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Danny Jeffrey


October 13, 2013
Depending on your perspective, multiculturalism is either a dismal failure or an outstanding success.

It matters not what country you live in, if you are in the middle class and possess reasonable intelligence, you are well aware that multiculturalism endangers your future and the future of your entire nation. 

From The Daily Mail U.K.
Nicolas Sarkozy joins David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed

There you have it. Three of the world's ranking leaders have stated that the experiment in multiculturalism is a failure. One would then assume that the experiment would be terminated and the rampant immigration brought to an end. Not so, for in truth it is not an experiment, but a devious plan that will lead to world wide civil wars, a New World Order, and the enslavement of the human race by a small group of elites.

To any who doubt this premise I pose a challenge: Show me another possible outcome to the cultural insanity we see taking place today.

People in Europe and the U.K. warn that the shifting demographics will lead to Islam ruling their nations in thirty or so years. Here in America, we witness the open floodgates of our southern border and millions of illegal immigrants crossing that border unimpeded, and they are overwhelming our nation, and its ability to provide for their welfare. Why then are the political leaders of the West continuing their open border policies that guarantee ruin of their nations, and the end of freedom as we know it?

Allow me to answer that. The end of freedom as we know it is their goal, anarchy at the hands of foreign invaders is their tool of choice, and civil collapse due to the coming anarchy is inevitable, and that anarchy will be brought under control only when the people are willing to accept absolute rule by a fascist government.

This plan has been in place and evolving for the last century. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were well aware of what was transpiring and through their efforts they managed to give us a brief respite from the encroaching tyranny, but they are both gone now. Those politicians who have followed them decided to make up for lost time, and now the Progressives have become so emboldened that even much of the public are well aware that a dictatorship looms in our collective futures.

The vast majority of the human race live a day to day existence based on an emotional level, and are easily led astray by current events and unscrupulous leaders wailing out the platitudes of how we must help the poor unfortunate people of the world. 

I would like to be able to say that logic will prevail, but am fully aware that it does not and will not. If logic were more common then we would not find ourselves in such a tragic state of affairs, and people would not be twisted like pretzels by the lies of Progressive leadership.

Bear with me as I demonstrate the illogical void into which people hurl themselves. Today a new video was released by the Italian navy as they attempted a rescue at sea after the capsizing of an overloaded boat. The article tells us that this is just the 'latest' of many boats that have capsized by people fleeing the Middle East and trying to reach Europe. In this particular instance some thirty people drowned.

From USA Today...
Two Boats Carrying Migrants Capsize On Way To Europe
At least 70,000 Syrians are registered in Egypt as refugees. Many non-registered, including thousands of Palestinians who also fled the war in Syria, use the country as a stop before making the perilous sea trip to Europe. Thousands of Egyptians also make the sea journey to flee poverty and high unemployment.

That paragraph indicates a complete refusal to think that borders on
insanity. 70,000 Syrians, presumably a great many of them are Christians, migrate to Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood are killing Christians by the thousands. And what are they going to? They are going to a nation where thousands of its own citizens risk their lives on the open sea to escape poverty and high unemployment. And what are they going to? Fleeing to bankrupt Italy, suffering from poverty and high unemployment. And what will they do when they get to Italy or Europe? They will become part of the effort to create another Islamic paradise such as the one they left behind. Madness; sheer unadulterated Madness!

And how do the people of Western nations fare in their use of logic? Pretty much the same, except they are more passive, more ready to accept government rule and less inclined to rise in revolt as did the people of Egypt. That passivity is a great weakness on our part; always looking forward to the next election when we'll really show em. But now we have come face to face with the grand deception as our chosen leaders have chosen to follow the enemy, scorning everything we cherish, and so, on that sour note, let us return to the multicultural agenda.

