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Danny Jeffrey


October 9, 2013
A few days ago Glenn Beck discussed the morphing program of nudge, shove, shoot. Now Terresa Monroe Hamilton has a further essay on the same topic in New Zeal Blog, and I am reminded of a Psychological experiment I witnessed years ago. I recall watching a program, perhaps on '60 Minutes' or some similar format. The entire program was devoted to a psychological test conducted on paid volunteers in a study to ostensibly understand why otherwise decent people could have been induced to take part in the torture tactics utilized by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.

The program began with one of the organizers of the project explaining to the 'volunteers' that the purpose was to test peoples ability to follow orders even when distasteful,(Bearing in mind that these people were well paid for their participation in the program). It was explained to them that they would be divided into two groups, the prisoners and the interrogators. Then the prisoners were told a 'secret' they were supposed to safeguard in the face of 'torture', and it was the job of the interrogator to do his or her best to discover what that secret was. After being split into groups of two, they were taken to different rooms and the study began, as did the deception.

The 'prisoners' were not volunteers. They were part of the research program. Only the interrogators were in the dark as to what was really taking place. They were behind a two way mirror where they could see the prisoner, strapped into a chair and wired with electrodes. Before them was a meter they could adjust to control the amount of electricity inflicted on their victim and a push button to control the duration of the 'punishment'.

Back to the deception. There was absolutely no electricity involved. The prisoner could see a readout indicating the severity of the voltage chosen by the interrogator, and a light indicating that the button was being pushed. Their writhing and screaming were based on their view of the instruments.

The experiment began simple enough with one of the organizers sitting beside the interrogator and questioning the prisoner about the 'secret' via the PA system. The prisoners performed their part of the role by being evasive, and perhaps cocky at the beginning, to which the interrogator was told to push the button for one second, and the man on the other side of the mirror would jump in tune with the supposed shock. Then it begins to grow ugly, as the video flashed to various interrogators noting the enjoyment they derived in their role playing.

As the victims became more evasive in their answers the interrogator was directed to use a longer than one second hit and turn up the voltage a little at a time, and they did so without question. As the apparent pain of their victim grew in intensity, so too did the excitement of the interrogators. Some reached the point they were acting on their own and when the organizer asked the victim another question the interrogators would shock the victim even before they had a chance to reply, often with multiple bursts and some even pushing the supposed electrical levels into the red zone on their own accord.

As the experiment continued, the prisoners began to break and tell the 'secret', after which the organizer would tell the interrogator the man was lying and asked "What do you think we should do?" In general the interrogator would gleefully apply a generous jolt of torture, acting totally on his own.

That was a strange experiment, and I cannot help but wonder how much it cost to perform, but lately I am beginning to understand just why it was undertaken in the first place.

More recently another odd experiment took place and all of the volunteers were real. The entire scenario lasted about a month with part of the volunteers becoming prisoners in a mock prison and the remainder being guards. The prisoners were kept locked up 24/7 while the guards worked shifts and were free to leave until the next day. It was not long before it ceased to be a game. The prisoners became sullen, angry, clannish, and resentful, and the guards were ever more willing to abuse their authority as well as taking bribes from the prisoners.

What do such psychological test reveal? One, they tell us a great deal about human nature. Two, they tell us more about how to Control and Program people. And what do such tests have to do with the real world? Everything!

You need to read a brief essay by Terresa Monroe Hamilton indicating that our public servants are becoming gun toting thugs, and then I shall go on to explain why.

This from New Zeal...
The bus stopped along a road when a large herd of bison passed nearby, and seniors filed out to take photos. Almost immediately, an armed ranger came by and ordered them to get back in, say they couldn't "recreate." The tour guide, who had pad a #300 fee the day before to bring the group into the park, argued that the seniors weren't "recreating," just taking photos.

She responded and said, 'Sir, you are recreating,' and her tone became very agressive." Vaillancourt said.

There is a great deal of difference in the mental outlook of a Park Ranger carrying a guidebook, perhaps a small first aid kit, a canteen, and a radio for emergency rescue, as opposed to a Park Ranger wearing a 40 caliber automatic, with a half dozen spare magazines, a spray can of Mace, and a pair of handcuffs.

