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Danny Jeffrey


October 11, 2013
I have mentioned many other bloggers in past writings but have never singled out one for praise. Today I make an exception to that rule as lately I have become a regular reader of Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, and have just discovered an essay she wrote in 2011. Her thoughts at that time were an exact mirror image of mine, leading me to believe that she applies the same logic to a given situation that I do.

I have long been an admirer of Trevor Louden and have only recently taken a serious interest in Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, whose articles also appear in Trevor's website. I mentioned her in my most recent essay and lately I am finding that my Google searches and research just keep leading me back to her, and the most recent find is a real winner, and I shall get to that in a moment. First off, let me encourage you to visit her site, Noisy Room, appropriately subtitled 'Progressive Hunter', and Trevor's New Zeal Blog.

Anytime anyone writes an opinion piece, such as I do, it is only natural that there will be detractors; all part of territory, and to be expected, especially when my opinion runs counter to the accepted agenda that Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt. It has long been my view that he called them out of hiding, not to rule but to spread anarchy throughout the Middle East.

Several years ago when most had even never heard of 'Responsibility to Protect', now commonly referred to as R2P, I wrote that R2P was being enacted against Qaddafi for one purpose only; that being to establish a precedent that later could be enacted against Israel when terrorists attacked that tiny nation.

The latest find that I mentioned above reveals the Terresa Monroe-Hamilton and I were reaching the same conclusion at the same time, and neither of us were at all familiar with each other's efforts.

I am totally convinced that George Soros enacted the 'Arab Spring' as a means to gain control of the Middle East and have frequently used the term 'choreographed' in describing the chain of events. Note Terresa's use of the same term in the following:

From Gulag Bound, by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton...
Preemptive Anarchy Doctrine Written in 2011
I truly hope that you read her essay in its entirety, if not...
Do you really believe the protests in the Middle East were spontaneous? That is laughable. It was prearranged, choreographed, preemptive anarchy on a global scale to give justification to the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine. And so far what Obama, Soros, Powers, Sunstein, world leaders and the UN have put in place while the rest of us were watching elsewhere, seems to be coming off without a hitch. All the while, useful idiots in the media continue to miss the point in ways that either indicate incompetence or being absolutely on board with this one world diktat. 
Remember, the ultimate goal is not itself anarchy. Anarchy is merely the vehicle. You can't convert the several sovereign nations of the world to a single monolithic governing entity without first engendering instability to create the necessary power vacuum, so that the self-appointed world rulers can step forward and save them. As is of course, their "responsibility."

Author's note to my regular readers: Does the above sound at all familiar?

Regarding my thoughts that Libya was only a precedent setting event for the later use of R2P against Israel, she also adds.
Next on the docket for R2P, Israel and the US.
See my essay below in Suggested Reading 'The Coming Assault On Israel' written in 2011.

One other little oddity that I noticed. I usually write all night, often publishing somewhere between the wee hours of the morning and 8:00 A.M.. Her publishing time on 'Preemptive Anarchy Doctrine' was 
March 28, 2011, 3:57 am by 
Clicking the link with her name above shows a consistent pattern of writing all night and publishing in the early morning. 

One dear to me has stated that I am obsessed, and I wear the badge with pride. That obsession is born of a love of country and a gut wrenching fear of those who have gained control of it. I cannot help but feel that Terresa is obsessed as well, but then, so too were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin. We share a long and distinguished list of staunch fellow patriots.

I have written repeatedly about anarchy/terrorism being but a tool of the Progressives' efforts to create a New World Order. Islam and the fear it spreads is but an implement wielded by those who seek absolute control of the entire human race. Once the hatred for all mankind felt by the followers of Allah has done its dirty work, they will serve no further purpose, and will be driven back to their deserts. Their leaders hope to outsmart those of the NWO and establish their new Caliphate, but they are destined to fail. As for the individual Muslims, they have been mindless followers for fourteen hundred years and nothing at all has changed. They will be used by the Progressives for revolution fodder and subsequently discarded.

Any who cannot connect the dots between Hussein Obama, George Soros, the NWO, the U.N., the Muslim Brotherhood, and anarchy, will quite naturally disagree with the above premise. So be it. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Many of my fellow bloggers focus primarily on one topic, such as Islam, the economy, or Obama and his thugocracy, while others write of prepping to survive the coming upheaval as economies and governments collapse about them. I fault them not as I have often relied on data they have provided, but I cannot help but feel that in specializing on one narrow field, they are missing the big picture and how all world events ultimately influence the others. 

That those events are being directed by a select few is denied by many, believing the agenda I describe to be far to complex to work, but that complexity, with a built in flexibility, is the key to the plan's success, for the agenda is so diverse and widespread, world encompassing to be exact, that few can envision it in its entirety. It is a plan that has been evolving for the last century, and from the looks of things, it is about to reach a grand finale.

I have on occasion referred to myself as a generalist, and the description fits Terresa as well. One cannot fully grasp what is happening in Egypt, or Syria, or Europe, or why Obama is allowing our military to degrade and our economy to flounder, without understanding the many underlying factors involved in that big picture. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is a generalist of the finest kind. She goes where the information is to be found and then proceeds to connect the dots.

To her, the big picture is but a vast jig saw puzzle, and she has gathered and connected most of the pieces. Reading this lady's thoughts is well worth your time.

Moving slightly away from the blogger I have come to admire, I take you now to a brief discussion of R2P, a topic we have both researched. Click this link and you will be taken to a glowing report of R2P and the good it will bring to humanity. Or, you can skip it and save precious time as it is but Progressive hogwash.

R2P is a Soros sponsored, U.N. backed initiative with a stated purpose of ending genocide and war crimes, as well as bringing rainbows and unicorns to a world of strife. Like most Progressive agendas it does exactly the opposite of its purported goals.

The brain child behind this horror is Gareth Evans, President Emeritus
Gareth Evans
of Soros' International Crisis Group, and author of the book 'Responsibility to Protect', subtitled 'Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once And For All'. Ending such crimes would naturally be a great boon to humanity, but R2P will not do that as it is no more than a baited hook for the gullible among us. Its true purpose is to propagate yet more misery and spread anarchy.

John McCain called upon R2P to enforce a no fly zone over Libya protecting the 'civilians' attacking the Qaddafi regime. We all know they were not civilians at all but Al Qaeda. He has also also called for another such no fly zone to protect Al Nusra in Syria, leading me to ask, where is R2P while the Christians of Egypt and Syria are being systematically murdered with none coming to their aid? The genocide taking place in two separate countries is unopposed by those who could make a difference, and largely ignored by the media. These persecuted people truly need to be protected, but where are our 'responsible' leaders?

R2P has nothing to do with preventing war crimes. It is a Progressive/U.N. doctrine being used to overthrow sovereign nations, and two years ago both Terresa and I peered through the veil and envisioned this plan as one day being called upon to protect an Islamic horde as they invade Israel.

Everyday the world grows more fraught with danger, and so few grasp its true meaning. Thank goodness for people like Terresa Monroe-Hamilton.

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Robert brown said...

I,too, have found ms. Monroe-Hamilton to be an insightful thinker and writer.....thank you for sharing her with your readers for there may have been people who had not been exposed to her....I certainly do not know what the future holds for our once great land...we are certainly a divided country and that is by design from the forces who mean to destroy the concept of America....I can only pin my hopes on enough God - fearing people following the words of II Chronicles 7:14......thank you for continuing to be a voice in the wilderness

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