host nations. Chaos is the key to power and when chaos reigns then the people of those embattled nations will beg their governments to control the problem. Control is the buzz word, for when the people succumb to fear they will welcome martial law. Once this occurs then those pesky Muslims will be superfluous, and therefore expendable. 

The following article is amazing in that it was written by a Muslim who is quite honest about the shortcomings of his faith.

From Arab News...
Arab Spring, Death to Humanity
The Arab and Western media welcomed the changes, but apparently, many analysts don't know the complexity of the Arab world.
When you talk to a Syrian from Damascus and a Syrian from Aleppo, it is like talking to two people from two different planets.
A Libyan from Benghazi is completely different to a Libyan from Tripoli. An Egyptian from Cairo would not be welcome in Egypt's Sinai. A Yemeni from Sanaa considers a Yemeni from Aden his sworn enemy. The simple fact is that these countries are already divided beyond imagination.
Ironically, it was those ousted dictators who held these countries together. Yes, dictatorship is inexcusable, but this is the reality of the Arab world.

Recalling and agreeing with the words of Abraham Lincoln, "A house divided cannot stand." I suggest that Islam is going to be the source of a great deal of chaos world wide in the near future, but as for their chances of developing a world wide caliphate, I give them a zero. 

I have often written that Muslims, due to the mindset placed upon them by their Qur'an, cannot embrace democracy nor act in any way that the West would consider civilized. They must be subjected to a harsh domination by either a dictator or a theocracy. There can be no middle ground for a group of people with a tribal mentality such as Mister Abdulateef Al-Mulhim indicated in the link above.

Look to any tribal culture of the past or present. You will not find democracy, nor will you find socialism. A tribe is ruled by the unyielding fist of either the chief or the witch doctor and it is to this person that loyalty is owed. Granted there is always a potential challenge to the throne from the ambitious, usually resulting in either the leader or the challenger dying. Abdication is almost non existent as abdication is as good as a death sentence. It is the mantle of power that lengthens a leader's life.

Abdication, while extremely rare, does occur under odd circumstances. Obama forced Mubarak to step down. As dictators go, he was more or less benevolent, but when stripped of that mantle of power he was thrown into prison. Now he has been released and his successor is in prison. 

Although a dictator, the bulk of Qaddafi's people remained loyal. He was brought down only by U.S. aircraft and the weapons we supplied to Al Qaeda, and the same overthrow is being attempted in Syria. 

Pakistan practices elections of a sort and yet the vengeful tribal mentality prevails. Today murder charges are being brought against their former ruler.

From Al Jazeera...
New Murder Charges Brought Against Musharraf

We see Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, and Turkey actively supporting the overthrow of Assad's criminal regime in Syria. That is somewhat akin to the pot calling the kettle black. In regard to the house divided syndrome just look to Syria and the varying groups of terrorists who are being paid to overthrow him. They fight among themselves with a fury equal to their fight with Assad. 

I find it difficult to believe that anyone expects such people to rise as world conquerors. Look to the Palestinians. When given the vote they elected Hamas. The Egyptians elected the Muslim Brotherhood. Granted, a year later they overthrew him and look forward to better days. So too did the people of Libya when Qaddafi was raped and murdered. Now many of the Libyan people long for the good old days of a harsh but predictable life under a strong man regime.

The entire problem goes back to the Islamic mentality. It is non productive and self destructive. There is absolutely no way that all of these splintered Islamic tribes are going to unite with a common goal and rise to rule this planet. Egypt's dictator was deposed, and now, less than a year later, another has been. In both cases chaos ensued and is growing. Qaddafi was not a good person, and Assad is not a good person, and yet both managed to maintain order. When order is abolished chaos is the replacement for such strong men governments.

And that brings us to what is really occurring today.

So many think of the New World Order as a group. It is not. The NWO is a concept, and a deceptive one at that. Those who pursue this concept are also splintered but not nearly to the degree as is Islam. Communists promote the NWO as a means of their gaining total control. The Progressives, while not card carrying members of the communist party, share similar views and tactics.

The U.N. and our fear of war are two of the NWO's primary weapons. George Soros, on the other hand, promotes a false premise of peace and harmony with no borders between nations. All have a goal, and that goal is evermore power. Their ace in the hole is Islam. The only way that Americans and the people of the U.K. and Europe are going to accept Martial Law is out of fear of Islam. When the civil wars begin, prompted by those from the Middle East, the people of civilized nations will turn to their government for safety. Such safety can only be guaranteed with absolute control, i.e.: Martial Law, or to put it more bluntly, dictatorship.

These dictatorships will be the result of long planned top down revolutions.

Ask yourself why the European Union, the individual European states, the U.K., the U.S., and Canada are promoting laws that restrict the freedoms of their own people while inviting Muslims and their Sharia agenda to migrate to lands once free. Can anyone serious state that they believe that Islamic advocates such as Hillary Clinton or Samantha Power are going to bow to Mecca or give up their elite position to a Muslim?

Compare the similarities of what occurred in Egypt and Libya, and is now taking place in Syria. The U.S. goes forth with the NWO agenda, ostensibly interested in nation building and the spread of democracy. Muslims do not want democracy and they find no pleasure in building; destruction being more to their liking. Their whole philosophy is built on hatred, terror, vengeance and death.

Muslim fundamentalists are a dangerous people and they are migrating to free nations as the seeds of power are sown.

If the above thoughts sound like an impossible conspiracy theory allow me to put forth another thought before closing. 

Democracy, freedom, equality, and all of those feelgood words were used in Egypt to overthrow a harsh but stable leadership. That movement has led to the ruin of a nation. One should learn from their mistakes. If the goal was not the ruin of that nation as I believe then why was the same agenda implemented in Libya, with our aid. Libya has now been ruined, and the same policy is being enacted in Syria. Another nation in ruins.

We, once the good guys of the world, are not nation building, we are destroying what stability has long existed. This recurring agenda/ stupidity cannot be accidental. There is a plan in action, and most refuse to see it.

Einstein told us that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Dear readers, I must ask you a question. Are all of the leaders of the world insane or is their goal the ruin of nations as I have described above?

Right now the nations of the free world are being subjected to economic ruin that will erode the very base that they are built on. That erosion will be followed by widespread civil wars, via the madmen of Islam. Those civil wars will in time end but only when free people give up their freedom for safety. 

Imagine the whole world ruled by people like Qaddafi and Assad. That is the future that George Soros and the NWO have planned for us.

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