I am certain that you recall the recent outrage due to the federal government purchasing so much ammunition for such groups as Forest Rangers, the IRS, ObamaCare employees and such. There is a method to the apparent madness, and it springs from psychological tests mentioned above. Strap a gun on the hips of many and they are ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound, don a brown shirt, and fight to the death for Der Fuhrer. In short, they discard the trappings of humanity and assume the role of an authority of a higher power.

Look at what is happening to our police departments. They were once the protectors of our neighborhoods. Today they can call upon armor plated, mine resistant military siege machines that can collapse the front of your house in one second flat.

Liberals are very concerned about conservatives owning firearms, but those firearms are a means of self defense. The firearms the police carry were once a means to defend the public, but now they utilize weapons of war and are mentally prepared to use them in the streets of America, and not in our defense but in the name of government control.

Do you recall in the movie "The Sound of Music" the young telegraph boy so fond of the Admiral's daughter? He was a nice, proper, and timid young man until they put a Swastika on his arm and a Luger on his hip. Now he was no longer, nice, proper, and timid, but a devotee to a cause he could not begin to comprehend. What the Nazis practiced then, Obama is learning now, and in doing so is creating the private army he envisioned from the ranks of our public servants.

What is happening today is but the thugocracy flexing its muscles, seeing how far they can shove, and how far we will back up.

Allow me to translate a psychological experiment into a possible reality. I debate not with any liberal, feeling that my time is far to precious to waste on the mindless, but many do, and that is most certainly their right. For those who do debate, picture this if you will: Imagine that you are the one strapped into that chair, and the electrodes are real. Now imagine that beyond that two way mirror sits the liberal who regards you to be a right wing, fear mongering Tea Bagger, and a danger to the visions of Obama.

Will that liberal says no thanks and leave, or will he red line the voltage meter and delight in the suffering that goes with every push of that button. This is why such experiments take place. The Progressives know how the mindless will react and blindly follow orders, no matter the suffering involved, and they will always have the excuse of saying that they were only following orders.

No matter where I look in my investigations of Obama, I find George
Maya Shankar
Soros. Obama's original 'Regulatory Czar' Cass Sunstein, who implemented the 'nudge' concept has been replaced with a young woman known as Maya Shankar, a member of the Soros group 'Center For American Progress'. Ms. Shankar is in her twenties, young, impressionable, trained by George Soros, and advising Barrack Hussein Obama, on how to reshape the minds of Americans. This is perhaps a cause for concern.

From World Net Daily...
Excerpt: ran a piece Tuesday on Shankar’s team, which is seeking experienced behavioral scientists looking to change people’s actions on everything from tax compliance to energy costs.

We are supposed to be a 'Free People' and so I must ask why behavioral scientists are being called upon to change our behavior? Is that freedom? Most assuredly not! Is Obama a dictator? Not yet. Were that so I would not be allowed to write this. I would already be strapped in a chair wearing electrodes, or perhaps against a wall, hopefully with one last cigarette.

Some few of our public servants have come forth admitting that the Obama regime has called upon them to make this government shutdown as painful as possible for the public, while others among their ranks find glory in their new found ability to abuse the powers they hold. This is a fore shadowing of events to come as Team Obama further divides America. 

The volunteers in the above mentioned experiments were no more than well paid lab rats. The benefactors of the knowledge gleaned from those experiments are intent upon enslaving our people, and daily they grow ever stronger, as we are further divided. However: Things are changing as more and more Americans begin to see the light. That is not to say that I believe that our numbers are growing as the great American divide has already been established and liberals are not going to join us.

The change taking place is that more and more on our side are beginning to gain a more accurate measure of just how acute the true danger is, and are planning accordingly. The recent bikers tour of D.C. was a good indication of a growing resolve. Now we hear of a truckers' strike in a few days. In addition, many bloggers who once advocated only peaceful protest are now coming to grips with the reality that it may turn violent before the Progressive agenda is crushed.

As for Glenn Beck's projection of nudge, shove, shoot, I do not believe that we are yet near the shooting part. Obama is still buying time to group his forces, build his war machines and drones to monitor his subjects. There yet remains an obstacle with which he must deal, and that is our military, the bulk of which are loyal to the American Constitution. They must be crushed before he can gain full control.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." They don't. The next crisis we face is the debt ceiling impasse. Obama seeks unlimited spending, as per the Cloward Piven agenda, and he has stated that he will not compromise. This too shall pass, but in the process both sides will continue circling the wagons, preparing for the inevitable clash.

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