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Danny Jeffrey


October 26, 2013
I'm sure that most of my readers recall near the end of the movie 'Patton'when the General was ranting to Beetle Smith, asking him for thirty days to start a war with Russia promising to make it look like the Russians had started it. Had General Smith consented I have no doubt that Patton could have delivered what he promised. That would have been Kabuki at it finest, but Kabuki nonetheless. That was in 1945 and nothing has changed. Misleading the public is still a fine art and today we witness an artist of the highest degree at work; none other than George Soros.

By now most have heard the latest that Soros has accepted the position of co-chair of the Ready For Hillary political action committee. This PAC is nothing new, having officially been formed in January 2013 and already it boasts over a million Hillary supporters and 20,000 'grassroots' donors. Now with Soros officially signing on as one of those donors they should drop all pretense and play "Hail To The Chief" every time he enters the room.

I remain unimpressed.

Having long stated that Obama is not going to leave the White House unless he is dragged out kicking and screaming, nothing in this latest round of bovine excrement makes me believe otherwise. Obama's nearly five years in the Oval Office should have by now convinced the American public that his administration is very proficient at planning and enacting orchestrated crisis, and that nothing is as it appears. 

And yet the public is unconvinced, most still viewing him as incompetent. He is far from that! His every 'mistake' has been well planned with the exception of running head on into Putin over the Syria debacle, and even there he managed to divert the blame to Congress. Each of those 'mistakes' have been designed to take America down another notch, and each has succeeded remarkably well.

In the last month alone we have witnessed the official opening of ObamaCare, which has America in an uproar. We have seen the 'Shut Down', which has largely dominated the news. That well orchestrated shut down was quite naturally coupled with the GOP caving and attacking its own as traitors. Add the EBT card 'glitch' which I contend was a dry run that will lead to yet bigger and better chaos. 

Now we hear predictions of riots as the food stamp program threatens to reduce entitlements by $36.00 a month. I know people on the EBT program and they are getting fat! They also get more of this modern day version of food stamps than they can possibly eat and they buy food for their friends at the rate of exchange of fifty cents on the dollar. A little extra cash for all.

And you thought that I was going to overlook the debacle of our national parks and monuments locking America out didn't you? That too was orchestrated. Those signs were not produced overnight but take, at a minimum, a few weeks lead time to have them ready. The administration knew well in advance what was coming and they prepared for it with a plan of making the public suffer as much as possible while blaming the GOP. Now we are even hearing demands that Ted Cruz be arrested for treason.

I could say that the administration is playing the public like a fine violin but that would not be quite true. What is happening is more like tuning up that violin, making certain that all of the notes are just right for when the real music begins. We are being suckered, one and all, and much of the Republican Party is complicit in the process.

Hillary is not going to be elected and she knows it. What we are about to witness is showmanship and politics at its very best. Her so called campaign is simply part of the long range strategy to bring Marxism to this nation and keep Hussein Obama in office. If you feel that this scenario is unlikely let me remind you that covering for Obama, she took the full blame for the Benghazi incident. Hillary is a good soldier and when Soros gives an order, she obeys.

One little example of the non stop smoke and mirrors assault that we are
being subjected to: Everyone knows that an illusionist manages to perform his 'magic' by distracting you from what is really taking place. As my next distraction I give you...drum roll please...The Marines headgear. This is the latest and greatest distraction of the week. Apply some pure logic to the situation. First off, what real difference does it make to a two bit community organizer from the back alleys of Chicago what kind of hat the Marines wear? None! It is no more than another distraction. 

This is but one more of the thousands of irrelevant issues designed to keep America abuzz while the masters work their art out of sight. The simple fact of the matter is that if the Marine Corps Commandant approves the change, then it will take place, if not then the patriots will feel that they have won a victory great victory against Obama. In truth, Obama doesn't care either way. Whatever the outcome he wins as the whole purpose of this exercise is just to provide another distraction.

