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Danny Jeffrey


A traitor not only to the U.S. but to
all of the human race
September 17, 2013
One of these days, when it is far too late to do anything about it, people are going to realize that what is happening in the Middle East has nothing to do with spreading democracy, nation building, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, or creating a new Caliphate. What is occurring is quite simply the creation of terror and chaos with several conjoined purposes in mind. The ruin of what stability once existed there, the annihilation of Israel, and the fall of the United States. After that occurs, the other nations of the world will in turn fall like a line of dominoes. 

Never ever underestimate the evil of George Soros or the loyalty of his sock puppets Hussein Obama and Traitor McCain.

I flatter myself in believing that my readers are some of the best informed people in this country. They are not aware of all of the intricacies of what is taking place, as none of us are, but they are well aware that we are facing serious danger and they differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. They are also convinced that the bad guys outnumber us and are in control.

It is an established fact that anytime you see an American, supporting Al Qaeda, calling for the downfall of a tyrant, while masquerading under a banner of human rights, there you will find John McCain and Lindsey Graham, urging Obama to intervene on behalf of his 'moderate' friends. The following is about some of those friends:

From Front Page Mag...
Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. 'Liberates' Syria

From Accuracy In Media...
War On Syria Means Victory For Al Qaeda

Most of us speak disparagingly about the main stream media and yet praise Fox News, but have you ever noticed that to them McCain is a noble Republican war hero, and that they always give him airtime to promote his Progressive agenda?

More on that Progressive agenda:

The Middle East is the most frightening place in the world and one thing can be said for certain about it. If you don't like the news, wait a few days, it will get worse.

Soros is a diabolical genius intent on destruction of civilization.
2 Obama is a Soros puppet, chosen because of his ability to deceive and manipulate the public.
3 Obama wants to see Israel destroyed, otherwise he would never have promoted the idea of retreating to the 1967 borders.
4 Obama's 2009 Cairo speech gave the Muslim Brotherhood a legal platform which led to their gaining power in Egypt.
5 The Obama foreign policy gave birth to the Arab Spring.
6 The Arab Spring toppled the ruler of Tunisia, empowered the MB in gaining control of Egypt, and led to Al Qaeda overthrowing Qaddafi and wrecking the stable government of Libya. Now they are trying to do the same in Syria. 
7 Alongside the MB in Egypt, then Al Qaeda in Libya, and now Syria, we found John McCain and Lindsey Graham beating the drums for 'democracy'. 
8 Atrocities did occur before the Arab Spring, but now the MB is engaging in genocide on the Christian population in Egypt while Al Qaeda decimates both Christians and other sects in Syria.
9 Refugees approaching two million are fleeing Syria running from the Al Qaeda/Al Nusra fighters we, as a rogue nation, are supporting.
10 With no concrete proof of Assad utilizing chemical weapons Obama advocated attacking him. Possible results, Russia and Iran enter the conflict. Israel almost certain to be attacked. If we manage to topple Assad, they hoist the Al Qaeda flag and mass genocide is a certainty. Thanks to Iran having terror cells worldwide, the U.S., U.K. and Europe are likely to become terrorist targets. Iran has already threatened to storm our Iraqi embassy and take hostages.

Conclusions on our Middle East Policies: We, the American people, have empowered not democracy, but terrorists, and have pushed mankind to the brink of World War III.

Recently Obama discovered that none fear him or his rhetoric and has back peddled the concept of openly attacking Syria. He is still convinced that no matter how fast he shovels, America will still swallow everything he dishes out, and I hate to admit it but I think he has Americans pretty well sized up.

I have long stated, contrary to popular opinion, that Obama is not promoting Islam, but terror. I once believed, mistakenly, that Obama is a closet Muslim. Not so. He drinks, smokes, uses drugs, and has a dog that we fly first class to join him on vacation. Add to that a history of homosexuality and the fact that he promotes the gay agenda in his political appointments, as well as pushing Islamic nations to do the same . Dedicated Muslim taxi drivers will not even allow a dog in their cab, and the photo below shows what Islam thinks of homosexuals:

Many are they who have disagreed with my views on Obama's agenda but I do believe that he has just made my point. He began the Arab Spring, a la George Soros, in his Cairo speech when he brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the light of day. I believe that was a step on the road to terrorism and chaos while others see it as empowering Islam. Libya grew closer to his agenda as we knowingly armed Al Qaeda with the help of Christopher Stevens. Things got out of hand, but not by Obama's thinking, as Al Qaeda soon turned Libya into their latest domain and source of weapons, but for the benefit of the doubt let us simply state that things got out of hand.

None can say that about Syria, as Obama has officially waived a law against arming known terrorists. Think about that. Egypt chose 'democracy' and the Brotherhood. People can state that Qaddafi was a bad man and we were just freeing his people and Al Qaeda just happened to gain the upper hand. Two out of two gone bad and now we are on round three, and our elected leader is openly bypassing laws, knowingly arming the same people who attacked us on 911. This is nothing less than high treason, and were the American people and our elected Congress not both gutless and spineless we would see Obama arrested and tried as a traitor to this nation.

Where I draw the dividing line between Obama promoting Islam and his promoting terrorism lies in the Al Qaeda/Al Nusra connection. Even the people of the Middle East fear both of these groups. Compared to them, the MB were 'moderates'; simply incompetent fools who wanted power and did not know what to do with it. The people Obama supports will cut into a man's chest and eat his heart.

Obama is not a Muslim, nor does he support the interests of Muslims. He follows George Soros blindly and Soros wants abject terror to reign in the Middle East and spread worldwide, and our people, if they were not both blind and stupid, could have seen it coming.

Ever been to a bullfight? I have not, but I watched them in the movies years ago and know the procedure. It is not simply a matador with his cape and sword opposing a wild bull. Before he ever faces that charging animal the poor creature has already been weakened by blood loss from numerous lances thrust into its back by picadors on horseback, somewhat akin to what previous Presidents have done to this nation before the flashy matador Obama enters the arena to strike the coups de grace.

I never thought that I would see the day on which I would admire a Russian leader, but that day has come. Putin has long been a communist and was an officer in the dread KGB but he is not trying to destroy the nation he leads. He is doing his best to empower that nation. If only ours was half the man that Putin is.

Today loyal Americans tremble in fear, whilst the dead of 911 cry out for justice, and Barrack Hussein Obama laughs:

Some tell us that our country is on the verge of collapse. I disagree. It has already collapsed, caved in upon itself, and is no more than fallen rubble. A nation's collapse need not wait for economic ruin, military invasion, or civil war to begin. A great nation is finished when its people forsake their morality as ours have already done. When they follow blindly, choose to consume while not producing, and feed on hatred, then they as a people, are no more.

I can look to the pages of history and find none like like Hussein Obama. Alexander, the Caesars, Napoleon, and Hitler set out with a plan of conquest but their goal was to conquer other nations. Obama's plan of conquest is directed at the nation he has usurped, and his weapon of choice is terrorism. Get over your Obama/Muslim beliefs and realize that he is using the fanatics of Islam as he has used us.

Ruin. Chaos and ruin. Those are the goals of a diabolical genius and our Narcissist in Chief follows Soros' every whim, and that chaos is on the way to the states. Everyone with half a brain fears that Martial Law will be imposed in this country, and it will be. It will be imposed to control the terrorism that will break out among us.

Obama is not planning to step down. As he put it so eloquently "I won!" and should he ever leave office he will be regarded a war criminal in many of the world's nations. His survival is dependent upon remaining in control of the nation he is driving to ruin.

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