Destroying a nation's cultural ties is the best way to destroy that nation's people, and today our culture is under unrelenting attack, and those who remain loyal to our old ways are branded as racists and extremists. Our old ways worked, and that is why the New World Order must destroy those ways and implement theirs. Out with the old and in with the new, so they say. But is it really new, or is it more like Russia after their glorious communist revolution?

The NWO is promoting an unrestricted flow of the radical and non productive, allowing them to come among us, and yet they live not among us as they create their own enclaves and stay unto themselves. Anarchy is the key to the elite gaining total control, for when the streets of Europe, the U.K., and America flow with blood, fearful people will look to their governments for relief, and there they shall find it, and for that relief they will pay dearly.

Many fear that civil war is imminent and I disagree. I have been saying that it is coming for the last three plus years but the time is not right. Obama is currently testing America's resolve and finding it lacking. The biker protest, while impressive, fell far short of its projected numbers. The truckers protest has turned into the protest that never was, and now some fool is calling for a two million veteran's march on the nation's capitol. We laughed when the 'Million Muslim March' turned into thirty participants. Let's not follow them down that road.

We have about two years, maybe two and a half before the hostilities begin. I base that estimate on my belief that Obama is not planning to leave the White House and still needs more time to build his own private army. He is in no hurry to begin the confrontation, while we should be, as time is on his side. I see it beginning in one of three ways, or perhaps all three working in unison.

Anarchy is the goal and it can be brought about by sudden widespread terrorism on the part of Muslims already within the nation. The second method that could be utilized will result in mass riots nationwide is the  suspension of welfare payments, blaming the GOP of course. The third is raising interest rates. That is a guaranteed way to collapse an already unstable economy.

Then we have a hybrid technique, just the opposite order of the above. Raise interest rates and collapse the economy. An economy in collapse can no longer support the millions dependent on the government dole and riots begin, followed by Islamic terrorist attacks. This hybrid assault on our freedoms seems the most likely to me. It would in turn be followed by martial law, the gun grab would begin, store shelves will be barren, and food hording will be punishable by death.

As America slips into utter chaos, the long awaited civil wars of Europe will begin, and the entire West will be awash in blood. Talk about a conspiracy theory! This one may top the list, but I do not believe that it is just a theory. It is a plan on the verge of coming true. You may ask why I am so confident in my belief. I'm glad you asked. The answer is Logic!

World leaders have already admitted that multiculturalism is not working. It cannot work and was never intended to work. Multiculturalism was designed to import millions of dissidents with but one goal in mind, and that is the spread of anarchy/terrorism, followed shortly by a massive crackdown by the government. What a noble idea, installing martial law to protect the innocent.

So very many, including Glenn Beck, fear the rise of a 21st century Caliphate and world rule imposed by Islam. That is patently absurd. Can you actually believe that Russia and China with their massive productive capabilities, and armies, and well established histories of crushing rebellion are going to bow to Mecca?

Look to the more 'polite' nations of the West. Is David Cameron going to step aside and allow Mohammed what's his name to become Prime Minister of England? Will the other Prime Ministers of Europe, Canada, and Australia, turn over their trappings of power to a mad man from the Middle East. Closer to home, will Obama relinquish power to either the Muslim Brotherhood or the Mexican Mafia. The answer to all of the above is a resounding "NO".

These people all have powerful armies that can crush rebellion and anarchy within their nations when the order is given, and once the anarchy has ended, martial law will not.

The scenario I have described above is the Only logical reason for world leaders to keep open the floodgates for those who will serve them briefly as anarchists before being crushed and deported back to their own little hell holes on Earth. There is no logical reason to welcome these hordes among us other than for the purpose that I have outlined. They do not want to fit in and they do not belong among us. Chasing their own delusions of grandeur of a Caliphate they are coming to foment anarchy that will lead to revolution, and as with all Marxist revolutions, the day the revolution ends is the day the executions begin. 

This is the future laid out for us by our Progressive leaders, and as I wrote above, I challenge anyone to show me how current policies can result in any other outcome.

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