Don't worry. I will get back to Hillary. Obama sets a stage for his grand finale. so can I.

Another 'buzz' taking place is the feinting pregnant woman in the Rose Garden. It was just more Kabuki. Rest assured that anytime Obama is making a speech there are multiple video cams recording the event. This time the illusionist's tricks were caught on video and revealed to the public for the farce that it was. Watch this brief video and see what was really taking place. 

So there we have it. Proof that the whole thing was staged. But what do we gain from that knowledge? Nothing! Liberal rags such as The Daily Kos have already tagged the revealing video as just another in a long line of conspiracy theories.

This administration and its cohorts can effectively dispute reality. Reality becomes a conspiracy theory, and those who believe in it are called racists, traitors, and terrorists. We truly cannot defeat them in the realm of ideas, nor in the format of a debate. We have sadly reached the point that we can no longer trust what we see or hear. Facts, reality, and logic do not apply anymore, and that statement would tend to reveal me as the ultimate skeptic. I am guilty as charged, for I totally reject the smoke and mirrors agenda, and that will take us back to Hillary and her smoke and mirrors campaign, for it is just another part of this Orwellian drama that unfolds before us.

Dualism is a common concept with Islam, but dualism does not exist. Everything is either one thing or the other. It cannot be both. Many today believe that Obama has taken on the role of dictator and plans to remain in the White House forever. They also believe that Hillary is running for and will probably win the Presidency in 2016. You must reject one of these concepts for both cannot be correct.

I choose to reject the Hillary bid for power and see it only as another part of the Kabuki that is taking place. It will cost many hundred of millions of dollars to enact a phony campaign but it will be money well spent as this will be one of the two greatest farces in history, the other being the Romney campaign, and it will lead to the ultimate, nearly unopposed collapse of the United States.

Few conservatives doubt that Obama is rallying his forces, strengthening his grip on power, and setting the stage for a total dictatorship that will rule America with an iron boot. If you agree with that, I must ask a question. Can you honestly believe that he is going to go to all of the effort of creating a totalitarian government and then allow Hillary Clinton to rule it? They worked together to please the master and to further the cause, but it is obvious that there is bad blood between them. Obama has no intentions of empowering Hillary.

Why then, you might ask, is this Hillary farce taking place? The answer is that they are buying time to consolidate the power they have sought and it is now almost within their grasp, but there is an obstacle to deal with. America has always had elections and the gullible expect the process to continue.

What would happen if tomorrow Obama declared himself dictator and stated there would be no 2016 election? There would be an instant revolution, which the administration is not ready for, and we would take back our nation. Time is the Progressive's ally, deception is their favorite tactic, and a totalitarian rule is their ultimate goal.

My two most recent essays were devoted to exposing the danger of Obama destroying our military. It is a very real danger and should be among the top priorities of all Americans, but you are not hearing much about it as the Marines headgear, the failings of ObamaCare, and now Hillary's campaign take center stage. I have to hand to the Progressives. They really do know how to play America.

And so we are going into another farcical election cycle and once again hope springs eternal among conservatives that this time we'll really show'em. I am much less than optimistic about 2016 as I do not believe that we will even have an election. Obama and his team will begin an attack on the economy in late 2014 or 2015 that is going to lead to a complete economic meltdown that will be blamed on conservatives. This will lead to rioting, looting, burning, and from the Islamic end of the spectrum, terrorism.

A movement will begin, first with the media suggesting Martial Law as a means to combat the chaos, and then 'delaying' the election until Obama manages to restore order. This will be followed by Hillary giving a rousing speech to her followers thanking them for their loyal support and urging them to demand a temporary delay in the election until America is once again made right. She, as a patriotic American, will tell us that she feels that this course of action will best serve the citizens of America while it is under such severe strife. She will further add that a change of leadership in such dire times would be a grave error. And that will be the end of elections in our country, as well as a new day for Marxism.

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